“They are very progressive and they want attention being paid to doing the right thing.

I was pretty upset with how he responded to fans who called him out for his cultural appropriation. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. “At first, I used to think it’s because they don’t have enough knowledge to understand why what they’re doing is wrong, but it kept happening, even after we called out various companies. Fans surmised that either DR Music or her fellow BP Rania members forced her out of the group, but Alex revealed that this was untrue. It isn't easy being a member of a K-pop group, especially if you're BP RaNia's Alex Reid. Some fans are demanding change from the entertainment companies who hold power within the industry, others are attempting to educate their idols, and many are facing elements within the fandom who are either indifferent or outright hostile to the idea of change. View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the allysseTV community. Things haven’t exactly gotten better since then: G-Dragon wore an Afro wig and comb in the “MichiGO” video, and MAMAMOO apologised after performing “Uptown Funk” in Blackface at a concert in 2017. They’re undeniably adorable, and idols who are blessed with them never fail to steal the hearts of fans (and other group members).

Her curly hairstyles suits her style and reminds us of the powerful statement that being true to yourself is always the most important.

Be the first to share what you think! Age. save. Rania‘s rebranding as BP Rania in 2016 was controversial and groundbreaking for including Alex Reid as the very first non-asian K-Pop idol. It’s not that difficult.” She doesn’t accept that this is simply due to ignorance. Alexandra Reid is a fomer BP RaNia member. Cultural appropriation and racial insensitivity in K-pop is nothing new. report. 0 articles. 2.1K viewed. As K-pop fans go out of their way to educate themselves on Korean culture, the artists and companies should do the same, especially in a world where Google, or Naver, is free. 0 pics. “I was furious. 26. She believes that many of these incidents stem from the fact that South Korea is such a racially homogenous country. 8 K-Pop Idol Relationships You Forgot About, An Airport Staff Shares The Real, True Impressions She Got When She Met BTS’s Jungkook And J-Hope, 4 “Controversial” Moments In K-Pop That Had Fans And Netizens Divided, Korean Man Seeks Revenge On His Long-Time Crush With A Homemade Bomb… But Loses His Hand Instead, TWICE’s Jeongyeon Will Take A Hiatus From “Eyes Wide Open” Promotions Due To Anxiety, Red Velvet’s Irene Reveals How She Got Scammed By An Online Purchase, Here’s Why BTS “Struggled” To Get Close To Other Groups In Their Earlier Days, This Airport Staff Became An ARMY After Meeting BTS… Here’s How She Fell For RM, V And Suga, Veteran K-Pop Directors Explain Why BTS’s “No More Dream” MV Shouldn’t Be Pitied. hide. Rania – Alex Being the first ever African American Kpop idol, Alexandra Reid (aka Alex) has been in the spotlight and gained praise (as well as criticism) from others. She laid all of the rumors to rest. Alex Reid was K-pop’s first Black idol, joining the group BP Rania from 2015 to 2017 after being recruited by a Korean entertainment company while in Los Angeles. Pisces. Alex Reid was K-pop’s first Black idol, joining the group BP Rania from 2015 to 2017 after being recruited by a Korean entertainment company while in Los Angeles. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. best. Alex then revealed that she’s writing a book based on her time in Korea, so fans who want even more juicy details will have to wait until that book comes out and Alex can add “author” to her list of many titles. “We received no apology for it,” Nish says. It’s coming to an important time that if the international audience doesn't see that there is true respect, it could be problematic.”, Another step in the right direction came from Stray Kids, who, after a member wore what many fans interpreted as a Black caricature, made amends with a statement. K-pop stars have also appropriated Black, Brown, and Indigenous cultures as aesthetic concepts in their work. 100% Upvoted. I just felt like it wasn’t a healthy situation for me anymore.

“I saw it as a really good start because it’s way more than we have gotten from some other groups and idols,” says Aaliya, a 21-year-old child care worker. DR Music (left: Aug 20, 2017) Height. Even just a bit of research before adding something to a concept will be a huge help. Less than a year after debuting, however, Alex mysteriously left the group. Be it Desi culture, Black culture, or Middle Eastern culture, why are they not educating themselves and their artists? 5'4" (162 cm) Star Sign. Even the hard stuff I miss. We all at times want what we don’t have, and it seems to be the same with hair. “If you’re going to have a Black girl in the group, you need to have the resources,” Reid says. Fixing these issues should be a priority as K-pop continues to expand. The group have previously emphasised that they make their own concept decisions, with the girls attempting to go for – as they put it – an “ethnic hip” concept, which has manifested in stereotypes from and appropriations of Indian, Native American, and African cultures. no comments yet. It became like ‘why am I sacrificing my own happiness just to prove that I can handle it?’ So I decided to just walk away. Alleged evidence of her mistreatment circulated online as fans speculated the cause of her departure, but save for cryptic tweets about the situation Alex has remained quiet about the exact cause of her exit. It was an indication of them learning from their past mistakes.”, “As K-pop gets so much more popular (entertainment companies) will realise the consumers, their fans, are of different cultures than just East Asian cultures, and they’re going to realise they have to appeal to that market” – Alex Reid, musician and ex-BP Rania member, Alex Reid believes that the K-pop industry will continue to learn lessons as it grows internationally and realises that it can’t take its diverse audience for granted. I would be in America and asking when I’m coming back, and then when I would come back it would be like late, and they would be like “it’s too late, we can’t fit you.” And then I would be like “what do you mean?

Did she leave willingly? She adds that “it’s improved since 2010, but the improvement feels marginal, because international fans have been making our feelings known for a good decade now, so there’s really no reason for incidents to keep happening.” 20-year-old Monjay talks about the ups and downs she’s experienced while stanning Got7: “Sometime in 2017, Jackson of Got7 wore dreads. “As a Latina, this made me frustrated and upset,” the fan says. 0 added. When a fan won a video call with the group, she used the conversation to echo Black fans’ concerns – and the group actually listened. 0 videos. “It’s a hard transition for others who have never experienced other cultures.” She says she doesn’t fault the industry so far, but with the current international pressure of the Black Lives Matter movement, there’s “no excuse” not to try to improve things from now on. “With everything going on in the world,” Reid says, “people are looking with a magnifying glass.”, This article has been updated to remove a translated quote from Home Alone: Girls’ Secret Party.

If they have hurt their fans in any way, they should speak up, no matter what.”. Another million dollar question was why she was never included in the full choreographies for their comeback songs, to which she admitted that even she didn’t know. Black people have also been the subject of stereotyping, like when Yuri of Girls Generation did a racist impression of Black people on KBS’s Invincible Youth in 2010, and Wendy of Red Velvet imitated ‘Black’ mannerisms in 2018.

Language(s) English, Korean. Alex Reid: Why the 1st Black Kpop Idol was a Disaster + Token Black Girl in K-pop?

They’re always my example of what K-pop can look like. Such incidents still occur today, such as with Chungha’s “Stay Tonight” visuals, which sparked controversy in late April with accusations that it appropriated Indian culture.

Introduction to Alex. That just makes me think it’s for publicity, because there’s no way the companies don’t keep an eye out for what’s happening in the industry.”, One fan, a 17-year-old student, was disappointed when (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon said in an interview with Billboard that she wanted to use Latin music to show off the “aggressive side” of the group for their music video “Senorita”. She didn’t give specifics, but she says that the situation became too toxic and she voluntarily chose to leave the group. For sure, like I definitely miss it. Rania‘s rebranding as BP Rania in 2016 was controversial and groundbreaking for including Alex Reid as the very first non-asian K-Pop idol. 20-year-old Indian student Nish was unhappy with BLACKPINK’s music video for “How You Like That”, in which a statue of Lord Ganesha was placed on the floor, defiling the religion of their Hindu fans. These Korean kpop idols and actresses … Read more CURLY HAIR. She left BP RaNia in August 2017 and will no longer continue her music career in the K-Pop industry. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! not ranked.

For those curly-haired gals who are tired of their tangled curls, here’s an appreciation post for you! Yet as the K-pop industry has grown to incorporate a larger and more diverse base of international fans – and with it, their spending power – one issue that has never been fully confronted is that of cultural appropriation. They need better communication. June 24th, 2019. Their next video, “Uh Oh”, took clear inspiration from 90s Black and Latinx fashion and styling. Then, why wasn’t I here?”. “As K-pop gets so much more popular,” she says, the entertainment companies will “realise the consumers, their fans, are of different cultures than just East Asian cultures, and they’re going to realise they have to appeal to that market.” She cites BTS as a group who’ve made conscious efforts to address and fix problematic incidents in their past, from appropriating Black hairstyles to using the N-word and mimicking African American Vernacular English. (BP Rania) youtu.be/PO4IxT... 0 comments. “The team in charge of getting the song done doesn’t do the concept. Kpopping Rank. Now, as happy as i am for her and excited to see what happens with this group, there is some controversy alredy, this group is from the same company that the first AA kpop idol (Alex Reid) came from, in fact this is the rebranding of that group, for those who dont know what happend to Alex, she talked about her experience in this video. Was she kicked out?

They have international producers and artists they work with that would be willing to share.” In the past, these companies “never nitpicked or dissected what fans were saying, they never looked closely,” she says.

“The way that the businesses run, things are very compartmentalised,” adds Reid. They’re grown adults that should be held accountable.

But not everything has been so blatant. The fan concluded that, especially for fandom, “it’s only when we try to bury the voices of those affected and trying to speak up and the problems happening are we stunting change and growth in an industry that could desperately benefit from it.”, Stereotyping also bothers 26-year-old nurse Stephanie, who says that K-pop often uses Black hair “to evoke edginess, being wild/exotic, or some other stereotype that they’ll inevitably take off before the promo cycle ends”.

Koreaboo. South Korean artists that were once largely invisible outside of their home country now embark on huge world tours, receive western media attention, and collaborate with non-Asian artists.

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