As far as data is available, there was only one B757 that was converted to FBW and it was a Boeing test subject and not released into production. L'Embraer 175 est un avion fabriqué par le constructeur aéronautique brésilien Embraer destiné aux vols régionaux sur de courtes distances (court courrier).

His calm, composed and loving message to his wife allows listeners to intimately reflect on those whose lives were taken that day.

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I did one of those once. Flight 175. I think people are comparing the size to what you see from the outside, but once you strip away the cowlings, shrouds and other stuff, the internal core is quite small. I know, I’ve tried it. Missiles are also less subjective to high ‘g’ loading during manoeuvring.

From the Azores they would have traveled across sub-Saharan Africa at night, across to Saudi Arabia, and up to Israel, the absolute safest place to dispose of the planes and passenger bodies. You just can’t buy a tyre from Dunlop or an engine from Pratt and Whitney and stick it on an aircraft without serial numbers matching the logbooks. An educated guess would be overcompensation to try and maintain an accurate flight path at high speed. My gut feeling is there are too many things wrong with some of the debris to say it is genuine. I know some of the remote ocean flights we make are loaded with fishing ships, container ships, sailing vessels, etc.

They’re only designed to fly people and cargo around in relatively gentle conditions, but ramming solid objects, even water, will obliterate them.

The bigger they are, the more sluggish they become. In one email, Pilot A had mentioned that “the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot system that is apparently fitted to Fly-By-Wire [computer-regulated] aircraft couldn’t be used either because the B757 and B767 [the planes used on 9/11] were conventional aircraft like the A300.

I think this is the route that hackers would take, so who controls the GPS satellite data could theoretically control the aeroplane. A moving company has large trucks, dollies, and strong workers, which is just what you’d need to plant some heavy items.


When we refuel there is only one man who does it, and if we make an unscheduled diversion to somewhere that has no A300 trained personnel, then I oversee the refueling by setting up the refuel panel for proper distribution. The flight crew [in the cockpit] have hours of oxygen at their disposal. These can be controlled by a central source, have a known and guaranteed outcome because the military has umpteen thousand examples of the destructive power of missiles, and they can be sent to a specific target with pin point accuracy and timing – perfect. Plenty more examples of low level, high speed fly-bys on YouTube. Jet fuel, which is basically paraffin, needs certain requirements to burn. Landing gear is time, amount of landings, condition-based and all subjected to routine and mandatory maintenance cycles e.g. We next discussed the necessity of terminating all passenger phone calls once the Towers were struck. C'est la version allongée de l'Embraer 170 capable de transporter de 78 à 88 passagers. I think the aeroplanes were refuelled on the US Govt’s dollar, no questions asked.

If I turned up to my aircraft and someone had stuck a funny looking tube thing on the outside of the aircraft, I would refuse to accept it until I’d seen the engineering and installation documentation, Boeing approval, purpose, etc. It definitely (1) is visible on all footage taken from an angle that could catch it; (2) is three-dimensional; and (3) lights up just before striking the South Tower. I hope this clears it up, but I’m 99% sure that the planes on 9-11 were conventional aeroplanes, making it impossible to hack them from a remote source.

If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: Final Words of a United Flight 175 Passenger to His Wife on 9/11 Will Live on in Powerful Recording. If I’m a passenger on a commercial flight, would I feel more comfortable with (A) two live pilots at the controls, or (B) a plane that’s being flown remotely?

The compartmentalisation for this part of the getaway plan is easy for me to understand how it works.

(Here is a 7-minute video that elaborates about the intact nose exiting from the South Tower), In one email, Pilot A had mentioned that “the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot system that is apparently fitted to Fly-By-Wire [computer-regulated] aircraft couldn’t be used either because the B757 and B767 [the planes used on 9/11] were conventional aircraft like the A300. In a FBW system [on the other hand] there are no cables. I asked Pilot A for his thoughts.

The B757 being a narrow body, tougher and narrower engines would be better suited than the B767 (wide-body) for attempting this.

I went to tech college in the 90s to qualify as a welder and gas cutting was one of the disciplines. GPS approaches still cannot achieve a level of accuracy to enable an autoland, you must have ILS (Instrument Landing System) for that. . So in the ditching part, any structural damage and breakup of the fuselage would leak evidence all over the ocean surface and again the official narrative would die instantly. High By-Pass turbofan engines make a distinct noise signature, totally different to Low By-Pass turbofans like business jets and completely different to “Pure Jet” engines in fighters or cruise missiles. “Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” Redesigning an aeroplane is a major expense and Airbus would not do this to the A300, neither would Boeing for further productions of B757, 767 etc.

Looks like bad stagecraft to me and I agree with what the narrator says, there should be overwhelming evidence of paperwork trails linking these parts to the real owners. He is still actively flying as a captain on Airbus A300s, and spent many years training airline pilots.

As to the airphones, Pilot A told me that “The problem is that airphones are not standard aircraft equipment like engines and wings, but are an optional extra and falls under the category of ‘Customer Oriented Change’ (COC).” As he is an Airbus pilot, he wasn’t sure about their configuration in Boeings, but later noted: I’ve just spoken to a colleague of mine who flew the B747 classic then 400 series and they had airphones fitted which ran through the SATCOM [Satellite Communications] system.

As you said, this whole 9-11 theatre had to be a flawless plan to pull it off successfully. En juillet 2019, 595 appareils sont en service dans 19 compagnies aériennes[2], dont : Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

The world’s most popular flight tracker. Also aeroplanes are a semi-monocoque construction like an egg (monocoque) with a frame inside it.

We see American registered aeroplanes all over the place with nonexistent or strange markings on them in some odd places, and no one has any idea what they’re up to, or can find out.

First, the hijackers would have to know with certainty when the Towers had been successfully hit. For example, an electronic hijacking of a plane with the intention of remoting it into the World Trade Center was predicted in the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen, which aired March 4, 2001: Parts of Pilot A’s reply may contain more technical details than some people want to absorb (in which case they may of course skip ahead), but I believe he resolves this important question. The engine intake cross-section is a lot narrower on the B757, so less drag on impact. By switching off the AC packs and opening the outflow valves. Rich Miles, a manager of United Airlines Chicago System Operations Center, received a call from a mechanic at an airline maintenance center in San Francisco that takes in-flight calls from flight attendants about broken items. Of course, what we originally said has been rearranged into a more orderly sequence. It usually requires heat (compression chamber) and/or pressure (injector nozzle) to combust. Our A300 manual recommends max flap and obviously undercarriage up (along with a whole list of other actions) to achieve the lowest speed at impact.

The wing’s strength is primarily in the vertical axis, they’re built for lifting so they would shear off at the root upon contact with anything solid. I can almost see the pilots that have probably tried this in the simulators and predict the outcomes.

That leaves a military/CIA/Israeli friendly base with minimum personnel. They look big and solid from the outside but they’re hollow, light and flimsy in reality.

When aircraft are retired they are either scrapped or sometimes sold and then flown to both civilian and military airfields to be used for experimentation, training or tourist attractions.

And that goes for a hijacking too.

I had concluded that cloaked missiles, or possibly drones, were better explanations. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) Initially, Pilot A thought this plausible, but then had his doubts: I agree that the passengers were killed early on [but] . The fact that the official narrative said that the hijackers wanted more fuel to help burn the buildings appears to be a classic misdirection strategy.

9-11 HAD to succeed in WTC destruction, so a simple op: Hijack some commercial aeroplanes, make it look like they flew into the buildings using cloaking tech but really destroy them with missiles and mini-nukes, destroy evidence of financial crime, huge insurance claim, bank robbery and terrorise Americans into demanding years of wars against a Muslim foe – mission successful.

Then there is the preposterous speeds they appeared to fly before hitting the towers, but the real nail in this coffin is “Pinocchio’s Nose,” the clip where one of the aircraft appears to fly right through the building with its nose intact. That did it for me .

I hope I call you.”. The planners would need this area of the operation a guaranteed certainty, no chance of foul-ups anywhere, total control, no variables, flawless.

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