Chris Brown. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Okay, who do you reckon is the king of RnB, From vocals to dance moves to songwriting, Can’t choose but I’ll go with The Weeknd cos if it ain’t xo, then it gotta go, On a real tho who would u say is the king of RnB, The Weeknd vocals/music, but breezy is extreme versatile... And can dance. Michael Jackson VS Chris Brown ULTIMATE DANCE OFF - YouTube Chris Brown has certainly endured a level of media scrutiny that other famous men with similarly abusive behaviors have not been subjected to.

For a short set, probably Bruno. Bruno, every single time. In dancing? This...this can’t be real. @gateofbabylon: For real? There’s no way you’re serious. I just like his dancing a lot more. Bruno is not a better dancer than Chris Brown. For a prolonged performance, probably Chris. Tough. If you want more of these dance offs or face offs, let me know in the comments. @universeichigo1: No, he really isn’t, Chris Brown is in his own league, in versatility, flow, pop and locking, it’s not even close- could go all the way back to his Stomp the Yard days and nothing would change. @socajunkie: Chris brown's dance is kind of nonsense to be honest especially the one he did in his dance music video with Drake all I saw there was lack of flow in his movements and it was really disappointing. I'm sure Bruno would cop to that too.

Check this video out (one out of many amazing dance showcases from Bruno Mars).
share. Obviously everyone gonna pick Abel. I don’t think I am, it’s not just Bruno, nobody is even in Chris’ league and Uptown Funk won’t convince me otherwise. And probably 4 too given he’s been around longer and could rap as well as sing which I thoroughly enjoy. The music is a free loop from Garageband. I think we can all agree Michael is better, but many try and claim Chris Brown is the next Michael Jackson - what do you think? It's been a long time since I've heard a new Chris Brown song (maybe someone could give me some recommendations?) Chris brown is easily better than Bruno Mars, come on people — Buach Mac Seáin (@VAJohnson93) 9 February 2018.

Can’t choose but I’ll go with The Weeknd cos if it ain’t xo, then it gotta go .
Song used that's what I like BRUNO Mars No guidance Chris brown ft Drake Poll Chris Brown VS Bruno Mars (13 votes) ... Once again, I'm not arguing that Bruno Mars is a better dancer than Chris Brown. A fun, random video displaying a dance off between the King of Pop, Michael Jackson vs \"The Prince of R\u0026B\" Chris Brown. Honestly, in terms of entertainers this is probably true. @indomitableregal: I really thought I was losing my mind, I’m sure if somebody even asked Bruno he wouldn’t lie. There’s nobody in entertainment who dances better than Chris Brown. From vocals to dance moves to songwriting.

@gateofbabylon: Underestimating?

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