Trina is only one year older than Tori, and is in the senior class at Hollywood Arts.

No. The Fake Diddly-Bops at the Green Meadow Mall. André says that it's that Trina did have talent back then, but then Sinjin accidentally hits Trina with a stage light, knocking the talent out of her. She is in a Theatrical Design class, as seen in, She's a Los Angeles Lakers Basketball fan, as her date was taking her to one of their games in, She has an orange PearPhone and orange PearPad, and she also wanted to cover her head with the orange bin when the gang was escaping from. Using that episode as a basis, they seem to be on good terms. The truth: Trina has the attitude of an A-list star but the actual talent of a Z-lister! Trina Vega is portrayed by Daniella Monet.
Tori is arrested for assault while Trina and the others can do nothing but watch in despair. The job is chaotic and stressful, which causes multiple arguments between Trina and Robbie. Throughout the rest of the episode, Trina uses different types of condiments, such as mayonnaise, on her face to make her face smooth and pretty. Trina keeps defending herself by saying she had a bladder infection, but ends up leaving, embarrassed. She always makes Tori answer the door even though she is mostly close by it.

For example, in the Pilot, she implies that André is an average piano player when he is really very accomplished.

In Locked Up!, while Tori and her friends are discussing going to Yerba, Trina arrives with her parents after a game of golf. Sikowitz hurriedly starts up the van as they all get on, and the gang escapes the country. In the process of climbing over Tori, Trina doesn’t realize she's waving her butt in Beck and André 's faces (that are on a webcam), causing them both to yell out in fright and shudder in disgust. She got into Hollywood Arts because of Sikowitz having visions because of the rotten coconut milk he drank, as stated in How T…
Age: 17-18 Hair Color: Brunette (Season 1 & 2) Dark brown with blonde highlights (Season 3 & 4) Eye Color: Brown Family: Demi Vega(younger sister) Tori Vega (younger sister) David Vega (father) Holly Vega (mother) Sonya (aunt) Grandmother (unnamed) Friends: Demi Vega(sister) Tori Vega (sister) Cat Valentine. Trina, underestimating Tori's acting abilities, questions the idea of Tori playing the lead in a big play. Since Trina saved Helen, she agrees to let Trina stay, but Trina is still under the impression that she was going to stay all along and that Helen had just agreed to let Tori stay. He tells Trina that she won't be able to go out Friday night because she's getting her wisdom teeth out on Friday afternoon. The doctor doesn't turn out to be a lot of help, but the glue company tells Cat that the solvent isn't sold in stores but is sold at the factory in Bakersfield.

Trina Vega is one of the eight main characters in the series Victorious and Tori Vega's older sister.

Egomaniac, Antagonistic Hero, Sibling. Trina is one year older than Tori, and is in the senior class at Hollywood Arts. Can I eat a song? As Trina and Robbie are about to give up on the job, Festus returns, and the two frantically run up to him, thanking him for returning. Jade says that when she did her terrible singing, the staff said no, but then Trina threw a gas bomb, making them pass out (except for her because she wore a gas mask), so Trina checks yes for each clipboard, followed by the staff not remembering this. Tori did as told and Lendle asks her out. Later in the episode, Trina accompanies Tori on her first day at Hollywood Arts, but quickly becomes distracted by one of her friends and leaves Tori all alone. Robbie kisses Trina at lunch, which leaves her in such shock that she spits skim milk in his face, which he hopes to be soy milk. Tori and her friends finally win the competition, with the help of a little boy who only gave them the final letter to spell Ke$ha in exchange for an invitation to the private concert and a kiss from Tori, Cat and Jade. She was seen tumbling down the stairs moaning in pain because of her wisdom teeth, causing her to land in a split. When Tori finds out, she gets mad and tries to bludgeon Trina with their father's new camera stand until he intervenes. Daniella Monet, Actress: Nancy Drew.

In Survival of the Hottest, Trina showed her selfish side when she refused to share her water with the others while they were all trapped in Beck's RV and blames the others for inviting her, when she invited herself.

The next day, Trina walks in and tells Tori that she sold the song to her friend's uncle, who owns a record label, used the money to buy a hat (which she now considers as Tori's present to her) and got the opportunity to record the song professionally. When Trina leaves, the young boy who had been irritating Trina the entire flight leans over and comments that Trina is a freak, but hot. Trina wasn't above using aggression to get what she wants, along with cheating which was evident when she threatened to hurt Robbie if he didn't give her one-woman show a good rating and was capable to use to Sinjin to cheat to become the Prome Queen. — Trina in Ice Cream for Ke$ha. In Crazy Ponnie, Trina keeps on blowing her nose into tissues that end up having a lot of snot. Katrina "Trina" Vega (born May 2, 1993) is Tori Vega's older sister and serves as one of the main characters in the Nickelodeon TV series, Victorious. He pretends to be in love with her, and goes over to Trina's house at night. Tara Ganz, Hayley Ferguson, Shawn, Jade West, Sinjin Van Cleef (sometimes), Rex Powers Victorious

The family is called backstage, before the performance starts, where they find out that Trina's tongue has swelled up due to an allergic reaction to a Chinese Herb Gargle that she drank, which was meant to help her sing better. She can also be somewhat bullying specifically towards "weirdoes" such as Sinjin or Berf and once or twice Robbie. In Freak the Freak Out, she gets a date with Mark McCallan for herself but not for Tori. Trina's relationship with her sister seems to be pretty good. During the night, the girls (minus Jade) and Robbie are all woken up and terrified by the sounds of the ongoing war and a fugitive crashing through their window and being taken away by soldiers. (See: Torina), (2010-present: Frenemy) She was one of the background singers in.

", "Can I wear a song? Ironically, everyone who ended up coming to see her show ended up enjoying it because of its "comical" nature. She is a minor antagonist and anti-hero on the show. In Ice Cream for Ke$ha, a promise from Tori's childhood comes back to bite her, leaving her stuck as Trina's personal assistant for one month.

Trina was also very worried when she saw Tori near the bush daisies in Tori Gets Stuck. Trina performs to a full house, and the audience perceives her show as hilariously funny, much to her confusion, and she receives standing ovations for her performance. At first, the gang thinks it's no big deal, since Cat was only going to the restroom, and they think she will come back very soon, drive the truck into another space, and let them out. When Trina visits Robbie at the hospital, she hears a man with tuberculosis coughing. The first time Tori tries to hit Trina with a camera stand. Her locker was never shown in the show, though Daniella Monet tweeted a picture of what might have been Trina's locker (the one decorated with spoons across from Beck's). Call Dr. She even did some backup dancing and "noises" in his Slap music video for the song Monkey Woman. I have LOADS of friends, despite what they say. Trina and Cat try but fail to remove the makeup from Tori's face. It’s tough for Tori having Trina as a big sister. Tori initially refuses, but is forced to by André as he believed that she could do it. Rex cut the wires to get back at Trina for punching him in the face for flirting with her before the play started. Performing her one-woman show "Trina" and "Chicago" You Are Perfect To Me. Trina calls it a "birthweek" because she thinks a day of celebration is not enough of a celebration and prefers to celebrate for the entire week. In der Folge Abserviert bringt Robbie Trina erneut in Rage, da er ihre Personality-Show in seiner Kritik als »Comedy« bezeichnet hat. Being partnered up with Trina is also how André met and quickly became best friends with Trina's sister, Tori. Everyone angrily reminds her that she invited herself and they didn't want her to come, Jade even going as far to shout "No one likes you!" Trina is very upset that her partner for the annual showcase at Hollywood Arts High School is André Harris, who is a tenth grader. Anyway, you're not alone. In Survival of the Hottest, she invites herself on a beach trip that Tori and her friends are planning and everyone (including Tori) protests. (See: Tribbie). He does so, and discovers that Trina is using exotic fish to nibble away the dead skin on her feet, making them smooth.

Trina is one year older than Tori, and is in the senior class at Hollywood Arts. She acts like she is the most talented person at Hollywood Arts, making her friends (and her sister) annoyed. In Wok Star, Trina and André pretend to be a non-existent diva celebrity named Jackie Bonet and her bodyguard to help Tori and Jade keep Mrs. Lee away from Jade's play. After the boys get into a fight, Trina tells her Dad what happened, only to find the boys playing with sock puppets on the couch.

Personality. She has performed on the small screen in numerous television commercials beginning at the age of seven.

To get rid of Trina, Tori mentions that when Trina was six they went to see Santa Claus with the family and she peed on Santa's lap. ", "Are you guys gonna let her say that nobody likes me?!".

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