For exmaple, Wordsworth admired Milton, Hugo higly evaluated Dante and Virgil, Leopardi praised Tasso and Dante, etc. This is a good outline of Romanticism in literature. This was the prime reason for the quest for individualism. In Blake’s last decade he began to be recognised by a new generation of young Romantic artists. William Blake is a romantic poet. 1807, Satan Calling Up His Legions This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Romanticism was the era that depicted expression from a deep sense of thought, as with spirituality. 2.
He utilized his own individualistic view with the use of his own design, which involved his creative abilities of thought and imagination . His Songs of Experience, then, represented his view that one must experience to see and that experience, too, can corrupt people, thus taking away the child's innocence. It's a wonderful part of literary history to dive into!

Andrew Greg, William Blake 4.

In 1809 Blake arranged an exhibition centred on his large painting of The Canterbury Pilgrims. The exhibition’s Descriptive Catalogue contained a defence of his art, torn between classical ideals, interpretations of biblical prophecies and his own visions. Wordsworth wanted to produce language that the ordinary mind would be able to understand. Blake subscribed to his own writing method, dispensing with the conventional methods of the previous Age of Reason. Taking it a step further, levels of awareness became increased because writers became more in touch with nature and more focused on experience as opposed to staring at an object, alone, and then writing about it. He produced his most famous works, Songs of Innocence (1789) and Songs of Experience (1794), by engraving both words and pictures on the same plate, his lasting style. [Skip to main navigation] I didn't know much about the romanticism movement, but now I do. The answer is that it is a phenomenon characterized by reliance on the imagination and subjectivity of approach, freedom of thought and expression, and an idealization of nature. 100 unfinished watercolours for Dante’s Divine Comedy (including Ugolino and His Sons in Prison), begun with John Linnell’s encouragement in 1824, show Blake at a new peak of creativity. By using this website you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Blake entered the Royal Academy schools in 1779, but he disliked life drawing, preferring classical sculptures and Greek vase paintings. William Blake (1757–1827) This "seeing" or raising one's level of awareness as well as experiencing were additional ingredients to the Romanticism era. The first successful work of this kind was the Songs of Innocence (1789), to which was later added Songs of Experience (1794). Tate, The Body of Christ Borne to the Tomb Cathy (author) from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri on October 23, 2011: Dear kittythe dreamer, thanks for your comment. The Canterbury Pilgrims Art UK has updated its cookies policy. The era was a resurgence of thought being influenced by major changes involving social issues, the role of the economy with industrialization and the political aftermath of the French Revolution. Although Blake struggled to make a living from his work during his lifetime his influence and ideas are possibly the strongest of all the Romantic poets. Born 1757 in London, his recognition as an artist and poet of worth began when Blake was in his sixties. Even in a period when personal experience and grand themes were increasingly highly valued, Blake was considered particularly eccentric and unworldly. William Blake was a spiritualist and lover of nature and was one who was all about "seeing" versus one who was not. Nature and experiencing nature was a major ingredient to the era of Romanticism. Songs of Innocence was followed by The Book of Thel, one of Blake’s works of prophecy, and in 1790 by The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, an attack on the Christian mystic Swedenborg and an account of Blake’s own spiritual and artistic struggles. In Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Biographia Literaria, he wrote: Coleridge held the belief that a man who was uneducated and unsophisticated would have had a limited source of language to unfold from his thought process which was not as developed as one who was educated or experienced in a "civilized society.". The results were intensively emotional. A passionate believer in liberty and freedom for all, especially for women, he courted controversy with his views on Church and state. 1808 But most saw in the exhibition and catalogue only ’the wild effusions of a distempered brain’. The Romanticism era was where the writers were more attuned with feeling and communicating those feelings through various methods of language. Visions of the Daughters of Albion, America and Europe, three further books of prophecy from 1793–1794, were based on Blake’s views that the French and American Revolutions were the precursor of the Final Judgement of mankind and that America was the embodiment of political and spiritual liberty. William Blake was a spiritualist and lover of nature and was one who was all about "seeing" versus one who was not. The question arises what is Romanticism? Romantic writers had a semi-classical education and influenced by classical writers. To find out more read our updated Use of Cookies policy and our updated Privacy policy. very well written....................loved it ............. Cathy (author) from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri on April 22, 2012: Vanderleelie, thanks much for your comment and compliment. William Wordsworth had a different approach to the "rustic life." Blake had more success with independent works, such as several series of tempera paintings and watercolours of biblical subjects for his most important patron Thomas Butts (such as The Body of Christ Borne to the Tomb, below, and The Christ Child Asleep on the Cross). In one of Blake's visions, a spirit told him that 'all fleas were inhabited by the soles of men', inspiring one of his most famous paintings.

Blake's Songs of Innocence presented us with language representative of sight through the eyes of a child.

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