[We actually have this exact sink model on display in our showroom. If you really what to dig deep, call the companies or reps of companies, and ask about " How many of your sinks are returned because of manufacturing defects" (Or similar questions) Undercoating Also known as sound proofing.
(2020 Interim), Costco custom cabinets from Buena Vista Cabinetry, How big of a Apron/Farmhouse Sink can I buy. Before I start talking about brands, lets first talk about what makes a sink a good sink or another sink a better sink.

I would suggest you buy the best you can afford, which is a vote for the franke I guess. http://www.franke.co.uk/product.aspx?WCI=htmProduct&WCU=RANGE_RKEY=5276,prodt_pkey=437, http://shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_nkw=franke+fragranite+sink&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&_dmpt=UK_HomeGarden_Kitchen_SinksTaps_GL&_odkw=franke+sink&_osacat=0, http://www.sinks-taps.com/default.aspx?view=item&itemid=3846&added=1, http://www.sinks-taps.com/item-3849-MYTHOS_Dual_Lever_Granite_Shoulder_Tap.aspx. This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service. Do note, while we always aim to give you accurate product info at the point of publication, unfortunately price and terms of products and deals can always be changed by the provider afterwards, so double check first. I understand quite a few of the cons of using cork. It would be on my island as a prep.Thanks in advance for any tips. Random Acts of Kindness and All things Positive! The shallow, flat configuration is perfect for large items such as cat boxes, as well as for cleaning general items (such as shoes) and you will love that your guy opts for it in lieu of your laundry sink when it comes to cleaning “garage stuff”, The best features are the spans, and the lack of sides to contend with. @webuser_4491192 I would suggest Kraus to you too. There is a significant difference in cheap stainless from top of the line. So for features, yes I think it makes a difference. Has anyone have an experience in using this type of sink?

familiarise yourself with the latest version. Enclosed in a small room next to your “shower floor” eliminating the need for a sink in the room. We put one in and I have to say, three years later absolutely no problems! @davidro1, here's the "real" site---Franke and Franke USA are different for reasons I don't entirely understand. Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion.

And I can sand it down every few years if I want it to look new again? Pick from this plethora of earth-friendly ideas to send less to the landfill and keep more money in your pocket, Prep your home properly before you put it on the market. I've found and used a product called Cabinet Transformations that really does cover up the honey oak and it raises the grain, unlike paint. Several GW'ers have the Stages sink; you might want to start a new thread w/ 'stages' in the title in order to get more input. I use the ledge for air drying things. And while some kitchen remodelers are hesitant to go back to a stainless steel kitchen sink after pulling out their old models, this isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill stainless steel.

Are you comfortable to buy the product? I have two stainless sinks as main sinks, one a franke professional sink 36 wide and 12 deep and the other a large triple bowl sink. That sink is incredible. They are worlds apart from each other when it comes to both use and clean up. We don't have any dogs but we have one smaller cat which shouldn't be that much of an issue? @flseadog, it's BBX160, the Franke Beach sink. It's a Regatta, installed 5 years ago, & is a double bowled, deeper sink, that is undermounted. Of course you would need an outlet nearby and caution of such.

**** Best insurance is to get a bottom grid! What I can tell you is that it is amazingly "insulated" so that washing dishes, doing work in the sink is very quiet. I suppose, if you wanted to err on the side of caution you could just simply pour the boiling water directly into the drain and avoid the sink as much as possible. (Stainless) Many companies push that their 16 gauge product is superior to another's 18 gauge. The extra thickness helps this sink … Kitchen design ideas, am I crazy to want to mix stones? I would love some other ideas to replace the cathedrals without going to the expense of refacing!
I was drawn more the patterns of quartzite then I was to granite. Furthermore, it should be OVER pads - see the attached picture. Its almost twice the money. If I should run cork wall to wall as opposed to stopping at the cabinets. Stages has fabulous features (I am so wanting one).

So, what do you want to look for? I have the same cabinets and HATE both the stain color and the cathedral tops. Does anyone have the Franke Beachs's prep sink? The shallowness is a God send for those with neck and back issues and for bathing pets it can’t be beat as they are much more comfortable with the openness and being at eye level with you not to mention the flat, textured surface ensures no more little feet sliding into the drain.

Streamline cooking prep and cleanup with integrated sink racks, baskets, inventive cutting boards and more, Hold on to more dough without sacrificing style with these cost-saving tips, Some key updates to your kitchen will help you sell your house. I don't regret buying it. She asked a lot of questions, looked in every cabinet and put forth a lot of ideas most of which we ultimately used. Or maybe they were just installed improperly which contributed to the problems. What to Ask When Prepping Your Home for Sale, Designing Your Kitchen: Deep Thoughts for Your Sink, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, New to Kitchens? It seems almost more about personal choice. Here’s what you need to know, Create a relaxed, beach-ready vibe with these ideas that let good times roll, Scoring the best deal on paint for your home may have nothing to do with advertised specials, Spend only where it matters on home staging to keep money in your pocket and buyers lined up, Follow these 7 steps to get your home ready in a hurry for overnight visitors, Find out whether a repair is worth making before you put your house on the market, No dedicated guest room? My Franke is the only kitchen sink in my kitchen, and it's in the island. I know of several alternatives. Wall to wall will help me to level the floor and make it easier to replace a dish washer (though I don't need to worry about that).

I think just a little extra vigilance is all that is required to keep it looking great. For a plain SS sink with no features I'm not sure it makes a huge difference if you buy something like Ticor (at low end of the price spectrum) or go for Julien (at top end) as they seem to be about the same. Also poking around in the online catalog last week, I noticed that the Kitchen Island Assembly kits have been "re-continued". If nothing else, they could prioritize what you should tackle first and possibly suggest a tradesman to finish your refacing. The bowl is 31-1/8") It has small radius corners and the DrainAssure & Waterway technology which is one of it's kind in the industry. Now you don't have to stay awake at night thinking about this! The only thing I would say is don't get black if you are in a hardwater area. Other than that, installation was no problem for us. The two common stainless steel types you will generally see is 18/8 and 18/10.

After using 5 years, I like the way it has held up, and its depth on both sides of the sink.

I got a one hour consultation, $125.00, from a certified kitchen designer who came to our home. Other then that cork can fade in direct sunlight (so can almost everything else right?) It never occurred to me that that could be a problem! I absolutely love it. They do not advertise which helps keep their cost down. I've got a stainless steel franke sink and the quality seems good. Make hosting overnighters easier by keeping the essentials in one place, Choose the right depth for your sink to avoid an achy back, a sore neck and messy countertops. However: the Franke and Stages sinks -- and some ss farm sinks -- have functional features. If I reseal it once every few years then it will keep its color and strength better? these three words can help you check more chores off your list, Easy Green: 23 Ways to Reduce Waste at Home, Help for Selling Your Home Faster — and Maybe for More, My Houzz: Wasting Not, Wanting Not in a New Portland House, Save Money on Home Staging and Still Sell Faster, 7 Ways to Design Your Kitchen to Help You Lose Weight, Get the Scoop on Finding the Best Paint for Your Money, Three More Magic Words to Help the Housekeeping Get Done, Ordering kitchens from Ikea has been an absolute nightmare. It's very functional, and works wonderfully well in the island. Look for this under coating to be on ALL undersides of the sink - bottom and walls! You have gotten some good advice from pro's and non pro's. I have the sink grid and the right-hand ledge. The "Assembly kit for kitchen islands" - http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00298411/ and the "Support bracket for kitchen island" - http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00298406/ are back!

This may be true, but what if the 16 gauge product is 18/8 stainless, and the 18 gauge is 18/10?

Clever Extras for a Perfectly Personalized Kitchen Sink, Get the Scoop on Finding the Best Paint for Your Money, Save Money on Home Staging and Still Sell Faster, Fix It or Not? For those that might still be following this thread, it should be noted that IKEA has been running this sale again, for a bit, and the current one expires Sunday Aug 14th. I've been online looking for ideas and there's little that deal with cathedrals. *Honestly speaking 16 gauge is the MOST valuable IF it gives you piece of mind. They have their own R & D team in NY ( a few towns west of me!) My sis has the Orca and loves the rack halfway down. I searched the Franke website for the "beach's prep sink" and other variations but came up with nothing.

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