Place: Mielec Concentration Camp, Poland; Date: Early 1940s. His is an interactive testimony that museum officials say could last until the end of time. This article is in 3 parts. Health aspects of tattooing. CONCLUSION: The Nazi “tattooing machine” probably belongs to the same category of hallucination as the “wire cage Zyklon introduction cages” which were supposedly fished up and down through a “hollow, perforated, sheet-metal column” connected to a “hole in the roof” at Auschwitz II, as described by “eyewitness” Hendryk Tauber, all of which never existed because the columns at Auschwitz are of solid reinforced concrete and there are no “holes in the roof”. Iwaszko’s affidavit reads, in part, as follows: “ A special metal stamp was employed, upon which the interchangeable figures were fixed, made up of needles approximately 1 cm long. If the Germans had an autoclave to use on clothing, why not install an autoclave to use with ordinary tattooing equipment, like everyone else? All he knew is that the KL stood for "konzentrazionslager" which is German for "Conentration Camp". Presumably after the war an investigation would have been conducted by the Poles, and, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of German documents, there would be huge quantities of physical evidence and tens or hundreds of thousands of affidavits by tattooed persons. Department DII of the SS Economics Administration in Oranienburg oversaw all camp salve labor assignments, utilizing elaborate IBM systems. Glauben was an obvious candidate, having survived the Warsaw ghetto, five concentration camps and a death march from the Flossenbürg concentration camp to Dachau before being liberated by Gen. George Patton's 3rd Army tank division. Prior to tattooing, several means of identifying prisoners, both by number and by category, had been implemented; serial numbers were the main method. His daily diet consists of a slice of bread, a small amount of margarine, and a quart of soup. The human body is not flat and hard, like a piece of paper on a writing desk. "It was just unbelievable, just unbelievable," said Glauben, who came to this country 70 years ago next month and, shortly after, was drafted into the U.S. Army. [Note as well that no amount of human suffering is of any importance at all unless the victims are Jewish.] ”, [COMMENT: This obviously impossible claim is made necessary by the claim that he tattooed 200,000 people. If the registration number says a man is a welder and it turns out he is a carpenter, you’ve lost at least a day’s work, all because of a careless error performed by a tattooist who is a prisoner and has no motivation to do proper work – a man whose only motivation was to sabotage the whole process as much as possible ! Remember, these are the same people who gave us the “quicklime trains”, “electrical chambers at Belzec” and the “steam chambers” and “vacuum chambers” at Treblinka. The “metal plate” would probably require at least one hundred needles (see below) as well as an extremely complex mechanism permitting the formation of a different stencil for each five-digit number (i.e., needle 1 in position A1 would be moved laterally by a lever mechanism to position A9, for example), and so on for 100 needles, and, presumably, 100 levers (or perhaps it was computerized).

The hideout was, of course, precarious at best, and sure enough, an informant ratted them out to the Nazis. Glauben, 91, is sitting in a sleek, interactive theater, listening to and looking at himself — or rather, at his own holographic image. Before we reach the boxcar, Glauben points to a photograph on the wall. Germany is a maritime nation, with some of the largest seaports in the world. with interchangeable needles attached to it [!] 1: In other words, the Germans are alleged to have used a sort of stencil formed of needles, which could then be transformed at will into a stencil for any other number, rather like the light bulb displays which used to form the words “Merry Christmas” during so-called “End of Year Holidays” in the United States. Prior to tattooing, several means of identifying prisoners, both by number and by category, had been implemented; serial numbers were the main method. An article in the New York Times in November pointed out that the number that Morris says was tattooed … One can only assume that these “tattooing plates” were abandoned as a failure, as well as representing a very serious health risk. When I was tattooed at Auschwitz, I was stunned. The passage is as follows: MR. MINSKOFF: Mr. Footnote 17 of L’Affaire Faurisson, interview with Storia Illustrata, states: (translation: “'The Polish communists themselves recognize that the tattooing was intended to render escape more difficult and to facilitate investigation as to the origins of captured fugitives'; see Contribution à l’histoire du KL-Auschwitz, publication of the Auschwitz Museum, 1968, pp. But since the question has been raised, the answer is, yes, the enemies of National Socialism (not just the Jews) do, in point of fact, not to put too fine a point on it, have a very poor record for truth and honesty. Its cover proclaims that it is “based on the powerful true story of love and survival”; inside, its publisher notes that “every reasonable attempt to verify the facts against available documentation has been made”. The camp "confiscated and warehoused Jewish possessions and provided oversight for the Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor death camps."

1 / 2 Max Glauben, a Holocaust survivor, will always have his "KL" tattoo, which means "concentration camp" in German.

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