Much of the music of the African diaspora was refined and developed during the period of slavery. The teacher will then present the remaining research resources on the PowerPoint and point them out to students on the sheet they received during the previous lesson. The style was also showcased by the work of non-Motown artists, including Dusty Springfield and British band The Foundations. --Rip It Up and Start Again (2005) by Simon Reynolds, "Now with Negro jazz beginning to emigrate from New Orleans, let us examine the white jazz of that city. Promised Land: Referring to the land in the Middle East that was, according to the Hebrew Bible, promised and given to Abraham and his descendants by God. (Metaphors of contagion, such as "infectious rhythm" were used to describe the spread of African culture by majority cultures. The roots of most Cuban musical forms lie in the cabildos, a form of social club among African slaves brought to the island. The culmination of this great sublimation of musical energy in to vocal work can be seen in genres as disparate as Gospel Music and Hip-Hop. Black music is music created, produced, or inspired by black people, people of African descent, including African music traditions and African popular music as well as the music genres of the African diaspora, including Afro-Caribbean music, Afro- Latino music, Afro- Brazilian music and African American music. The Motown producers and the Funk Brothers band used a number of innovative techniques to develop the Motown Sound. Jessica Shapiro, an HSP intern, added to it and formatted it for HSP use. They helped the enslaved Africans cope with slavery. The earliest of these exponents was the calypso artist Lord Kitchener, who arrived in Britain on the Windrush in 1948 accompanied by fellow musician Lord Beginner. Bassist James Jamerson often played his instrument with only his index finger, and created many of the bubbling basslines apparent on Motown songs such as "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Despite efforts to erase African cultural elements in the United States traditions of melody also survived. The presentation then looks specifically at the history and adaptation of the song “Deep River,” a classic Spiritual that goes back as far as—or presumably further than—the first known publication of Spiritual music in print. Hence, the melodic traditions of the African diaspora are probably most alive in Blues and Jazz. How does continuity and change within Pennsylvania history influence your community today? Over time, a new genre of music developed, called spirituals. The period of large-scale immigration brought many new musical styles to the United Kingdom.

Another popular genre performed by African Americans is gangsta rap. Let us know how you used this plan and be featured on our site! [8], British African-Caribbean music had been generally synonymous with Caribbean styles until the 1990s, although some artists had been drawing on British and American musical forms for several decades. The French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe share the popular zouk style and have also had extensive musical contact with the music of Haiti, itself once a French colony though not part of the Lesser Antilles. [7][12] Later, British African-Caribbean musicians and DJs were at the forefront of the UK Garage and Grime scenes.[13]. DAF and their offshoot group Liaisons Dangereuses influenced the embryonic black electronic sounds of Chicago house and Detroit techno, while Kraftwerk almost single-handedly inspired New York electro." Students will then conduct independent research and create their own PowerPoints. BBC online. Subsequent styles include reggae, rocksteady and raggamuffin. St Lucia celebrates 27 years of Independence, List of musical genres of the African diaspora,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 December 2010, at 15:15. [5], As Jamaican ska gave way to the slower styles of rocksteady and the more politicised reggae, British African-Caribbeans followed suit. It was also continued the tradition of African-American popular music moving beyond simple lyricisms into the realm of socio-political topics, allowing for a wide range of African-American viewpoints to be expressed in song. Mumble rap was introduced by speakers of African American Vernacular English.

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