The results are uneven, but it’s good to have her back. The echoey synths put to mind Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” as the song soothingly invites you in, but then Gaga’s “Shallow”-like vocal volcanic eruption captures a distinct kind of sad euphoria. The rush only wears a tiny bit thin on 1,000 Doves, Enigma and Replay, which are fine but no more, and Sour Candy, a bubbling collaboration with Korean group Blackpink which, though probably the most modern sound here, seems a little too anodyne for Gaga. Gaga has always brought up important issues in her music, like LGBTQ+ rights and gun violence, and ‘Free Woman’ is no different. Learn how your comment data is processed. “My name isn’t Alice,” Lady Gaga sings, with glam-theatrical fervor, in the opening track of her new album, Chromatica. Sure, there’s still some of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ influence on the record, especially on ‘Babylon,’ but Gaga gives a middle finger to all the gossip and comparisons on the closing track.

“Free Woman,” for instance, adds nothing to the endless theme of letting loose on the dance floor. The song is a nod to Gaga’s critically-divided ARTPOP. lol. Me,” it has enough intentional camp appeal to stand proudly in the house/dance pop rain canon alongside “It’s Raining Men.”. Gaga has spoken about how making the album helped her begin to deal with the post-traumatic stress disorder that resulted from being raped repeatedly at 19, and also with the dissociative, objectifying double-edged sword of celebrity (“your monsters torture me”, she wails on Replay – hard not to read that as an allusion to her most fervent fans, the Little Monsters, much as she undoubtedly loves them). 131.

Whatever you think about her, Lady Gaga makes pop music feel exciting, like something is at stake.

The song’s shamelessly sing-along choruses were a return to form, and the video — featuring Gaga dancing amid a postapocalyptic Mad Max desert backdrop — provided an otherworldly context for her sounds.

The album closes with “Babylon,” a house ode to decadence and gossip, not unlike Artpop’s “Donatella,” that will probably reignite the Madonna comparisons thanks to its Vogue-style spoken word. i just don’t hear anything wonderful or groundbreaking. Mental health has become a more prominent theme in pop music, but only Gaga could write a danceable bop about taking antipsychotic medication.

Gaga’s talent for performance, whimsy, and great choruses saves some of the songs, like “Enigma,” and “Plastic Doll,” of which the latter has enough lyrical cleverness and drama (“Who's that girl, Malibu Gaga? Chromatica is released today, Friday, May 29th, and is available to purchase now. Head over here. I'm not a huge Gaga fan, but this album is everything. Share Tweet. After a po-faced stab at country, Lady Gaga returns to the land of make-believe on a vivid new album that excites and heals. The music video has cameos from Andy Cohen and Real Housewives and Michael Jackson and Gandhi; it features ’90s teen pop dance moves. I would agree 6 or 7 out of 10. Although Chromatica has an easy vibe thanks to its rich bass and synthesizers, Gaga makes sure to show a deeper, emotive side. This isn't a music video review, but I will also say the music video did a stellar job of setting the scene of "Chromatica" up for fans. Contact Alessa Dominguez at [email protected] Album Review: Lady Gaga // Chromatica.

“Stupid Love,” the first single and video of the Chromatica era, released last month, announced the return of big pop concept queen Gaga. Gaga got off the top 40 hamster wheel with the Tony Bennett duets project Cheek to Cheek, and with 2016’s Joanne, she attempted to do a stripped-down personal record with a Gaga twist. One Gaga stan account on Twitter recently asked what her best single was before “Rain on Me.” Personally, my favorite was the last single from Artpop: “G.U.Y.” It was whimsical, and big, and random and ridiculous. Being real is a look every artist has to try on at least once, but it was never going to become Gaga’s signature style. Caso não concorde com o uso cookies dessa forma, você deverá ajustar as configurações de seu navegador ou deixar de acessar o nosso site e serviços. Filled with infectious dance tracks, disco and sci-fi elements, brought together against a pumping bassline, Gaga has restored our faith in pop music and has us wishing we could live on the fictional planet of Chromatica. She’s always been, in drag parlance, something of a concept queen. The album’s opener, ‘Chromatica I’ is a galactic cinematic interlude that transports you to another planet. Gaga is definitely a visual artist, and that's evident by the dystopic world she created for the "Stupid Love" video. Chromatica is luminous and thunderous and perfect for any club night, with Gaga serving disco sci-fi realness.

For a while, it looked like pop’s high priestess of serious silliness was being sucked into the Slough of Authenticity – first with her supposedly stripped-back, country-inspired 2016 album Joanne (in truth, about as stripped back as Universal Studios is when compared with Disney World), then with her garlanded turn in A Star Is Born and its painfully earnest soundtrack album. “Rain on Me,” the Ariana Grande duet released as the second single, follows “Stupid Love,” and it’s a better song. But, more than a decade into her career, Gaga is beyond comparisons. Rather than crafting a slow build, Gaga broke out by being too much — the gender rumors, the meat dress, the multilayered videos. The upbeat joyful rhythms continue with the infectious pre-released single, ‘Stupid Love.’ The disco track brings amplified synths against techno glitches as Gaga tries to “break out” from the walls she’s built around herself, attempting to be more vulnerable and foolish in love. Collaboration can sometimes feel forced, but here it’s well-fitted and a welcomed addition to the record.

Gaga said that 11-minute video was about her struggles in the capitalistic music industry. Although the album is distinctly split into sections, these themes are fluid and run throughout the different arcs. At the start of her career, Gaga was constantly compared to pop legend Madonna. Splitting the album into three distinctive sections, with each introduced by an instrumental sci-fi interlude, Chromatica tells a narrative about mental illness, fame, objectification, and self-love. “Stupid Love” succeeded as a lead single in setting up the tone and world of Chromatica. Sine from Above, its plucked strings and trancey pulse expanding on the album’s classy instrumental interludes, spells it out, Gaga picturing a restorative sound wave beaming down from the sky as Elton John (whom she credits with helping her see that creativity needn’t mean self-destruction) bellows, “When I was young, I felt immortal”, like Flash Gordon’s Prince Vultan across the vistas of her imaginary world. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ao continuar com a navegação em nosso site, você aceita o uso de cookies. In “911,” she sings about taking meds, or popping the 911, in a kind of hypnotic monotone, and demands, "Come see me cry." And she might have been right. It’s been four years since Joanne, and what feels like an eternity since 2013’s Artpop. Want to support our journalism? The club and dance influence is definitely a welcomed and infectious return, but felt too autotuned and bass-heavy. hat a relief: the “real” Lady Gaga is gone. Chromatica’s frank grappling with the vagaries of Gaga’s brain – and the way fame exacerbates them – ends up feeling much more real than touring dive bars with a guitar and a Stetson ever did. “Fun Tonight,” a song about a relationship the narrator is ambivalent about, feels moody and intimate in a different way than the rest of the album. Gaga is no stranger to collaboration, and she makes to include some major players on the album. It was ultimately a piano ballad from Joanne, “Million Reasons,” that became her big streaming hit. Gaga churned out some of the best top 40 aughts bops, like “ Paparazzi ” and “ Bad Romance .” A big problem with the album overall is that there’s a lot of filler, with songs featuring tired lyrics and metaphors. Babylon sees her strutting off into the sunset with splashy catwalk piano, sax with attitude and a half-rapped vocal so reminiscent of Madonna’s Vogue that the two stars are likely to have public words again. And Chromatica is a step forward for that Gaga, even as it looks back. For a while, it looked like pop’s high priestess of serious silliness was being sucked into the Slough of Authenticity – first with her supposedly stripped-back, country-inspired 2016 album, Watch the video for Lady Gaga’s Rain on Me, two stars are likely to have public words again, “something that used to run my life and make me feel so small”.

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