The lady at the event contacted Ticketmaster and they had no record of it, and no way of retrieving them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2020 This has become a bit of a sticking point with Viagogo as of late, as we will discuss further in a moment. When I got the link to download the tickets they were for a show in another city in April! My tickets have not arrived and I am very worried. Do not use theses people !!! Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "STAY THE *** AWAY! How’s Viagogo’s ticket selection, prices, shipping, support, etc.? This is all useful stuff, but they also include scare tactics to get you to buy. There are many ticket reselling platforms out there, most of them with guarantees and some form of customer support, but they have varying levels of quality. Held them to a higher standard– Are these tickets reall??? I will cancel my credit card # if so…. Beyond bad. You’ll be glad to know that it is a relatively painless process to find your tickets on Viagogo, thanks to a host of search features on their site. DANIEL M. KININMONTH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY I started to panic as the date loomed and I had no tickets. Always go to the website recommended by the artist.

2nd, they wont reveal the exact seat allotted (not even after a month from your booking date), 3rd, You will get an email saying that the ticket is not procured as the seller is not selling the ticket you purchased and there wont be any proactive response followup from viagogo to procure tickets on time (this would put restriction on your travel plan if the event is happening in a different city/country), 4th, you will end up calling their customer service numerous times and there will not be any positive outcome, 5th, In the event you cancel the order, they will only do partial refund quoting the currency fluctuation difference in case you have purchased the ticket in different currency, 6th, Be ready to embrace the Worst, poor customer service. Another reliable ticket source outside America for any event worldwide is, TicketMaster’s New Exchange is also a great alternative w/ 100% guarantee. DON’T BUY ANYTHING through this place unless you want to be SCAMMED out of your MONEY!!!! AND THEY ALL FOUND ME IN TIME FOR THE EVENTS!! © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. No one should ever buy any tickets from Viagogo. Do not use this company. Never received tickets after many many phone calls, screen shots sent to them, and many many emails. Realised I had been scalped spent a few months sick they were fake as well and would not get in. As we able to get cheaper which the differentiate near to 40$ in the show corporate website itself.

Do not use this company! A Court might demand changes but then Viagogo just continue with their dishonest scalping, stating that the tickets are selling fast or that they are cheap on their site when they are in fact a far higher price than that charged by the original seller.

Want a full refund for Ozzie Osbourne Tickets, but Viagogo make it incredibly hard to get an answer from them. Total piece of S**T of a website!!! AN ABSOLUTE RIP OFF. Ticket extemely over-priced on Viagogo and likely will not get a refund. What happened? I had to cancel my hotel, my plane tickets, and everything else because after one week there was still no sign of my ticket.... Dear Customer Services Escalation, 24076250 I am writing to complain about an issue with Ticket Resales. We are basically talking daylight robbery. Someone did phone 10 mins later, we insisted they stay onthe phone while they emailed new tickets, at the door those tickets also showed as scanned already, at that point Viagogo just said they'd refund... we said we wanted to attend the show, having travelled, paid for parking, etc. If this were another business, there would be outcries. We will be taking legal action. Scammers and cheats! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!! What a scam! Nearly impossible to communicate with customer service, Did no refund tickets as they said that they would. Apparently I used a credit card that I didn’t keep the statement for.This Birthday and these tickets were a big deal. They say you are buying the last tickets available, but it’s a lie (there were many other empty seats at the show). Where you able to go? My Ozzy Osbourne show has been cancelled and has another band headlining the concert now that i do not want to see. Over 2.5 million fans each year trust us to help them get the best deal on tickets. After 2 days of back and forth of emails much to my expressed anger and consistent persistence...they eventually sent me the correct tickets but unfortunately the show won't be until November 2021. How sad……. to verify the email address that I included with my credit card info, but when I went into my account there was nothing under purchases and no way to contact anyone as their system is circular. DO NOT USE! Prices may be higher or lower than face value. NEVER use this service! Any topics mentioning them will be displayed. No help. If I could give this zero stars.. Viagogo was also facing legal action from the Competition and Markets Authority. No other way to describe them. Hey @Viagogo. I bought 3 tickets for $84.55 each and with all charges it came out to $336.98.


Takes a couple of minutes. If customer responses are anything to go by, there is definitely some major improvements that are needed for Viagogo to reach a reasonable quality of customer support. POS !! Being able to rely on your ticket vendor when something goes wrong is a really important part of what separates the good from the bad. It’s now June 4th and no tickets.

They break the law.

AGAIN, DON’T BUY FROM VIAGOGO!!!!!!! Pretty really kind of bummed to see music industry ok with this stuff in selling their tickets. I'm starting to feel like you know you ripped me off and don't want to talk to me. It turned out the tickets were acquired using a stolen credit card and I was denied entry. If you want tickets to an event, use another service, if you want to finance organised crime, use Viagogo. BEWARE OF THIS SO-CALLED COMPANY.TICKETS SENT AND RECEIVED BUT VIAGOGO HAVE DECIDED TO NOT TO PAY ME £1.3K - WITHOUT REASON GIVEN.THIS IS EFFECT FRAUD.I AM TAKING LEGAL ACTION IMMEDIATELY.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! When my friend arrived, he tried to help me. is cancelled, they refuse to refund your money, even though they say they will multiple times and even though it isn't your fault!

But the stressed played a big part on me in Las Vegas, Lost my Keys and wallet, maybe I wouldn’t of losing them if I wasn’t stressed out from the wedding and the stress on the tickets! I requested they cancel the order and refund and they would not. Good idea that Toopaz mentioned to enquire about reputable ticket agencies or sources on the city forum where the event will be held. I am pleased to say the tickets were sent again by Viagogo, so I am impressed that they did the right thing and I was thrilled to find the tickets waiting for me on my arrival at the hotel (the night before the race !). Below are the issues I faced at first hand and you will definitely face with them if you purchase the ticket from Viagogo. According to several customer Viagogo reviews and feedback (see below) it appears Viagogo is not a 100% reliable ticket source.. As a resale marketplace, ticket availability fluctuates with demand—as do prices, and as such, neither is guaranteed by Viagogo says they got lost in UPS shipment and that we have to try to track them ourselves. I wish I could give them a positive review, but I can’t, they stressed me out so bad that I got my tickets at the last moment. Couldn’t even make Cher out on stage Period.If any airline dared to proceed that way - hiding costs from customers, not informing customers that RESERVING tickets for buying means - in the language of Viagogo - that you have bought them, no refund possible.No window asking you to finalize your purchase! This is because of resale restrictions on the tickets to stop the scalping by companies such as Viagogo. Such an increase seems unethical. I bought two tickets for a sports event. They charged us 3 times the price on the ticket. finally the ticket . But we found ourselves way out there on the second balcony where two tickets were worth a maximum of 85 British Pounds.

What is your customer experience with Viagogo? RE: FGRAND PRIX SINGAPORE. I ended up having to pay £99 booking fee in total! Compare all the best ticket sites in one simple search. POS !! I did not do my research and got scammed. They also accept direct payments and Paypal to make it easy to pay for your tickets. Thats accounting on the fact that they in fact sell and I get how much I paid or even almost close to what I paid for them.SO again, just a friendly warning! Fraudulent rip off company! Unfortunately, I am not able to attend the event for family reasons, and now I can only sell the tickets for their "face value" (75 dollars), and apart from that I have to PAY to resell them too. Viagogo ranks 23 of 198 in Tickets category. Mrs. Obama was the first lady of this country and still on high security so for sure they will not let you in. Viagogo as a company is currently based out of Switzerland, which is a known tax haven for companies. Going to file a complaint with the NYS Attorney Gen Office. I contactedcustomerservicesstrsight away spoke withShina who was most unhelpful and rude . Plus there was an additional service charge, and gst which I didn’t have time to review because the timer was about to end. Although they are still the biggest, they have arguably lost the title of best. No surprise this company is under criminal investigation as others have mentioned.. Nobody has e-mailed me back and I cannot get through on the phone. Nope. As a resale marketplace, ticket availability fluctuates with demand—as do prices, and as such, neither is guaranteed by As a resale aggregator, prices may be higher than face value. 2nd, they wont reveal the exact seat allotted (not even after a month from your booking date) Postponed for a year, not a week not a day. You can use the search box just above your question, type in Viagogo and then select 'All Forums' to search. Called again, this time the person said 4 working days (still had not initiated the refund process). I SPENT THE SAME AMOUNT FOR TICKETS THAT WERE NOT EVEN AS GOOD AS THE ONES FROM VIAGOGO!!! Your experience matters. Won’t be surprised if there never where any tickets. Also, buyers only pay once they have been to the event and had no issues.

The concert was already rescheduled from December 3, 2020 to novemer 4, 2021, but they never updated their site.

Did your tickets work?? Was denied access at the gate as the tickets was not legitimate. Viagogo commits consumer and tax fraud. It was so far up the back you get a nose bleed they had the cheek to ask if I took a photo to put on their sight

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