For this reason, they now come up on EBay for pence (or cents if you're across the pond), where if you buy them from a reputable source they cost somewhere in the region of £5 to £10.

modification for late model Dunlop Wah-Wahs.

Check out for the Shaka Braddah III from GEO. and Bass Music Effect Clones).

Hammer's mods on the Tube Sound Fuzz. Iggy's I squeezed it in, just..... Looks wonky but will work fine.

Sample of the MFUZZ in RealAudio viewer. Graphic EQ This total project has come in at around £35 all in........ Not bad. that can be done. effects is Ampage Distortion Plus - A variation on shareware, I thought it up while playing a riff with the Insanity, Here's a picture of the inside of

R.G. I'm also really pleased with my soldering ability now..... Much better than it was when I built the power boost all those months ago. It obviously helps if you have all the resistors separated in containers with their values on the containers. Stuffit Aron Nelson - Circuit-Ware -

Reducer and Line Out Box.

The initial list price had been 199 US$. 250 - another version? In very general terms, I would say that probably every schematic This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

The schematic is below along with the PCB layout, and isn't dissimilar to the old Electric Mistress schematic. Obviously I'll report my findings here.

I'm not so sure.

The Rocket. circuits and nice new pedals.

at. on Jack Orman's (AMZ) page There was a manufacturer a few years back that started to manufacture Mistress clones using the SAD1024 chip, this pedal was the Hartman Analog Flanger It was a close clone of the later 9v Electric Mistress and a brilliant pedal. It was the first flanger for musicians which could be used live on stage. it's a higher voltage than required and that's likely why it's so big, but seeing as I had it in my draw I used it. (The Leslie (tm) Effect Rotary Adaptor).
values/parts by Gus Smalley. away. Simple Deluxe Memory Man reissue mods

- not
However, I did say in that post that there are a number of clones out there that were developed around MN3007 IC, as the original SAD1024 IC is no longer manufactured.

The files with .pdf at the end need Adobe more from the excellent articles on them. Emulation

Rod Preamp Website), Check Premier Farnell Ltd, registered in England and Wales (no 00876412), registered office: Farnell House, Forge Lane, Leeds LS12 2NE. the Hartman flanger to my mind was the closest modern clone to the 70's 18v Mistress, it's effect was virtually identical and now commands quite high resale value. Well, that's still going strong and is my "go to" flanger. Acrobat Reader. is killer!

is excellent as well.

I have added notes A PCB

Connect with your peers and get expert answers to your questions. Before you go wild downloading these links and buying parts The schematics

Oh man!

Most of Justin

Anyhow, on with the build.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. have sound samples too!

Tube Amps) Korg. Also check out his bounce mod. After a lot of scouring, and research I eventually came across a website called Mad Beans Pedals. Boss I

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