For first-time convictions, you can have your license suspension reduced under the Ignition Interlock Program. By pleading guilty you are giving up that right. We recognized the unfortunate circumstances Mr. H. had found himself in and established a clear goal: have Mr. H.’s charges reduced to a non-criminal charge. My wife and I have nothing but praise for the job that he did for us. 4.

In the US, the suspension of your license will depend on the state you are from. You do not have to plead guilty in court. Although the prospects may seem bleak when you are first charged with a drinking and driving offence, It must be remembered that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty and the Crown bears the heavy burden of proving all essential elements of the case beyond a reasonable doubt, Charged with Failure To Provide Breath Sample in Ontario. This probationary program is implemented in most provinces and  requires you to have an interlock ignition device installed and inspected regularly by a specialist in your car.

Depending on your state, some  will first suspend your license for a period of time  and  then have the ignition interlock device installed in every vehicle you own for a  year. Not all programs are the same. If you would like to book a FREE Consultation, fill in this form. Mr. M., a US military veteran and long-time law enforcement officer, was crossing the border into Canada to visit a casino in Niagara. The fee for the program is $634 and, for an impaired driving conviction, takes up to 11 months to complete. The fine for a first-time conviction of impaired driving in Canada and the US is usually $1000.

The choice to plead guilty is yours and yours alone.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is very clear in its protection of a person’s right to contact a lawyer upon arrest. If you get convicted or plead guilty in the US, you will have a criminal record. OMQ Law, for instance, focuses exclusively on DUI within the provincial jurisdiction of Ontario, and can plan a legal strategy tailored to Ontario DUI laws. You will need a law firm that is familiar with the DUI laws specific to your jurisdiction. Knowing your specific rights as a driver is one part of the battle to getting any charges against you dismissed. Home » Blog » What Are the Possible Consequences of a First-Time DUI Charge? If charged with an Ontario DUI Criminal Offence, you MUST notify the Court of your decision to plead guilty or have a trial within 89 days! DUI, Impaired & Over 80mg Charges - What Next? Your lawyer needs sufficient time to find and interview witnesses whose testimony might help win your case. Charged with an Ontario DUI Criminal Offence such as: impaired driving, over 80 or refusal to provide a breath sample? Despite the difference in structure of these programs, the goals of each are aimed at preventing repeat offences. The judge will listen to what we have to say about sentencing, as well as what the Crown suggests. First offence, with blood alcohol content of 80-119 mg: mandatory minimum $1,000 fine, First offence, with blood alcohol content of 120-159 mg: mandatory minimum $1,500 fine, First offence, with blood alcohol content of 160 mg or more: mandatory minimum $2,500 fine, First offence, but refuse to be tested: mandatory minimum $2,000 fine, 1 year minimum requirement to drive a car equipped with an ignition interlock device. 1) Monetary Fines And Cost.

It was the best decision of our lives. In Ontario, you will also face serious consequences if your BAC is between 0.05 and 0.08. In Canada, once you get convicted of a DUI offence, most insurance companies will refuse to insure you after the conviction or may triple your premiums on average because drinking while driving is considered a violation of policy terms. My wife and I hired Scott O'Neill that same month. ” Impaired driving is a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada and, if convicted, you will lose your licence, be fined or spend time in jail. In the case of alcohol, you must show visible signs of impairment or register a blood alcohol content (BAC) of more than .08.

You will be contacted as soon as possible. Help the criminal barrister representing you by giving him or her the time needed to do the best job possible in preparing your case and later, if necessary, in defending you in criminal court. In addition,  existing convictions from either of those states, may count as a prior in Canada. What Are the Possible Consequences of a First-Time DUI Charge? The first and most important step for you is and retaining us as your legal representatives. After this we will obtain and review your disclosure. Mr. H. wanted to avoid the criminal charges. As a first-time offender, you may be subject to the Ignition Interlock Program  if you want to get your driver’s license reinstated. Though because a DUI is considered a criminal offence, you could still run the risk of being denied. No one can force you to plead guilty. 17 Secrets to Helping You Survive Your DUI Charge. Consequences of First Time DUI in Ontario. If convicted for a DUI in the US, you are also subject to completing a DUI program as part of your penalty. Several states in the US now require the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device after your first DUI conviction. As part of the conditions of getting your license reinstated,  in Ontario, you will have to attend Ontario’s remedial measures program, which consists of educational and treatment workshops from the Back On Track Program. We are dedicated to helping you exercise your rights to full extent. Dan Lemaire’s familiarity with Charter rights often serves as a major asset for his clients, and Ms. C. is a perfect example of this. As a high risk driver in the US, your insurance company will file an SR-22 that guarantees that you can pay the required claim. The OMQ lawyers have years of experience in dealing with driving-related offences. Being charged for drinking and driving is certainly not a pleasant situation, especially if you are a first-time offender. You need to understand that you have a right to a trial to force the Crown to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. I couldn’t have asked for a better advocate so thank you Scott, very much!

If you are impaired behind the wheel of your car, even if you have not actually started to drive, you can be charged. It may be that we decide pleading guilty is your best option. I was charged with a very serious offence in January of 2013. What You Should Know About a First Time DUI A second part lies in being familiar with all the possible consequences you might face. Our record includes a very high success rate. Head Office-  Avery Law -1315 Lawrence Ave East #104 - Toronto, Ontario.

But it will ultimately depend on your case and the circumstances. When you are charged with your first DUI or DWI, you need to understand the mandatory sentence or punishments associated with a DUI offense, the nature of a DUI charge, and the long-term consequences of a DUI conviction. Note that even if you end up not being convicted and don’t have a record, the DUI charge will still be in the police system. 3. The programs are implemented at the state level. September 22, 2015 By Editorial Staff If you have just been arrested for your first drunk driving offense in Ontario, you might be surprised at … First offense: 3 day license suspension and $150 fine Second offense within five years: 7 day license suspension and enrollment in a compulsory alcohol education class Third offense within five years: 30-day license suspension, mandatory alcohol treatment program, $150 fine and a six-month ignition interlock condition This contract states that if arrested and convicted while travelling in another state, your driver’s license could still be suspended in your home state. So check with your local state DUI laws to know how your license will be suspended for a DUI. DUI Lawyers are your best chance to increase your odds, don't fight it alone. If convicted in Ontario for drinking and driving, driver’s licenses from New York or Michigan  will be suspended. In Canada, driving licenses are usually suspended for 1 year. You will then make a decision as to what is right for you and we will go to Court together to let the Court know your decision. Unaware of this, security called the police.

Is it worth fighting a DUI ??

However, note that this fine does not include fees for required treatment programs, impound and towing fees, license reinstatement fees, or the costs incurred by the rental and maintenance of ignition interlock devices. If charged with an Ontario DUI Criminal Offence, you MUST make an early decision on whether to accept and be sentenced pursuant to “Stream A” or set the matter for trial! Fight The Charge Don't let the system determine your future, you have to fight the charge . Particularly in light of the “Stream A” option that allows first-time offenders to drive again as early as 90 days after conviction, and “Stream D” which allows second-time offenders to drive again as early as 9 months after conviction. Judges will usually follow joint submissions (i.e., some sort of plea bargain we have agreed upon with the Crown), but the final decision as to sentence is always up to the Judge. So the consequences may be more severe than expected. Many states will suspend your driver’s license upon the first DUI arrest. How To Start An Online Business In Ontario [Legal Guide], How To Prepare For The Impact Of COVID-19 [Tips], What You Should Know About Cannabis Edibles Legalization In Canada. Although most states categorize a first DUI as a misdemeanor, do not underestimate the serious consequences of your first DUI arrest or conviction. If travelling from Canada to the US with a  DUI  conviction, you will be allowed entry into the country. And the last is having a skilled lawyer to help to you through the entire  process. Your vehicle does not have to be moving for you to be charged with impaired driving. Hiring the most efficient Ontario DUI Criminal Defence lawyer, experienced in drinking and driving cases, is the smartest approach you can possibly take in avoiding an impaired driving conviction. If convicted in the US, fines can be higher depending on the state you are in. DUI Charge? Consequences of First Time DUI in Ontario, Affordable Corporate Lawyer at Your Service, first-time conviction of impaired driving.

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