297 0 obj *�d$�R jPhG�F�X�zEZ,�$O�6�� ��fCސ&`�z4�rb�>�����Ѱ " �,(M �Ѥ�g���X4 Literally, this picture contains a shoelace, two figurines, a bottle… �[email protected] �E�`�-��Ԃ� #!H���)�[email protected]�M�PX �0"�E�eDD˂>#Z�`$)v ��$��TZ]* �*"U��V*&�=�u����=1�@�R��^��k��P\�;e���b_X댵�����s���/�E���������H�t�.d}�NX�4oW�U�s2i�'mRQr�Țw4�]T����~-z_Y���h����:U���ɪ�Wm�NNZ,�� 298 0 obj 299 0 obj – Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson (the word treasure has the positive connotation of something valuable.)

Also the picture is cute because it focuses on how the world can look different from a new perspective. )�POO/�Y��3�V� ��a���2"~�F��3+$~s��#�3��c�dR�`��TiͤQ4�0ii-�+��"�1V՞)�zS�ҬȔ���`��NF2�%P�T6�Q�`ecР� z��[email protected] �m�z��ʆ�Ѧ��qD&n[�?LG�V3c��a�Ѧ֢ai�C#�-�L��m`���5�'�P��$X�B�cC�����1��,��84h:xl�?�5�+cE���u�=V`���9ni����zD#h�E� �8��sD�����Fd�3! The two figurines depict a little boy and a captain who are on an adventure in their sturdy bottlecap boat. The shoe might be the creature’s underwater cave, or it could still be a shoe. Examples of Connotation in Movies. endobj

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It makes the picture interesting when one knows that these are ordinary objects used in a creative way. endobj

movies (e.g., Snow White) accidentally pass the Bechdel test and also because even movies with strong female characters are not entirely free from the deeply ingrained biases in social norms.

The little boy’s hand is reaching out towards the creature as if he is going to pet it. 2 Connotation Frames of Power and Agency We create two new connotation relations, power and agency (examples in Figure3), as an expan- << /Linearized 1 /L 678751 /H [ 5626 287 ] /O 302 /E 106163 /N 10 /T 676698 >>

stream << /Type /ObjStm /Length 3322 /Filter /FlateDecode /N 97 /First 880 >> The connotative meaning is more fun. The captain’s stance is more authoritative while he watches the scene unfold. A calm atmosphere originates from the stillness of the water and the soft reflections of the sky and the objects. .x7��C� �\

Take note of the italicized words: Clementine: I apply my personality into paste. The latter comes from the idea that these people are meeting a fascinating mythological creature. Denotation is the literal meaning of the picture, while connotation focuses on the underlying message or feelings it contains. !L���j3�� endstream << /Type /XRef /Length 122 /Filter /FlateDecode /DecodeParms << /Columns 5 /Predictor 12 >> /W [ 1 3 1 ] /Index [ 297 221 ] /Info 87 0 R /Root 299 0 R /Size 518 /Prev 676699 /ID [] >> x�cbd`�g`b``8 "9��|ɛ"��A$�����S��e�$� �t ����$X%�-� &e�@��C�i~ R�D��H3) �h�b�301�_�v�(9J�O stream Meanwhile, the sticks are the oars for that rowboat. Literally, this picture contains a shoelace, two figurines, a bottle cap, a couple of sticks, and a shoe; all floating in the water. Calvin: There’s treasure everywhere! endobj �.�GO��0��{���r�ct$ee�6����k�k�4$��r���q�0�1bx�#J����8Y� 9�Ն��� ���O��\�l.����ĩ�5�� ��.p�%*� ,������8w���A=V�^_�e��V��i�)�Pp"�����EDA,�@î��+-�y8.�l���A��"#�>�(o�@��$���B�

�Yo��y�}��t. An ordinary shoelace is transformed into the legendary beast of Loch Ness. B#� g�n�3�Vq��+�|@��(�S�����-)cy��cI�� 0‡ӓɀ6���zySU�[����y{�cxS��qh��r��ow��[��[���[;+d.�9�46�j���` aw�G�pt1�~n�2f:�(H6�@Oi�)�7�����b���eޑ1��ۯ�6v�d�#����S|������GD�輄$)�+� SP�^� ��rp���9��(���S�ᜥ.1�Y�^��8RD��R֔��tAwLsA'�_ _��.���YU�-�����}�A���G����B�?�]����O��r�f�1�{����G�z �@(�u:Xe�HE��|q�Hd�܋ّO�e: �{�q�� 6�(MT�#}��� X�oE;?=�',�`�'

Joel: Oh, I doubt that very much. This motions gives off a hopeful feeling because the boy might befriend the monster. %����

Denotation is the literal meaning of the picture, while connotation focuses on the underlying message or feelings it contains. photo feels 2 :: golden san francisco east bay mornings, Elon Musk’s 2 Rules For Learning Anything Faster, Life Lessons Learned in My 40’s That I Wish I Could Tell My 20-Year Old Self, Two Amazon Developers Created a $24.9 Billion Amazon Killer, The Only Four Books Bill Gates Has Rated Five Stars.

The overall feeling is calm and whimsical. x��[YS�~��跘r��}I�R�0�8v��8~� s-iT�� /�����h�Ђ�d. 300 0 obj Connotation Male - on a trip of some sort, important/significant, strong Untied bow tie - coming out from a formal event, Gun - on a mission for something, violence, conflict Woman in black dress - potential love interest, significance in the film Stairs - going to/from a place

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