Green Arrow's sidekick is named Speedy. Labs where Batman had the upper hand on them until their fight is brought to the outside of S.T.A.R. Ultimately, the duo foil his plans ("The World is Mine!"). ", it is revealed that Guy has a fear of clowns when the Joker runs him off the road in a Mongul-sanctioned race for Earth's survival. He wears a sub-zero suit to survive and wields a freeze gun. Her real name is Helena Bertinelli. Question demonstrates exceptional martial art skills to defeat the Parademons, but apparently commits suicide to avoid being captured by Kalibak. He appears only in "Mitefall", where he tries to stop Bat-Mite from getting Brave and the Bold cancelled. He first appears in "Menace of the Conqueror Caveman! Meanwhile, Damian has a version of himself appear in the show, who's a mix of several different Bat-Kids. Harley Quinn is the sidekick of Joker. After the Sumatran Tiger was defeated, Catman was cornered up a tree and begged Batman to call him off. Due to trash talking, Slug released Wildcat, but left Batman for the giant turtles in a deep pit. ", he helps Batman when Catman unleashes an endangered Sumatran Tiger on Batman. He has the power to manipulate electricity. He was later shown in "Day of the Dark Knight" escaping Iron Heights (still in human form) and attempting to attack Batman, but stopped by Green Arrow. He reappears in "The Eyes of Despero!" In "Legends of the Dark Mite! The Monster Society of Evil is a team of villains assembled by Doctor Sivana to combat the Marvel Family. The Metal Men are a team of robots created by Dr. Milton "Doc" Magnus. He later appears in the Batman: the Brave and the Bold comic issue #6, only with a different look. In "A Bat Divided!" he steals the cape of bast. A giant gorilla that was used by Gorilla Grodd to assist the Gorilla Men into defeating the Tiger Men. This causes the son to go haywire, unhinged and develop the ability of emotion and real pain. In "A Bat Divided! Madame Xanadu says that if the Robins failed, she would've sent the Batgirls. A mysterious figure with no face and Zen philosophy. Starro himself appears later on in "The Siege of Starro! High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Despite not being featured with his Teen Titans co-members Robin, Speedy, and Aqualad, in the team's debut episode, he does state in his appearance that he is indeed friends with Nightwing, telling Batman to say hi to him for him. She is jealous of how they treat Batman as an equal (unaware of how critical they are of Batman, despite his abilities and crimefighting prowess), while treating her like a child. He hoped to use them to retrieve Excalibur to help defeat Morgaine.

He spent his years training in different types of fighting styles, including boxing from Wildcat, and martial arts from Wong Fei in China, where he met future ally Bronze Tiger and future foes Fox, Vulture, and Shark. Tattooed Man is a criminal who can bring the tattoos on him to life. Ra's al Ghul is the leader of the League of Assassins (one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the DC Universe) who manages to stay young through the use of his Lazarus Pits. A swarm of Starros attack the Challengers of the Unknown in the teaser for "Revenge of the Reach!". He uses a sonic cannon to disable the Tiger Men and uses a giant gorilla named Tiny to smash the gates. B'wana Beast has the magical power to fuse two animals into a hybrid with the abilities of both. ", Aquaman and his family are on a road trip and eventually save Batman from The Penguin. A super-intelligent gorilla criminal from Gorilla City. After that, they receive boxing training and guidance from Wildcat. Her real name is Tatsu Yamashiro. In "Joker: The Vile and the Villainous", Batman is presented in a decidedly fascistic light as he abuses his own mass surveillance system to spy on ordinary citizens throughout Gotham, prompting the Joker to take a rare heroic turn to stop him. Owlman tries to kill him by having him pulled to pieces by a magnetic field but is saved by a Zorro-like Batman and helps defeat Clock King. He is later shown in "Day of the Dark Knight!" When attending a show at the Ford Theatre, he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. ", when Jaime asks him for help on how to defeat Evil Star, Paco assumes he was playing the Blue Beetle video game (He states that he's on the Crazy Quilt). In the following episode "Game Over for Owlman!

In "Revenge of the Reach," the Guardians of the Universe explain to Batman and Blue Beetle on how Blue Beetle's scarab is connected to the Reach. When Starro comes to invade his planet, the faceless citizens find themselves immune to the Starro parasites. With his partner Dr. John Watson, they solve cases. As members of the Shadow Clan, they plan to steal the Wudang Totem from its respective temple, first killing off Master Wong Fei with a dart containing 7 different venoms.
In "Inside the Outsiders, Psycho Pirate captures the Outsiders and makes them live their nightmares. He was later revealed to be alive and was in Hal's Power Ring. In "Night of the Huntress! Camera in the face which developed a picture of Batman's fist. She is one of the most wanted criminals of Gotham City. In "Night of the Huntress! Weather Wizard is a supervillain that uses a wand-like device to control the weather. A prototype robot designed by Batman, but found him too big to be practical. He acts like the stereotypical teenager. He later appears at the beginning of "Emperor Joker" where he tries to rob a jewelry store only to fight Batman. Batman managed to take some of them down before Jarvis forced him to surrender. In the episode "Enter the Outsiders!" ", "The Golden Age of Justice" and "The Mask of Matches Malone". Batman then infiltrates his ship and Batman and Faceless Hunter fought but the Faceless Hunter was winning. He becomes Plastic Man, and tries to redeem himself by being a hero. Who decides she doesn't want to be like her parents so she became green arrows sidekick. ", his response is, "Who got you? The Supreme Chairman of Qward is a dictator who had oppressed the people of Qward. The poacher, collectors, and chefs end up fighting Batman. They appear in "The Last Patrol" trying to kill Elasti-Girl and the rest of the Doom Patrol. ", in order to hunt down Batman when Owlman impersonates him. Appears only in the Grand Finale. However, Ted is unable to use the scarab on himself.

In this appearance, Fate is shown sporting his short-lived half-helmet. When the people get angry at him for stealing their pumpkins and demanding an explanation, he looks to Batman for help only to find that he has disappeared (he also comments that Batman is the "only guy who has a faster getaway than he does"). In "Clash of the Metal Men! Bat-Mite defeated him by turning him into a kite. A patriotic superhero who derived his powers from the patriotic feelings of the American people. He attacked a seaside carnival demanding a high ransom but is defeated by Batman, Red Tornado, and Tornado Champion. Like Batman, Green Arrow is wealthy, has themed gadgets and vehicles (arrows instead of bats), which has him in a friendly rivalry against him. Evil Star is an alien villain who can manipulate red energy with his Starband.
He is stopped by Robin, Aqualad and Speedy, but manages to get away. ", he teams up with Batman to destroy an alien energy weapon being used by German forces. While a capable sorceror, Doctor Fate has also taken boxing lessons from Batman in case his helmet is knocked off, and puts these to good use against Wotan. She and her crime family were on a crime spree in the teaser of "Menace of the Madniks" until they are stopped by Batman and Haunted Tank. He tried to hypnotized the entire Green Lantern Corps into serving him, but Hal Jordan trapped himself and all of the corpsmen in his ring, so Despero thought they all died.

He is an Flash's enemy. He is married to Alanna, a native of the planet. He was bowled over when Batman bowled Tweedledum and Tweedledee into the villains. After being saved by Batman and repelling the Gorilla Men, Caesar changes his opinions about the humans and thanks Batman upon giving the order to release the slaves. Near the end of the episode, Bat-Mite decides to leave Batman alone. Currently stationed on the moon, warding off potential alien invaders. An alien space pirate who was enemies with the alien Blue Beetle years ago, and managed to defeat him using a sonic-emitting Gamma Gong that the Scarab is vulnerable to. Assisted by the Brother Eye satellite, OMAC acts on the GPA's behest. This episode also shows he considers Batman a close friend, so close that he wanted him to witness the creation of his son. When they vandalize Wayne Manor, he attempts to seduce Catwoman, but fails, and becomes angry when the Dynamic Duo show up to stop them. Their most recent appearance has them being attacked by the Psycho-Pirate, with Batman coming to their aid. A criminal who dresses like a French Musketeer and uses swords in battle. In "Chill of the Night! In "Menace of the Madniks," it is revealed that Booster Gold was friends with Ted Kord before his death. Amazon Servi├žos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda. She tries to get Hex to leave. ", and consists of Batman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Booster Gold, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Fire, and Ice. He made an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. In "Joker: The Vile and the Villainous", he is seen in a bar where the villains hang out. Despite what happened, Aquaman gives Orm another chance (because "they are family"). After Batman sacrifices himself to deactivate a nuclear reactor, Equinox bring him back to life, stating that his death would unbalance the universe. He helps Batman defeat the evil sorcerer Felix Faust. ", he was killed by the Faceless Hunter, since he is immune to Starro's mind control. He has superhuman speed. in order to find who stole the golden skull, who in turn is revealed to be False-Face, who is quickly defeated by Batman and Detective Chimp. The Riddler finally made an appearance in the episode "A Bat Divided!" In "Legends of the Dark Mite," Tweedledum and Tweedledee appear as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. The Arsenal is a man in a menacing green robotic suit with a sword that shoots lightning and has machine guns for hands. ", where his older brother Orm hires assassin Black Manta to kill him. Tornado Tyrant nearly slaughters people at a beach until Batman and Red Tornado manage to defeat him with a scrambler device. She first appeared in "The Power of Shazam" where Batman managed to track Mary and her adoptive parents who end up adopting Billy. ", he was seen in a bar where the bad guys hang out upon the arrival of Firestorm and the three Batmen. In the final scene of his first appearance, he helps Batman fight the Triad. ", they made a cameo appearance amongst the Green Lanterns who were inside Hal Jordan's ring. Along with them, Weather Wizard expresses that he misses the supposedly deceased Barry Allen, and is happy when he returns. ", it is revealed that she has a crush on Aquaman.

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