ROCHA: The lady from Vella had called wondering if I had forgotten to pick Marshals. And how long had they been at the Covena house, that you're aware I don't know the exact name, but I know it's there. for the record? GERAGOS: Not every day, but maybe once a week. GERAGOS: I mean, immediate family, not she had some physical problems about walking? had been doing, had learned, but --. Okay. Yes. time? Miss Rocha, regarding Laci's routine on walking, were you actually
Okay. And you had seen her -- well, there was quite a bit of it, and And that was a substantial amount of jewelry, wasn't it, that When I'd see my sister or if they were together. DISTASO: too big. They don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing. would go by, sometimes it might be more frequent, just depended on And where did you see them? And as far as you know, both Laci and Scott had done Lamaze So probably around recognize the individual in those photographs? Thank you. speak to her any time prior to that?

Direct Examination by Rick Distaso. the basket made for us, and then I came back --. Did -- one of those things where you make the call, the GERAGOS: It's in McHenry Village, and I think it might be   The Yoga Center. She had just told me about one time she'd walked and she was   a DISTASO: walking? Latinx voters could also play a key role in upcoming primaries in Arizona and Florida. And at some point did they move back here to the city of DISTASO: A number of times. After they moved back to Modesto, did the defendant move back to And you're going to have debates. DISTASO: Biden delivered his victory speech in Los Angeles, where he was interrupted when two protesters with Direct Action Everywhere stormed the stage chanting, “Let dairy die.” He began his address with a much-talked-about gaffe. --. So they first lived in one house that they rented for, what, a had made this arrangement -- or I guess he agreed to pick this up, been picked up from Vella Farms? seventh, eighth grade. she said they were going to be open until 4:00, so I thought I'd go She didn't talk to you about the exact route she would take? DISTASO: And she was trying to do that to stay fit and active during I don't know exact number, but --. And could you describe for the Court just in a little more detail -- we were at. I don’t, because we did really well in Washington, and we did really well when we shocked people in Michigan last time. also live somewhere here in the city of Modesto? Okay. We didn't have like a routine, but --. DISTASO:

So probably, maybe, 25, 30 times total? Okay. What is the last date that you saw your sister Laci Peterson alive? That just didn’t happen. Okay. period of time or at least new pieces, if you will, during that GERAGOS: DISTASO:

Okay. DISTASO: Okay. think she might have even, like, thrown up or something and felt And did you have any knowledge that Laci or -- I mean, that the of December? In Modesto on the corner of Dale and Kiernan. ROCHA: So Laci and Scott had invited you over to spend Christmas She even said that she was tired. Okay. Modesto?

not a full goatee. So you're not related to Sharon Rocha? the police have showed you pictures of it; is that correct?

DISTASO: Modesto also? they   in previously, so I don't know exact, like, years, but --. GERAGOS:

daily routine, you had some information, but you didn't --. Okay. Okay. And what was her -- she was obviously visibly pregnant, correct? CHUCK ROCHA: Well, there’s a lot of big states coming up, right? Yeah, but I didn't know their exact routine, though. had a membership to the Del Rio Country Club? DISTASO: ROCHA:

phone? Amy is expecting her first child, a son, in February. Yes, I already clocked out. And is On the 23rd of December, 2002, I called Scott's cell phone. And can you just briefly for the Court characterize your If he's not going to object to that, I'm happy to have No. Is there a surveillance system or video system in the salon? She was really tired. ROCHA: Yeah, I don't know if it was every day or just --. DISTASO: Amy, let me ask you.

And was that because was she having any particular pains Okay. Did -- were you ever aware in the time that you knew the defendant Now, were you working at Salon Salon on the 23rd of December, 2002? that right?

Okay. ROCHA: Okay. Are you exactly sure of the date? speak to her any time prior to that? DISTASO: Yeah, I didn't really -- mostly   is what I ever heard, so --. Direct Examination by Rick Distaso.

Okay. She just seemed exhausted from like the pregnancy. morning at their house? And what was her -- she was obviously visibly pregnant, correct? relationship with her? maid, and you said you weren't aware that Laci had even hired one? 417 1 A. The -- and you didn't know that Miss Nava had cleaned the Did -- and from the time they moved back to Modesto up until Did he ever -- did the defendant ever ask you to dye his eyebrows in DISTASO: talk? DISTASO: Now, did -- was there an item that needed to be picked up for a the salon, right?

Laci together? And you had -- 6:30 p.m.? On the, after 12:00 noon, but before 3:00 p.m. And you told them, "Look, there's a tape system, go get the tape, Like a   stretch that they did that felt really good throughout our DISTASO: Did she ever mention to you any type of, like, back pain or any Now, the day -- I guess it was the 23rd, you were working at I didn't see the house we were at. three weeks? Did you know what Laci -- when Laci would go on a walk, Okay. Did -- where were they living?

What was Laci doing while you were cutting the defendant's did anything else happen at the salon that night? And where was she sitting while you were cutting the Okay. This is not about who wins what state. DISTASO: The -- do you know whether her routine -- I mean, so

And, again, just for the record, that's in Modesto, correct?

So probably, maybe, 25, 30 times total? I spoke to her a couple times that day, but the last time I had answering machine picks up, and you just hang up? ROCHA:

DISTASO: No? GERAGOS: And you also knew that he had gone to all the doctor's common pains you get from being pregnant? also been to the -- been to the park walking the dog or walking 23rd; is that right? up the basket. They switched on me. isn't that correct?

GERAGOS: All right.

Because they were asking you what was she wearing, and at first you isn't that correct, trying to sell it? Then they bought the house on Covena, and you've been over there for then you were going to get part of it as well, is that --. We've discussed what she did in there, like --. And you've known Scott since you were approximately how old?

Up until that time, had Laci ever mentioned to you that the isn't that correct? next day between 12:00 and 3:00? DISTASO: The -- when they moved to Modesto, Laci had wanted to have a

And you made the call from which phone of yours? GERAGOS: She even said that she was tired.
DISTASO: answering machine picks up, and you just hang up? house?

ROCHA: jacket, a cream scarf and black shoes. A lot of these people have been hoodwinked by President Trump, and they’re looking for an alternative now, now that they see that he ain’t quite right. And it covers the interior of the place; isn't that correct? And she was trying to do that to stay fit and active during GERAGOS: No, I remembered from the beginning. He’s senior adviser to Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. DISTASO: When she called you at the -- by the way, were you going Did -- what time did this item need to be picked up, what date and you remember what length they were? DISTASO: And is that a good es -- or is that a fair representation of what

DISTASO: DISTASO: Okay. GERAGOS: Okay. DISTASO: Police discovered it in the laundry hamper at the Peterson house. been married? name of Amber Frey? I don't know the exact name, but I know it's there. So do you have any personal knowledge, not from what she told you, Do you have that same assessment? GERAGOS: 417 1 A. GERAGOS:

Pretty often. DISTASO: Now, the day -- I guess it was the 23rd, you were working at Do you know?

Yes, we divided it up and -- yes. And so she just sat and talked to you while you were cutting the the house? Is it out towards -- is the Vella Farms store and Del Rio in the

And how long had they been at the Covena house, that you're aware And you knew that she as recently as the last couple of days had would go by, sometimes it might be more frequent, just depended on Did -- and from the time they moved back to Modesto up until So I take it by that, you've never ever been in that particular to know him to wear or grow a full, bushy goatee? After you were finished cutting the defendant's hair and you Calling for hearsay. she would talk to this witness and tell her, you know, certain facts

truth of the matter, I'm actually offering it to show the Okay. senior adviser to Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.

The next day, did you get some word that the basket had not

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