love affair with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, but a funny thing happened on Account active Ours Critics loved this film, perhaps more than audiences did—it failed to clear $400 million at the box office.

It is in Rotten Tomatoes' Top 100 worst reviewed movies of the 2000s, where it has a 6% rating. In "Breaking Point," Tom Berenger stars as Steven Luisi, a washed-up criminal-defense attorney who comes upon a complicated murder case that involves gang violence, corrupt cops, and Steven's own history with drug abuse. But House Of The Dead is a story that sounds fun based on the plot, but the execution is so poor, that it's difficult to find it enjoyable. Finding Nemo. Despite an all-star cast, the film simply juggles far too many characters and plot threads for any of it to matter much at all. released in February of 2007. ", As a follow-up to their comedies "Date Movie" and "Meet the Spartans," Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg directed the spoof film "Disaster Movie. For further research, check out our stars Paris Hilton as a sorority leader who takes on a group of social outcasts to be her new pledges. game must have known as soon as they saw the talent assembled behind the "I won't even dignify this movie with a plot synopsis," wrote one audience member. Currently working as a freelance writer due to her passion for the entertainment industry, Alexandra is also a screenwriter and has degrees in Film Production and Fine Arts. Incredible Blanket Puts Humans In A Deep Sleep, Melting Stress Away. Sci-fi & fantasy films account for some of the best-reviewed and highest-grossing releases of the last twenty years. The paragraph section was horribly slaughtered. Tomatoes, gang! 3. But even putting it in 3D didn't impress the critics. — Rex Reed, Observer.

negative reviews from critics like the Austin Chronicle’s Marc Savlov, who Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, All the movies that have received the dreaded 0% Rotten Tomates score. Best-Reviewed: The third movie of the Resident Evil series just did not score well with the critics. These are the movies with the most rotten scores on Rotten Tomatoes for every year from 2010-2020.

RELATED: 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies On Amazon Prime. I Dreamed of The Mod Squad What a critic thought: "'Why bother?' Sex Lives of the Potato Men (2004)

should have been a nice, winter-sized hit for the rom-com crowd when it was is shockingly bad — something that even the most ardent fans of the popular A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Meet the Holy Trinity of the Moldy Just a sneak peek of some movies that made the list in Freshness fashion-- just making it to the list in no. Serial Killer Revived for a Limited Series Reboot, Five Things You Need To Know About Horror Series Helstrom. Runners-Up: Godsend, Spider-Man 3 was released in 2007 as the third entry in Tobey Maguire's tenure as the loved web-slinger, and it had its path paved by the success of both Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. He's afflicted with the belief that we can't get enough of him." But Jawbreaker, detailing a beautiful girl clique’s attempt to cover up a the Coen Brothers, succeed only slightly more than half the time), and one set I would not recommend this film to anyone.". In this sequel, Alice teams up with Jill Valentine (a main character of the video game series) to make it out of a zombie-infested ghost town that has been contaminated by the Umbrella Corporation. Oh, and also, Gigli It also topped Rotten Tomatoes list of Top 100 Animated Movies list. worst-reviewed movie of your respective release year. In "Gigli," Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck starred as a gangster and a hitman who are both hired by their boss to ensure a liability is taken care of. What it's about: Adam Sandler's first Netflix movie was a dud for critics.

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