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Check out Brad's instagram: @bradwheelan99, Check out Brett's instagram: @coachwheelan. Taran explains most of his life decisions were based on what got him out of going to school which makes sense. Mike's lived a life of trash growing up scamming grocery stores in Michigan before he worked designing baby clothes for over a decade. Check out Todd doing Letterman's listener mail:

Brooks is a GIANT fan and you will be too. Music by Drennon Davis Art by Barry Blankenship Get tix to see Brooks and also purchase his vinyl record here:, James Adomian stops by to talk about growing up doing odd jobs. He had a rap group in high school called “Instruments of Intelligence” and we have a tiny snippet of their work at the end of the episode. Aisha Alfa (Stand up/Actor) talks about being born in Nigeria then growing up in Canada where she played professional soccer, ending up in South Korea playing Gaelic Football, then moving back home to her parents house all before starting stand up. Listen to their podcast: See Meg's art: See Brooks Live:, Conner O'Malley (Late Night w/ Seth Meyers, Joe Pera talks to you, chill bro) is on to discuss being fired by his dad, working for 1-800-gotjunk, hanging out in garbage dumps way too much, and walking dogs. He openly admits to many many crimes and honestly doesn't think he's ever had a job he hasn't stolen from. See CJ live: See Brooks live: GET THE MUG:, Matt McCarthy (great stand up and fellow pro wrestling lover) is on to talk about being a red headed life gaurd, how September 11th actually bought him more time to live in New York to find a job, and what it's like to write for the WWE. Sidenote: there's a lot of Chicago comedy talk in this episode. Each episode Brooks will interview a guest and find out what garbage they had to put up … Nicole Byer joins Brooks today for the historic 10th episode! Taran Killam is on to discuss starting out as a child actor. Brooks tweeted out from @brookswheelan to see if listeners had any stories and it really hit a nerve causing lots of responses, so he decided to dedicate an episode entirely to those stories. Yes. Grace Helbig is on the podcast to discuss being the queen the suburbs when it comes to jobs. See Brooks live: GET THE MUG: Listen to Power Moves:, Al Madrigal (stand up comic/been in 1000 other things) comes on to discuss having the job of hiring/firing people, being partially responsible for the death of another person because he was stoned, and having a coworker come at him with a switchblade. See Jimmy live (for real, he’s the best): See Brooks live: GET THE MUG:, Ryan Sickler (great stand up and story teller) discusses his years of working in a junk yard doing shady ass shit. Brad talks about how he gained so much weight it made our mom cry in a JC Penny.

Chris Distefano (Comedy Central/Guy Code) talks with Brooks about growing up in Brooklyn working at the US Open of tennis knowing nothing about tennis, getting a doctorate in Physical Therapy, then meeting Brooks in Miami where they were both part of the reason Comedy Central stopped doing the South Beach Comedy Festival. Tim Heideker (Tim & Eric/Mister America) talks about growing up in Allentown, PA working at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, meeting Eric Wareheim at Temple then instant messaging together as a temp instead of working, and also carrying wings in an open bucket around Philly to microwave them in a comedy club.

See Sean live: Check out the new instagram: @entrylevelwithbrookswheelan GET THE MUG:, Andrew Orvedahl (Those Who Can't on TruTV) stops by for one of the funniest episodes recorded yet.

Georgea Brooks (stand up/pal) discusses growing up in a horse racing town outside Toronto, bartending for maniacs, and babysitting for one of her VJ idols. Open RSS feed. Steve Byrne has a ton of jobs, and he’s not been very good at any of them. Brooks interviews a different guest each week about their early jobs before they became full time comedians/entertainers.

GET $200 OFF YOUR HELIX MATTRESS:, A new podcast hosted by actor, writer and activist Brandon Kyle Goodman. He's also had every type of bad manager possible and goes through the list defining each one. He had a rap group in high school called "Instruments of Intelligence" and we have a tiny snippet of their work at the end of the episode. Hear Karl's podcast: See Brooks live: Email the show: [email protected], Julian and Meg (The Soft Spot Podcast) join Brooks to talk about Mall jobs, being jealous of other paper boys, working at the fanciest pizza spot in a small town, and how men are gross when they get their hair cut. Listen to Todd's podcast: Check out Ryan's new album for free: GET THE MUG: See Brooks live:, Randy Liedke (comedy central, fun friend) discusses growing up with weird central Oregon Jobs like painting rocks to make them look more like rocks, his old boss who tied balloons to a chair and flew across some mountains like in the movie UP, and having a co-worker friend who was tired all the time because he discovered porn. Check out Doug's new book:


Rate for this podcast. Get Mandee's book:, join the patreon: Music by Drennon Davis Arty by Barry Blankenship, Howard Kremer, AKA Dragon Boy Suede, is on to break to record for most jobs and longest episode! Check out Brooks' dates and get his vinyl:, In this historic 25th episode Brooks interviews his life partner Mike Burns (AKA @dadboner). Check out Fortune on tour: Check out the Instagram: @entrylevelwithbrookswheelan GET THE MUG:, Sasheer Zamata (great comic, used to share an office with brooks at a sketch show) discusses what it's like to be a character at Disney World, drag puppets around NYC for free, and also get hit by a fucking car.

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