Actually, it is also “hoist”, not “hoisted”. Neither compound has received FDA approval in cats with feline coronavirus infections, let alone in people with SARS-CoV-2 infections. You do not treat patients with an acute life-threatening disease that will see it’s course in a couple weeks. This is no time to argue about time! So remdesivir gives a bit of help here, famotidine a bit of help there. It would have been easy to say for GILD that they just want to have more people to avail of drug Remdesivir ASAP versus going through EIND. To answer the question the subjects would have to be in a place where very frequent testing was ongoing. They just want the market high for a few hours.

125 patients had been recruited at the University of Chicago to receive daily doses of remdesivir, and the only reason we have news of what’s going on is because of a series of mistakes. Then, when thousands of elderly women were treated with it, we noticed they had stroke much more often than usual – the very people odanacatib was designed to treat gave them strokes, and small trials didn’t show that happening. The death of the few for the good of the many? If this study was started 6 weeks ago we would have a better idea of how the drug works in early disease. Derek Lowe's commentary on drug discovery and the pharma industry. What will help us is turning back to clinical trials, which will both prevent wasted time in treatment of Covid-19 with drugs that won’t work, and patient injuries which may only show up once many thousands of patients get a drug for a certain disease. They treated the monkeys daily starting 12 hours after infecting them with the virus. If the placebo controlled, double blind study shows that the antiviral works, do an open label study to see how soon you have to give the drug and base that on testing and onset of symptoms. I’ve totally predicted it in my review of the research on zinc and hydroxychloroquine. I have emailed Gilead twice now, begging them to consider his combination. I cite, from a post about some people in Germany who made it their life’s goal to cram as much nitrogens as possible into moderately small molecules: BTW, the correspondents above who are so sure about antiviral use in late-stage COVID-19 are wrong. Speaking personally, as one who has been following the Worldometer covid stats, it is pretty apparent that China has been under reporting the magnitude of covid cases, in particular death data throughout the pandemic. Not even close. That drug, called AZT, was a first step that had to be combined with other therapies to manage the disease long term.
It is cruel and immoral that folks who are critically ill do not have access to this drug outside of a stage 3 clinical trial where there is a 50% chance of receiving a placebo. How many obese, diabetic, hypertensives, seniors fall under that categories? In the next post (probably tomorrow) we’ll look at the latest news on the things that are really going to get us out of this mess: antibodies and vaccines. Odanacatib, a drug aimed at treating osteoporosis, was widely viewed as safe right up to Phase III trials. 3. No serious person is asserting that Marseille cannot be real and or that remdesivir is real. Meaning that Remdesivir is 100-1000x more potent. What’s Happening With Remdesivir? We needed to go big with clinical trials to discover that.

The WHO’s outcomes appear to contradict a old stumble on from earlier this month, performed by Gilead, which concluded that solve with remdesivir cleave Covid restoration time by five days when put next to patients given a placebo. Covid: Remdesivir 'has miniature or no get' on survival, says WHO JellyEnt But you would have to also screen for patients who seem to really want to be on a clinical trial. It covers a lot of the same scientific literature as my own piece ”, Not so – take for example the NS5A+nucleoside combo cure of HCV: This isn’t a panic move to something that may have worked well out in Wuhan for COVID-19.
I’d be delighted to see study results showing a benefit in the treatment of Covid-19 from remdesivir or leronlimab. GILD did not give comment to Reuters who put out news. Even scientific logic must give way to reason. An oral drug would be better. This is just going to help take the edge off” if given relatively early in the course of severe COVID-19, he said. AAAS is a partner of HINARI, AGORA, OARE, CHORUS, CLOCKSS, CrossRef and COUNTER. The most effective medicines that work against viruses fall into two broad categories: vaccines and combination therapies.

Trump: “You should add zinc” to any COVID-19 treatment regimen. Docs). Not at all, say those who follow clinical trials for a living. They self-administered 1400mg of HCQ within the first 8 hours then took a further 600mg per day over the next 4 days. Gilead tells the Chicago Tribune that the company is working on preclinical studies with GS-441524, which, unlike remdesivir, had not been formally tested in people prior to the pandemic. The effect size of the DAA studies was very large (95%+ cure rate), and as I recall some of the phase II studies only had 30 patients or less in each study arm. I am a bit saddened with what appears to be a"toss the baby out with the bath water" view opined my more than a few here. If we accept the 12h timepoint as the optimal timepoint for treatment before replication peak in macaques, then we have to accept that macaques perhaps are not as representative of infection and disease progression (as distinct measures vs the undoubtedly important PK/PD and viral load reduction per se) which takes us back to point “1”.

And we actually get that. Not that complicated . I don’t like this leak at all, but the parts I like the least are the steps that happened before the news got published. That stinks like someone had inside information to take such a huge risk like that and have it work for a multi-million dollar payout. Decreasing viral load will likely lead to better recuperation of pulmonary function., My understanding of what Derek meant was that all other cures were combination therapies. Looking for something even better, are you? The last question I can answer myself. But such a study has yet to start. Give the patient their meds and off they go. Come back with some clinical trial numbers. }. There’s the one in China that was stopped early due to declining enrollment, and that one did not show any difference between the treatment and placebo groups. What would you say, Philip… limited participants to within 2 days of onset of symptoms, or 3 days? Derek, what do you think of the prospects for WHO’s SOLIDARITY study? But this work just underscores something that I wish that the general public would take on board: remdesivir is not a cure. Scratch that, it made it impossible to interpret. The authors of this new paper suggest that their results could mean that a 5-day treatment might then show the same thing (which would have the side benefit of not using up so much remdesivir). This is inconsistent, but more importantly, it leaves doubt about their viral titer results on the lower respiratory tract.

Maybe they need to try it at a different latitude than Minnesota! Derek Lowe says the following: “ This makes one think, as many have been wondering, that T-cell driven immunity is perhaps the way to reconcile the apparent paradox between (1) antibody responses that … GerryL: “This is a time for emergency action. headache and diahrea) then the study concluded they had covid. 2. On further thought, make that Apples vs Tomatoes. Not necessarily hospital outpatient facilities. New data on Gilead’s remdesivir, released by accident, show no benefit for coronavirus patients. Did you read the NEJM study you linked above? There is angiotensin-II (Ang 1-8) which is the peptide and ACE-II which is the receptor that is the entry point in lung cells for SARS-Covid-2. Even home care companies can do IV infusions in the home. >difference. Hmm… I missed a beat there. Especially their plans for dealing with “hospital standard of care in China” versus “hospital standard of care in Brazil” versus “hospital standard of care in Italy”, ad horrendam. ); Gérez vos projets et vos employés dans un système unique, résultant en des équipes responsabilisées, des clients satisfaits et une rentabilité accrue. Derek Lowe is a drug discovery scientist and the author of In the Pipeline, a blog which covers early drug development.

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