Should the federal government be required to cooperate with local officials, including picking up all illegal aliens detained locally and training law enforcement agencies waiting in line for the 287(g) and other programs designed for local governments to assist federal immigration enforcement? “I don’t have any illusions I’m going to win,” said Macek, a Texan who landed in Nebraska when his wife, Judith Wilson, accepted a job at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2012. Dennis Macek (GOP) Oppose Amnesty. Cindy Lange-Kubick has loved writing columns about life in her hometown since 1994. Until they do, there's little to counter rumors about what thrives and dies on Facebook and how the platform is shaping political discourse. Profile: Senate Candidate Dennis Macek New Center For Emerging Media Arts At UNL Dedication This Weekend Sen. Laura Ebke switches from Republican to Libertarian Here are a few things to keep in mind: YES and NO icons: These are the answers candidates gave us by completing our Immigration-Reduction Survey. Should Congress move the U.S. in line with most other nations and stop the policy of giving automatic citizenship at birth to children when both parents are illegal aliens, tourists, or other visitors? What the available data reveals about possible bias. Give them our phone number to call: (703) 816-8820. Democratic Senate nominee Dave Domina says the four Senate candidate debates and forums proposed by Republican nominee Ben Sasse are "not enou…. NPR called up half a dozen technology experts, including data scientists who have special access to Facebook's internal metrics. The de facto campaign manager and impromptu hair stylist pointed to the United Nations Report on Climate Change, which predicts a 4.8-degree Celsius rise in temperature by the end of the century. We've faced criticism from Republicans for being biased against conservatives and Democrats for not taking more steps to restrict the exact same content. In the meantime, he plans to sound the environmental alarm -- which, big money, mainstream candidate or not -- is something we all should heed. Should Congress stop using a lottery to give away permanent green cards to 50,000 randomly chosen foreign citizens each year (an elimination suggested by the Jordan Commission)? That's a fact.".

We favor reductions in immigration numbers toward traditional levels that would allow present and future generations of Americans to enjoy a stabilizing U.S. population and a high degree of individual liberty, mobility, environmental quality, worker fairness and fiscal responsibility. That claim is not only unproven, but publicly available data on Facebook shows the exact opposite to be true: conservative news regularly ranks among some of the popular content on the site. Or if you don't want to download a copy of the survey, you can copy the link and email it to the campaign office: Or you can call the candidate's campaign office and urge them to complete our survey. But just because a post provokes lots of reactions does not mean it reaches many users. Macek is a 77-year-old Milwaukee native with a wide-ranging academic and career path: a bachelor’s degree from Marquette, master’s from the University of Arizona and some doctoral work in English education from the University of Texas.

NumbersUSA does not endorse candidates, but we do tell you who has the best positions on immigration. Should Congress fully fund the completion of the biometric entry/exit system at all borders and points of entry in which every non-citizen entering and leaving the U.S. is logged into a database which would notify law enforcement, businesses and others when a foreign tourist, student, worker or other fails to leave on-time?

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