Available in a variety of styles and sizes ranging from 4 or 5 feet in height and lengths of 12 feet or more, the components are relatively easy to assemble. Temporary Fencing. Chargers are powered by alternating current (AC) or solar energy. Other Fence Options Need a barrier to keep your dog from getting out, but not a physical fence? Mesh, 1-3/8" Top Rail, 1-5/8" x 6ft Line Posts spaced at 10ft, with all Hardware parts, Price is per ft. Pet containment fencing provides pet containment without a visible fence. You can also purchase remote-controlled openers for some types of gates.
You’ll also get a cost estimate for pressure treated wood, cedar, and redwood. Vinyl fences offer maximum durability and minimal maintenance. See Install a Chain Link Fence for installation steps and diagrams. Lawn & Garden; On the Fence: 7 Top Options in Fencing Materials Browse some of today's most commonly used fencing materials, from timeless wood to utilitarian chain-link. If your pet gets close to the fence perimeter, they'll receive a warning signal through the collar.

An electric fence works with a transmitter that plugs into a standard outlet and emits a signal that travels along underground wires. While polyvinyl fences won’t fool you up close, some models are available in a textured surface that from a distance can appear as wood. Preassembled panel fences can be easier to assemble but may not be able to follow the landscape like a component fence, so they're a good choice for people who have an even surface for installation. From construction materials to benefits and styles, here’s your complete guide to fencing. Chain-link fencing is sturdy, maintenance-free, durable and economical. Use Gravel Boards to place under your fencing to prevent moisture damage to the panels. It's also affordable, easy to install and eco-friendly. Check out our article Install an Electric Dog Fence to see if it’s the right fit for you. Corner posts create angles so you can change the direction of the fencing, while line posts support straight runs. Stretching 50 ft. L, this chain link fencing is made of 11.5-Gauge steel that has been galvanized before weaving to eliminate sharp surfaces and burrs that could cut or scrape. Sometimes referred to as hardware cloth, it's also available with a green or brown vinyl coating. Bamboo: Bamboo fencing, while less common than other types, is a good option if you’re looking for something that’s eco-friendly and cost-effective. See below for information on various types of fences to help you and to learn how to calculate wood fence materials. While it is possible to purchase prefabricated wood fence panels, stick building your fence offers more flexibility, greater control over the quality of materials you use, and, often, a more aesthetically pleasing fence. Fence posts and gravel boards are also available to help support your new fencing. Wood fences provide a classic look and come in a variety of styles and finishes including natural and pressure-treated. When properly cared for, it can last for years. Chain link fencing is an economical option and you can do-it-yourself. Vinyl rails range from 8 to 16 feet long.

A variety of styles are available to choose from, and all sorts of cast finials, spears, and rings may serve to customize your installation.
Posts provide stability to the fence by supporting fence rails or wire mesh. Categories Categories Featured Products. Vinyl: A vinyl fence is another heavy-duty, low-maintenance option. You can also create partitions in your garden with any of our wire fencing, netting or mesh panels , ideal for building projects or protecting flower beds and vegetable patches. To estimate the amount of fence posts, rails, pickets, and hardware you need, enter your fence length, number of rails, and picket dimensions. End or terminal posts are used to indicate the starting and stopping points of your fence. Our Featheredge Boards are ideal for creating traditional style boarded fencing, with Arris Rails providing support and protection. Complement your fence panels with an elegant top trellis or section off areas in your garden with decorative natural screens. It can deliver a sense of privacy to the users along with an attractive design. We offer a variety of fence styles, including wood, vinyl, ornamental, chain link, vinyl chain link, and commercial galvanized chain link. (844) 401-8447 | FREE SHIPPING ON YARD ORDERS OVER $499. Aluminum fencing will provide a classic and refined look to your property while requiring little ongoing maintenance. Wickes Wire Fencing includes netting and mesh for creating basic partitions in the garden. Bamboo rolls can be easily installed into wood fence posts with wood screws. Installing a fence can be a great DIY project if you have time. An automatic driveway gate provides safety for you, your family and your pets. Electric fences aren’t for every dog, and you’ll need to do special training to keep your pet safe and happy.

Aluminum is also not liable to rust, so it’s great for installing at locations that may be exposed to harsher conditions, like pool areas. These fences, sometimes called hurricane fences, can help keep children and pets in and keep nuisance animals — like raccoons, coyotes and foxes — out.

Cedar is the preferred wood for fence-building, because of its resistance to rot and insects.

Wire fencing, while not ideal for large areas, is especially useful for keeping vegetable gardens from pests and critters.

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