Colonel Robert G. Shaw: You may speak freely. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Never, question my authority in front of others. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: I'll see you in the fort, Thomas. With Basic Approaching..... 4 Write a comment. It would be my pleasure. That's all. Develop! Trip: Yeah, It stinks bad. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: I see. Ain't nobody clean. General Charles Harker: Just as soon as I can write the orders.

Sgt. Virtue is the goal, and fame only a messenger, to bring more to the fold.”, “Karsa's expression soured. Quartermaster Kendric: Damn it, you can't-! Trip: Oh, you free, huh? Ain't nobody gonna win. Army Surgeon: Well, I heard it from a friend who's a dispatch rider, who got it from one of Stanton's clerks in the War Office. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: We grew up together, yes. [Trip begins to carry the flag forward, but is shot and killed], [Trip's courageous call increases the morale of all Union troops in the battle], Major Cabot Forbes: CHARGE! What do we get? Only through travel can we know where we belong or not, where we are loved and where we are rejected.”, “Rebel children, I urge you, fight the turgid slick of conformity with which they seek to smother your glory.”, “In a very real sense not one of us is qualified, but it seems that God continually chooses the most unqualified to do his work, to bear his glory. Jan 29, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Elizabeth Rountree. Quotes tagged as "glory" Showing 1-30 of 439 “Where's the glory in repeating what others have done?” ― Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief. "True. Sergeant Mulcahy: Let him grow up some more. Best old glory quotes selected by thousands of our users! So maybe it did change the world a little after all. [Shaw is shot], [Shaw struggles forward, but is shot two more times and falls dead], Trip: [Gets up and take the flag from the dead Union soldier] COME ON! Sergeant Mulcahy: Thrust! Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Well, you won't get anything if we lose. Don't let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form.

I pledge my allegiance to the damned human race, and my everlasting love to the green hills of Earth, and my intimations of glory to the singing stars, to the very end of space and time.”, “True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written, in writing what deserves to be read, and in so living as to make the world happier and better for our living in it.”, “The true mission of the violin is to imitate the accents of the human voice, a noble mission that has earned for the violin the glory of being called the king of instruments”, “Fame is not the glory!

Major Cabot Forbes: What's that, Sergeant?

--Sam Graham, Add To PDF Add To Wishlist. [Searles again lunges with the bayonet] Come on!

[Thomas lunges with his bayonet, Mulcahy deftly grabs his weapon and viciously knocks him to the ground with it.] I'm a colonel, you nasty little cuss! Hit me! The second theme is clearly the one that inspired Bouchareb in the first place: the eternal issue of race and discrimination (also explored in 1989's Glory, about black soldiers in the Civil War). Trip: I've been running for President.


My son and I are Americans, we prepare for glory by failing until we don't.”, “This time it is real — all must die, and where could mountaineer find a more glorious death!”, “Honor is a fool's prize. Four thousand bales of cotton smuggled through the lines with payment to parties unknown, except by you. General Charles Harker: Ah, Shaw.

Trip: Let me tell you something, boy.

Col. Montgomery: That wouldn't have been necessary if that sesesh woman hadn't started it. I believed in one thing. Be nice to get clean, though.

General Charles Harker: Couldn't do it, Colonel. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: There's more to fighting than rest, sir. Maj. John Rawlins: It's just a soldiers' fight, sir. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Trip: I mean, what's the point? That's my space, nigger. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: At ease, Sergeant.

We still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse and white lightning's still the biggest thrill of all. Same as the rest of us. You prissy little schoolgirl, you're the worst Soldier in this whole company, now hit me! Welcome back.

Where one city will rise a certain individual to glory, it will destroy another who is not suited to its personality. When we see Old Glory Flying Trip: We ante up and kick in, sir. Thomas Searles: I'd be happy to teach you. your own Pins on Pinterest

Some men gain glory after they die, while others fade. Army Surgeon: Well, maybe not the ones in the border states but he's gonna free some of 'em, anyway.

[Men of both regiments argue and begin fighting]. Yes, you! General Harker lights a cigar].

Quartermaster Kendric: Good afternoon, Colonel.

Col. Montgomery: Liberating this town in the name of the Republic. Thrust! Made In USA. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: [points to the color-bearer] If this man should fall, who will lift the flag and carry on? There's character. Trip: Yeah, it stinks bad. 1742 likes. [Searles half-heartedly prods with his bayonet. Rawlins: The town is clean sir. It's just gonna go on and on.

Gonna come a time when we all gonna hafta ante up and kick in like men, LIKE MEN! [To the Connecticut soldiers] You men move on. French president Jacques Chirac finally approved the funds in 2006--apparently after seeing this film. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: I have no doubt you a fair man, Mulcahy. You see secession has to be cleared away by the hand of God like the Jews of old. Staying Physically Fit 8 Write a comment. [Sergeant Mulcahy is leading a Company of the 54th during a bayonet drill.]. [Colonel Montgomery stops playing the piano and walks over to the desk with an ashtray. Now, where would that power come from? General Charles Harker: [to Colonel Montgomery] Colonel Montgomery, would you bring that ashtray over here?

He wants to fight. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Come on, Fifty-fourth! Sgt. "Perhaps one day even I will be famous. Old Glory Blog. You can't prove you're an American by waving Old Glory. [a few other soldiers laugh]. He spread his broad hands. RECENT POSTS. Sgt. And dying's been what these white boys have been doing for going on three years now, dying by the thousands, dying for you, fool. The whole world gotta stomp on your face? What about us? Trip: See, the way I figure, I figure this war would be over a whole lot sooner if you boys just turned right on around and headed back on down that way, and you let us head on up there where the real fighting is.

"We cannot say who will survive the holocaust of memory. And all this time I keep askin' myself, when, O Lord, when gonna be our time?

[The fighting immediately stops]. Below is a random selection of 25 old glory quotes and sayings.

Most demonstrators spend half their time burning Old Glory and the other half waiting for green cards. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Got some letters here, personal things.

Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Glory hallelujah. Ain't nobody clean.

But, you ain't NEVER gonna be nothing to him, than an ugly ass chimp... in a blue suit.

Trip: Hey, listen here, snowflake, I ain't got nothin' to learn from no house nigger, you hear? Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Mr. Rawlins... this morning, I... it would be a great help to me if I could talk to you from time to time about the men. [walks past Private Jupiter Sharts] You're not a dancing school son, take his head off! I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds. We'll be ready, sir. Mulcahey sweeps it aside disdainfully.] Trip: I'm from around Tennessee.

Trip: He a weak white boy, and beatin' on a n*gger make him feel strong. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: You can give me and my regiment a transfer to combat command.

'When I began this journey, I was young. I ran away when I was 12 years old and I ain't never looked back. Thomas Searles: I'd be happy to teach you. [pause] MOVE IT! Trip: I ain't fightin' this war for you, sir. Develop! This one doesn't, but director Rachid Bouchareb's World War II drama still makes for compelling viewing. Cpl.

The Days Are Short 2 Write a comment. But I don't have to wait for all that, do I? Rawlins: Look, goddamn it! If there's any n*ggers around here, it's YOU, just a stupid-ass, swamp-runnin' n*gger! Colonel Robert G. Shaw: But valuable to your operations here, do you say? Refresh to see more sayings and quotes about old glory. Thomas Searles: Well, if you don't mind, I'd prefer a space where there's more sufficient reading light. No shame son, get up. You'll obey and like it. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: [after a long pause] May I sit? Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Somebody's gonna win. Trip: Oh, I see, white man give you some stripes, you start hollerin' and orderin' everybody around! As you were! The boy ran off to find him some shoes, Colonel. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: It stinks, I suppose. Thomas Searles: If you don't mind, there's more sufficient reading light here.

Yes, I've become quite a student of your operations in this region. Trip: Oooh, I like it when n*ggers talk good as white folks! Perhaps more famous than you.”, “Cities were always like people, showing their varying personalities to the traveler. But the battle scenes are well done; the first major clash, on a bleak Italian hillside, effectively conveys the young Muslims' confusion and abject terror. When we lay down our head. John Rawlins: No, sir. Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Can't go on forever.

Guard! American Girls and American Guys Show what they can do. We'll always recognize 17 Oct. 2020. 303-X-4848. Sgt. Maj. John Rawlins: You're lookin' at a higher rank, Corporal. General Charles Harker: [chuckles] You are bright-eyed, aren't you?

Follow AzQuotes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You disagree. Trip: Yeah, but ain't nobody gonna win, sir. You can march like the white man, you can talk like him. You can't appreciate home till you've left it, money till it's spent, your wife till she's joined a woman's club, nor Old Glory till you see it hanging on a broomstick on the shanty of a consul in a foreign town. Trip: We anty up and kick in, sir. As you were, Trip! Improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends, Song: Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue, Album: Greatest Hits 2, P.J. Bonny Prince Charlie and his little toy bayonet.

Stab, not tickle!

Thirty-four mansions, I think it was, pillaged and burned under Colonel Montgomery's expedition of the Combahee. Thats the essence of it.”, “Showing off is the fool's idea of glory.”, “I do not say that children at war do not die like men, if they have to die.

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