En onze manager op dit thema, Theo Noten, gaat genieten van zijn welverdiende pensioen. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 29 mars 2018 à 03:41. L'organisation combat notamment le tourisme sexuel impliquant des enfants, le trafic d'enfants à des fins d'exploitation sexuelle, la pornographie enfantine sur Internet, elle soutient les enfants à risque et fait campagne pour le renforcement des législations. ECPAT International is a global childrens' rights organisation working to end the sexual exploitation of children, trafficking, child pornography i.e. The ECPAT International network consists of 118 member organisations in 102 countries. Press play and we will tell you everything. En onze manager op dit thema, Theo Noten, gaat genieten van zijn welverdiende pensioen. ECPAT (acronym of "End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for sexual purposes") is a network of organizations and individuals which aims to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of children. There are 118 ECPAT members in 102 countries across all regions of the world. ECPAT International | 6.231 volgers op LinkedIn | An international network of NGOs working to end the sexual exploitation of children. Met 118 lokale organisaties in 102 landen wereldwijd, staan we sterk en zullen we doorgaan om op de eerste plaats seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen te voorkomen en om een veilige en helende omgeving te creëren voor kinderen die ontsnappen aan seksueel misbruik en uitbuiting. Some areas in which ECPAT works include: prevention of and fight against child sex tourism and child trafficking, prevention of child pornography on the internet, support of direct services to children who are at risk or are victims of CSEC, assistance of law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting offenders, and the development and implementation of campaigns aimed at raising public awareness of CSEC. ECPAT International, with support from UNICEF, has conducted legal research covering both procedural and substantive laws in 29 countries around the world. ECPAT has been criticised for its lobbying for Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act which was seen as an anti-sex worker law that does little to stop sexual exploitation of children. ECPAT justified the 100,000 figure citing the NISMART report which claims there are 1.7 million runaway incidents a year and that their figure was conservative despite the report stating that only 1,700 children of the 1.7 million engaged in the sex trade and more than three-quarters were away from home for less than a week leaving only a very small window for sex trafficking. [14] ECPAT has signed agreements with the International Association of Internet Hotlines,[15] the Internet Watch Foundation and Child Helpline International.[16]. [11][12], ECPAT International works with law enforcement partners, such as INTERPOL, to prevent the online sexual exploitation of children. Maar er gebeurt meer: ECPAT International werkt al 30 jaar wereldwijd aan het tegengaan van seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen! Companies providing tourism services adopt the code and its 6 criteria aimed at fighting sexual exploitation of children. NARI O SHISHU Film documentaire d'isabelle Millard avec ECPAT FRANCE. ECPAT de bestrijding van seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen stevig op de internationale, regionale en nationale agenda heeft gezet en blijft zetten. Thus both substantive and procedural legislation needs to be taken into account when assessing the effectiveness of a national legal framework. ECPAT de grootste hoeveelheid eigen publicaties over alle vormen van seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen beschikbaar stelt via de website. Domestic legal frameworks in line with internationally agreed conventions are an essential step in building an effective national response to put an end to the sexual exploitation of children perpetrated through the use of information and communication technologies including the internet. De basis hiervoor is het Internationaal Verdrag inzake de Rechten van het Kind van de Verenigde Naties, waarin staat dat alle kinderen recht hebben op bescherming tegen iedere vorm van handel, seksueel misbruik en uitbuiting.

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