This sharpens everything even more, and also shuts off the Directional Stability Control system. Simple. This is a sports sedan after all. When you first get into this car, you don’t think sports sedan, you think luxury car. Sauber, Alfa Romeo and ORLEN join forces for a new exciting chapter in the motorsport. Easing up on the pedal just as you come to rest will save your passengers from annoying whipsawing. USB connectors and a 12-volt volt outlet support your electronics, and there are two nice big cup holders. As in lesser Giulias, a knob at the eight o’clock position of the steering wheel allows a choice of four driving modes. Ride quality is definitely on the firm side. Going fast is one thing; stopping fast is another. I never could figure out how to switch the HVAC to Celsius from Fahrenheit, nor could I get it to flash the turn signals three times.

But the range-topping Quadrifoglio (Italian for “four-leaf clover”, Alfa’s historic symbol) is rear drive, as you may have guessed from the last three letters of its formal name. An extension of your smartphone with the Android Operating System fully integrated into the infotainment of Giulia Quadrifoglio. We knew pretty early in our 14-month relationship with this Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifogliothat we weren't going to be able to make a clean break from it. The company is now part of the Fiat Chrysler Alfa Romeo (FCA) conglomerate. 443 LB-FT OF TORQUE. Mere anecdotes and hubbub of the good old days.

And not once have we dreamt of being Dustin Hoffman. It’s also where Enzo Ferrari got his start. HEART-STOPPING POWER THAT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE. Implanted with a rhapsodic twin-turbo 2.9-liter V-6 and a well-calibrated eight-speed automatic transmission, the rear-drive-only Giulia Quadrifoglio is a riot to pilot.

Based on the superb Giulia sedan, the QF (for short) boasts a 505-hp twin-turbo V-6 and countless track-focused modifications.

Design meets electrification.

Even so, it barely tempers our excitement for driving such a focused sports sedan. Our Car of the Year is finally in the TG Garage. And then there's the sensational steering setup: the thin-rimmed steering wheel feels like a blast from the past, with feather-light effort, communicative feedback, and pleasingly quick response. It handles beautifully. The 2.9 litre 90-degree twin turbo V6 engine isn’t exactly two-thirds of the 4.0 litre Ferrari V8, but it is related. Alfa Romeo's devotion to the pursuit of speed has resulted in engineering and design triumphs. What's the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio like to live with?

This is a sports sedan after all. Sometimes it was all-hell-breaking-loose, other times it seemed to pause for a split second before unleashing those horses. Looked like they wanted to chat. Its sporty attitude and the unmistakable style, together with the pleasure of driving in total safety, will seduce even the most demanding customers. To order The 2020 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio models include the Giulia, Stelvio & C38. But the mechanicals are what make the metaphoric mouth water. Your other shifting option is perhaps the biggest steering wheel paddles in the industry, lovely light alloy pieces fixed to the steering column so they do not rotate with the wheel. The intelligent Speed Control combines the functionality of Active Cruise Control with the Traffic Sign Recognition system, suggesting to the driver an automatic speed adjustment according to the limits detected by the road signs.

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