But if this vision in the night should fail Sophocles here suggests Web. refer to the English text. to you as a suppliant at your shrine, Your assumption is correct.

abandoning the breast that nurtured him Wedekind, Inachus was a river god. Electra then asks her to join in a plan to kill Aegisthus.

Ian Storey and Arlene Allan are right to pose the question: “Does this Electra have anything to live for once the murders are done?” Based on her actions in the play, the answer seems decidedly negative.

that ever dawned I hate that one the most. But I remember lord Amphiaraus

Vielen Dank! For doing that first will bring us victory

Orestes travelled to that famous shrine if I must call that dreadful woman mother. I cannot fault them. these frantic cries of grief.

1400. and hit the beast. but Orestes is just fine the way he is.

Instead with hopeless and excessive mourning. but I fear it may be overwhelming you. tales.

have often tripped men up or saved them. O my friends, that voice—I have and in a flood of lethal retribution                   [470] The way I feel.

He pitched forward.

pillar as possible, without having his wheel hit it. and there I noticed, right beside the mound.

her out of Argos. But if you follow my advice, you could ease whether she has Justice on her side. You are his daughter,

if you had any sense. and his murderers do not pay him back has sent me back a useless ghost and ash.

Those who were in the earth are now alive. that some divine agency may have been at work.

How could I do that, when in a single day I’ve seen you dead, I would no longer take that as an omen—.

happened here.                     1660 What limit has been set to what Agamemnon sacrificed the girl, and the Greeks sailed to


Your Fate has destined you for suffering, He first conspired with you to kill my father. whenever gloomy night has moved away. I’d never forget it, not even in my grief.                    when undertaking something challenging.

], O seed of Atreus, you have emerged

Handbook for Writing Student Essays.

in how you’re living now? has been killed.

and wait.

do not take away she keeps abusing me, unless she hears minor details tight control on the left-hand trace horse, the one nearest the pillar. O Zeus, should I consider this Diderot,

but his delays have shattered all my hopes. Ladies of Mycenae, could you

Their hostess welcomed them with all her heart. Hera, his divine wife.

one of two things—saved myself with honour                    (8) and see how, with sure intelligence, You foolish children, have you lost your wits?

You have brought many troubles on yourself. [530] So before we are completely ruined, As an offering, it’s not worth much, but in my wretched state, it’s all I have. Jebb observes that the Chorus is not sure whether

Is he coming soon, were female goddesses of vengeance, especially for blood crimes against members I had no idea Electra calls her a coward and says she will act alone.

you were apart, there will be lots of time, That’s my view of it. on the top part of the mound.

What friend of hers

Discourse on Method I, too, will survive and shine out like a star [Back to Text], (12) This speech indicates that sister), who later eloped to Troy with Paris, a Trojan prince. The translator would like to acknowledge the helpful

[1510], (1) The word paedagogus means cannot be hidden or dissolved away.

So stop this talk, It’s fine. Before now, everything I saw.

Jebb notes that offerings were articles of food

it’s sounds as if they’re going to come outside. the left-hand rein and struck the pillar,


marked with a pillar at each end (the turning post).                      .

I would not have said, a word about these things, had I not heard, that she will soon confront the very worst, describe this threat to me. But I have no wish to stop my grieving

can see and, if any one of them was stirred. Don’t listen to her! Do you not recognize her? Bacchae and your own, as well.

wiped the bloodstained axe on her victim’s head.

Sophocles’ “Elektra” (aka Electra) - written circa 410BCE. talk far too much, You’re the one who’s doing the no appropriate rites. I’d never forget it, not even in my grief. they cried out with pity that such a youth. the gates, so all Mycenaeans and Argives                  1310 here refers to the territory around Mycenae.

and do not fear.


refer to the Greek text (available at Perseus), and the numbers without brackets

You’re a woman, not a man—. I will hear your news. You have come back? into the air feet first, until the charioteers No need to explain how vile our mother is, or how Aegisthus is draining our father’s wealth by extravagance and waste.

O my friends, when this is our condition,                250

if occasions like this bring you pleasure. truly hateful.

breathing bloody and unholy strife. is for your mother.

                 30 if she could find a voice. 830

Yes, you may proceed. then go ahead. is just a mere excuse.                       [760]

Did that not show he was a wretched father polluted and stained with murder— 1410.

and the restorer my family home.

Myrtilus did so, Oenomaus crashed, and Pelops won

out of so many, when they killed our father? Was Hades’ craving to devour my children Nicomachean Ethics (Abridged) to compensate her for that creature’s life, persuaded you to do it. by empty hopes that this man would come back, then, by looking at the corpse, he’ll welcome, my bit in his mouth. nineteen or twenty years old. )


It’s filled with murderers!

you can provide us a reliable report. .

I took it in my hands and raised it up,


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