[58], Regina Ip began a campaign to abolish the levy, and tabled an amendment at LegCo. Average daily pay is P89 (est. Legislators and commentators called this proposal a "nuclear bomb", and a University of Hong Kong academic said that reinterpretation would be a "totally disproportionate ... route to resolve this dispute. [62], Foreign domestic workers and their supporters, including activists and employers, have periodically staged rallies protesting what they perceive as discriminatory treatment on the part of the Hong Kong government. However, I had my doubts.

[65] Although the government calls her case an isolated one, welfare groups say that many workers are victims of "modern-day slavery" and abuse by employers. [25][26] The Philippine government outlawed commissions in 2006, and employment agencies may only charge fees. They fall victim to agents (official and unofficial), unscrupulous officials and a lack of legal protection at home and in their host countries.

[11] Since Hong Kong is a benchmark market for Asian migrant workers, there is pressure to keep wages low.

Many complaints concerned workers who did not match the descriptions provided, to the extent that it was suspected that the agencies deliberately misrepresented the workers' experience. However, the underlying position of these views are not positive, as it …

Many are subjected to physical and verbal abuse by their employers, and are forced to work seven days a week. The government argues that the two-week rule is needed to maintain immigration control, preventing job-hopping and imported workers working illegally after their contracts end. The plaintiffs then appealed to the Court of Final Appeal, which ruled against them in a unanimous judgment. You can ask these helpers to provide their employers’ contact information for a reference check. [1][68] Worker protections against illegal fees, unsanitary accommodations and lack of insurance were criticised as inadequate.[23][67]. [56] Chinese newspapers published articles calculating how households could maximise their benefits under the waiver rules. GreatAupair helps you find and directly hire a trustworthy Housekeeper.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our new dynamic domestic helper in the Philippines. The amendment for the five-year suspension, one of several proposed amendments to the Employees Retraining Ordinance Notice 2008, was tabled by the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong and would apply to first-time and renewed contracts and visas issued between 1 August 2008 and 31 July 2013. [18] In 2010, the respective numbers were 136,723 from the Philippines (48 percent), 140,720 from Indonesia (49.4 percent), 3,744 from Thailand (1.3 percent), 893 Sri Lankans, 568 Nepalese and 2,253 of other nationalities. 2,372 likes. We couldn’t be more pleased with our new dynamic domestic helper in the Philippines.

I asked the Filipina that if the lady was interested in working for us, she could start on Monday.

Safe. Our new household helper also gets some extra time off that none of our former employees ever received.

Find caregiver jobs for free.

Our young household assistant wanted to attend college now but had to attend high school for two more years first. A recommendation can let you know that a helper’s work was appreciated and can tell you a lot about her strengths and weaknesses. The Philippine domestic helper is by far the most popular amongst Hong Kong employers and families, and they have formed a massive workforce in the local Hong Kong labour market over the last few decades, where the population is now at close to two hundred thousand. [1][11][22], Filipino workers have protested Philippine government targeting of overseas Filipino workers, and a 1982 protest opposed Executive Order No. In 2009, the top 5 countries of destination of newly hired household service workers were Hong Kong, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. [51] Stephen Vines wrote: "The plan for a two-year suspension of the levy ... provides an almost perfect example of government dysfunction and arrogance",[52] and Albert Cheng said that the controversy exposed the "worst side of our government bureaucracy".

[36], In 2007, the Philippine government proposed a law requiring workers to submit to a "competency training and assessment program" which would cost them PHP10,000 to P15,000 (US$215 to US$320) – about half their average monthly salary (typically US$450). We have made payment easy and accessible for you. Constable, Nicole. Our Canadian comrade asked the caretaker if she knew of anyone looking for work as a domestic helper as she was aware my wife and I were desperately seeking a household assistant.

The following year, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women called on the government to "repeal the 'two-week rule' and to implement a more flexible policy regarding foreign domestic workers. They do not overstep their position/speak up and they do not eat a lot of food (227-228, Nurse). [63], A 2013 Amnesty International report on Indonesian migrant domestic workers, "Exploited For Profit, Failed By Governments – Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers Trafficked To Hong Kong", suggested that they may be the victims of serious human- and labour-rights violations in Hong Kong and some regulations make the problem worse. Since workers are required to live with their employers, they are vulnerable to working long hours; according to Amnesty International and welfare groups, some workers routinely work 16 to 18 hours a day[1][11] and have no escape from abuse. According to the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment, the policy would help protect domestic overseas workers from abuse by employers. I can only hope she will be staying for a while since it took almost two months to find a new helper.

The Batas Kasambahay requires an Employment Contract be executed between the domestic worker and the employer before the commencement of the service in a language or dialect understood by both of them.

Private households in National Capital Region (NCR) pay an average of P111.84 a day. Whether it’s a Housekeeper who speaks Portuguese, knows algebra and lives near you or perhaps you’d like a foreign Housekeeper who speaks Spanish, German or French who also has equestrian experience. Vietnamese are not permitted to work in Hong Kong as domestic workers for what authorities call "security reasons" linked to (according to one lawmaker) historical problems with Vietnamese refugees. Ifugao (2)Iligan (5)Ilocos Norte (13)Ilocos Sur (11)Iloilo (63)Iloilo City (4)Isabela (39), L [11] Families began hiring foreign domestic workers from the Philippines, with the number of workers steadily increasing during the 1980s and 1990s.

A maid will do basic household chores, washing and cleaning, etc. [71] In 2011, the issue of foreign workers applying for Hong Kong residency was debated; since one million families live under the poverty line in the territory, some political parties argued that Hong Kong has insufficient welfare funding to support 300,000 foreign workers if they can apply for public housing and social-welfare benefits.

That’s why HelperChoice was founded.

10381 or the "Batas Kasambahay" is the law governing the rights and liabilities of both the househelps or domestic workers and their respective employers or "amo". [19], Foreign domestic workers are recruited primarily by a large number of specialised agencies, with local firms connected to correspondents in the workers' home countries. GreatAuPair, LLC Bacolod (22)Bago (2)Baguio (14)Bataan (21)Batanes (1)Batangas (50)Benguet (19)Bohol (54)Bukidnon (27)Bulacan (73)Butuan (1), C

857 (EO-857) implemented by Ferdinand Marcos. [31] The government, defending the measures as necessary in Hong Kong's changing economy, said that foreign domestic workers were still better paid than their counterparts in other Asian countries; according to James Tien, the monthly wage of Filipina maids in Singapore was about HK$1,400 and $1,130 in Malaysia.

A BIG THANKS to our Canadian friend and the Filipina caretaker. The helpers from Selected Agency Premium Service are all selected by partnered agencies,in other words, they are well-prepared to be employed! Offices opened one hour earlier than usual, added staff and extended their hours to guarantee that all 2,180 cases would be processed.

An employer convicted of paying less than the minimum allowable wage (MAW) is subject to a maximum fine of HK$350,000 and three years' imprisonment.

[11][77] Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor reported that a substantial percentage of workers are mistreated by their employers; of 2,500 workers interviewed, at least 25 percent said they had experienced violations of their contract (including pay less than the MAW and being denied their mandatory weekly day of rest and statutory holidays). She would be getting a hefty 1500 peso a month raise with us versus her barangay job. One got pregnant, one walked off the job, another was let go, and one, a niece, went back to her home in Manila. [44] The Immigration Department said it would not reimburse levies, which are prepaid semiannually.

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