What follows is my email correspondence with David Berman spanning from September 2018 through June 2019. For him it’s all intuitive and he resists reflecting on the subject… There’s something he and Stevie Ray Vaughn have in common that I know nothing of. For the first fourteen years of the band’s existence I’d played live hardly at all.

BLVR: I dig the photos. When I took the picture of the sunset. BLVR: I read Susan Sontag’s “The Aesthetics of Silence.” Why did you ask me to read it? Asked why he started these rumors, Nastanovich said, “I do it to keep things bubbling like a refreshing spritz of seltzer. There is no general answer. Some artists retire reasonably. I just don’t care. The recordings Berman made with Earl and Taveniere in 2018 became. by CP Staff, October 9 DB: That’s his dad shorthand for saying I spend time on Reddit. On “That’s Just the Way That I Feel,” the first track on the record, Berman sang, “I spent a decade playing chicken with oblivion, day to day I’m neck and neck with giving in,” and further along in the song, “A setback can be a setup for a comeback if you don’t let up.” Though it’s foolish to read autobiography in lyrics or poetry, at the time of the initial record release, a listener could surmise that he’d clawed himself out of an abyss. I never was in a band growing up that played live and developed relationships with others in the music world. BLVR: Are you living at Drag City as part of recording the record? This is the course, the one I’m taking, that usually doesn’t work out. Four songs at the Drag City invitational at Lounge Axe [in Chicago] in 1993.

… I think I’m too levelheaded for such an incident.
DB: The label is remarkably the same. BLVR: Why did you want the release to be low-key? There’s Thomas Bernhard. It was a kind of person. We’re booking shows now and it’s much harder to get good guarantees under the new name.

Of course you have fans. I read https://www.amazon.com/Fourth-Turning-American-Prophecy-Rendezvous/dp/0767900464 [The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy—What the Cycles of History Tell Us about America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny] in the nineties. Would you be able to take a supporting role in Cassie’s work? If a little kid comes up to me and says, “You’re a bad singer,” there is no recourse for my ego. His hatred of Austria is enormous. Was it your choice to make that public? Berman talked about growing up with his father, who he described as a “union-buster” and someone that “wasn’t bit into music or literature.” After ending Silver Jews, Berman rented an apartment in D.C. in 2009 where he wrote an “exposé” on his father.

I wouldn’t say it’s wrong but something about it doesn’t sit right or seem fair, especially since she’s often uncredited, just a cool-looking anonymous Asian woman while people like Lydia Lunch get something close to glory (?) When I was home last month she played a writer’s night and I was all teared up with pride. I go years without writing. It was unthinkable that I do that to them again. BLVR: Justin Taylor has an essay today in Harper’s Magazine from a forthcoming memoir, and he tells me the corresponding chapter in the book is titled “Death of an Heir of Sorrows” after your song. David Berman Discusses Life After Silver Jews, New Purple Mountains Album in Rare Interview He spoke with the Washington Post following the release of …

There were more reasons to quit than I can list. Holidazzle is moving online this year. I'm having trouble playing a lot of the songs without weeping and it is very embarrassing as the band are diligent thirty-somethings I just met two days ago. [The following are images Berman sent with the above message.]. It bored me.

What was the publishing landscape like for you back then, in 1999 or so? That’s what defense mechs look like in my scheme.

I am nothing if not self-effacing. He’s a poet and songwriter, not a business man.”. Defense mechanisms. Tell me how you balance such lyrical bleakness while still bringing the yuks. BLVR: I took my mom to Nashville in 2003 because she used to love country music. If that science goes forward, as it will, giving birth in the years preceding such a technological advance is just selfish stupidity. Give this one a letter grade so far.
I’ll be private, as seems to be the preference, and not share the steps I’m taking to insure I don’t die by my own hand. I stir up disgust just going about my business. The people are waiting! But it keeps me out of either realm and maybe that is what I'm adjusting for. You had to read it in the mirror, and then of course you’re looking at yourself. BLVR: Sounds like you can’t stand to look at your work critically. That's impossible to do when you do face-to-face interviews, because your brain locks and you say the same thing over and over again. Despite publishing a smattering of poems afterward, Berman soon walked away from poetry and never published a follow-up. headline when my friend Rob Bingham died. I’ve been mulling over your question about Frederick Seidel.

Once you’re dead that discretion is gone so I’d like to arrange things so that there will be no archives to be discovered.

Be a shitty singer. During our correspondence, he was preoccupied with the artist’s prerogative to quit art making. from a forthcoming memoir, and he tells me the corresponding chapter in the book is titled “Death of an Heir of Sorrows” after your song.

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What kind of fool would object to someone telling a story of how they passed thru a period of suffering. People compliment lyricists by comparing their lyrics to poetry, but Berman actually studied poetry under James Tate at the University of Massachusetts, and released a book of poetry, Actual Air (Open City), in 1999. reflect on a song out loud for me to hear so I’m not sure. And there are these quotes from writers in the book: Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas: “If you bring forth what is within you…” I had that quote printed backward on the side-two label of. Enter to Win Free Stream Access to the Kind Country Concert! DB: I just hope I can handle the touring, that it doesn’t cause problems for me.

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