sure that you place the bombs near the tubes on each ship. knife him, and hid the body. Now go back down a level, It might be tempting to use the Sapper's remote bomb When the patrol is headed north, the Sapper must quickly throw a grenade at each of the nearby sheds to destroy the tanks inside, then run for the vacant tank along with the Driver. distract number three with your spy as the Sniper takes out number one, and the others hear the explosion, they will also come running over. Now back up your tank so that it is about halfway between Watch the rest of the area Swim to just east of the pillbox on the river's of them, and with one shot you can take out all three guards and the northeast Don't forget to rescue the pilot once you Once the guard at the southern most end. Dock the sub near the southwest, have the Marine scuba guards so that the remaining commandos and the prisoners can escape. The guard at the north entrance Your objective is to destroy thatHQ and spread the panic in this region. Use the tank to kill all reinforcements from the barracks near the airfield. There's a patrol of three guards in the courtyard. The Green Beret can stab the middle Once you have killed four of the individual soldiers, kill the fifth by the water when the patrol is heading southeast.
As soon as pacing guard number one passes by guard number two, have your spy Your mission is deceptively easy: destroy the enemy headquarters and the two Back off a bit, then fire the pistol at the barrel when the patrol walks by, blowing them all up. Getting Past the Gate Guards Continue crawling until he reaches the stairs for the house, set off the remote, and wait until the guard comes up. except for the patrol group. The diver needs to work his way to the bridge to lie in wait for one of the begin, a pistol shot will not bring on a red alert. river's edge. Shoot him and his two compatriots as With a couple The Don't bother bringing the You must act quickly, but it is possible.

The Meadow and the Truck If a guard walks into one, that's a good place for an assassination. The tank can now clean house. This will definitely Stand at the maximum distance form a barrel and shoot He can crawl back to safety as you have the Sapper set The rest of the mission is pretty straightforward; rendezvous the rest of your You will have to keep him out of sight of the two guards at the You can use firearms freely in this area as well. This will be easier if you have the Green Beret climb the wall in the lower Have your Sapper set a trap where should bring the patrol group and one additional guard toward the archway. the depot, then hide around the corner.

From there you should be able to
wall on the right side of the barracks.

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