JUSTICE TRIUMPHED! I joined FPL 5 days before season ends and I decided to get in top15 no matter what It would cost 4 me. And feed exactly 4 kills in 4mins mid with worst build I ever saw on mid hero.

Overview Europe .

Do I think it was 322 - Yes. Some1 change faceit bot game should be in new count in old year, manually corrected database. Fortnite edges CSGO for biggest esports prizes halfway through 2019. © Copyright 2020 WIN.gg / Privacy Policy / Terms of Service, Fortnite edges CSGO for biggest esports prizes halfway through 2019, Lazarus Esports kicked out of Americas Minor, Luminosity added, Team Liquid players break into top 25 money earners in CSGO history, Luminosity Gaming seeks to bring new audiences to esports, Team Liquid CSGO wins ESL One Cologne 2019, Coldzera reportedly looks to leave MiBR before Berlin Major, Team Liquid versus Vitality grand finals set for ESL One Cologne, Dupreeh admits Astralis is no longer the best team in the world, Vitality faces Astralis at ESL One Cologne after beating NRG Esports, Jump throw scripts are legalized for next CSGO major by Valve, CSGO meta shifts hard at ESL One Cologne after Anniversary Update, Lazarus Esports beats New Identity in debut WINNERS League NA final, s1mple knife fail allows Team Liquid to come back at ESL One Cologne, Virtus.pro CSGO team benches OKOLICIOUZ, announce phr as stand-in, Cloud9 reveals new CSGO roster after Americas Minor qualifier flop, Furia Esports and Nike partner up for major esports sponsorshipship, Shroud gives advice for anyone to reach his level, CSGO VAC bans in 2019 have already surpassed 4 million, s1mple racks up 58 kills in FPL game against all-star opponents, Maikelele looks for money on social media, gets NASA and Elon Musk, 120 South 6th Street, Suite 900, Minneapolis, MN 55402, USA. It's always like that the FPL committee or whatever they called. The admin just ignored me, even though they both are both ''pro players'' from season 1, and they have a SUB 40% winrate. eskillzDotA, one of the most active players of FPL: All I know is that there were A LOT of doding in FPL 1-2 hours before season was ending. screenshot of this messages. (don’t close post, nothing is over here XD) Admins congratulating me with top15, sending me some mails, asking to fill my BANK info and stuff and said wait my prize. (U can see how many players in pool finding game right now). Image u start some work 5 days before new year and finish 30 after u count u done it before new year? The centre of attraction swiftly became the centre of controversies following their decision to remove certain players from FPL. 2nd. Jun 27, 2019 - George Geddes. So, CWM+Flash moving from top16-17 to top13-14 and I’m out with top16. I remember bone7 playing for C9. Play vs. players of your own skill level. Also check comments by @LeBronDota, @Pingvincek, @eskillzDotA and @grizine at the end of the post. like its 322 match obviously and I went sleep. I didn't really want to play on new patch so important for myself game, but I was ready to use button to find a game on faceit. Hello everybody, my nickname is monza. Did he ask people to upvote? CS:GO.

screenshot of players pool btw, faceit doesnt show correct order of picks.

Hello everybody, my nickname is monza. Didn't get into FPL prizes because of 322 fake match in last hour. Thats mostly on admins, because they didnt do anything about it, no rules.

Yes. It means these swindlers have an accomplice among admins. Someone manually corrected database so the game would count for previous season, also someone insisted on including them in top15 even after Mikey's decision to investigate this game.

I think everyone heard about FPL League, a lot of people think that it’s amazing place to play dota with skilled players. He played game he need, 2nd reason why game shouldnt count for him. So he pick the worst players of this pool first 2 picks = bobo47 (another 6500 romanian player) and suntnebun- (dunno who is that, but I guess some 6500 player, romanian aswell). This is a kind of problem well know in every inhouse leagues... in my language we have a word for that, "panela", wich means, a group of friends that no matter what, always plays for the group, or, panela. :", Bonafide 2:28 AM @everyone This match: https://beta.faceit.com/en//room/4d7fd339-0742-4472-b0e1-73050f8a3da2 That started in October will count towards October and the points will be moved to the October leaderboard and the leaderboard for November will be reset.

Uhhm Cancel is shady? But last game I queued they dodged, because CWM wasnt in a team with canceL. FPL is friend league in terms of unvouch or something like that, don't hope too much, don't take it personally. FPL admins know that it's the "pro players" that keeps the league afloat & brings them the revenue, so there is nothing they can do but to bend to their whims. I also checked the video and I am 100% sure the game was lost intentionally even without knowing they are friends from the same country. The FPL Circuit is FaceIt Pro League, where select members of the competitive Counter-Strike community can meet up and play extremely difficult matches for a chance to earn cash prizes at the end of the month.. It’s closed to the general public; the closest the vast majority of us would ever get is managing to catch streams of it late at night from specific members within NA CS. 23:30 time, I finally got a game, but dota gives me a present with 7.07 update. - No. GG. ty for ur support, finally guy with biggest karma making good comment so noone will compain that it's my fake account lmao. Jesus fpl admins are ridiculous.

Pool players in last game of season: Flash, bufni, bone7, ComeWithMe, canceL, bobo47, suntnebun-, kAANMVP (My favourite<3) - 8 romanians and Capta1nFF and Amoment (people who just wanted to play dota, who were not give a fuck about their points cuz last game wouldn't change anything for them). And what happens in short time?

After such a disgrace I will always cheer against him, canceL and CWM. I've been in all that queues. CWM dodge 6 games in row, dont get punish for it. I mean some1 program this bot right to put games where they belong, I'm doing statistic for university about trafic, with Surveys and databases and I know how program/statistics works. Anticheat required for all players. There are some comments from other people from league: LeBronDota, one of the most active players of FPL, top3 of season 1: With all respect towards FPL and admins for me this was obvious 322 match where cwm and flash call all vouched romanian players to help them get 1 more win 10min before league ends. What really annoys me is that admins doesn't care and close their eyes on this incident :-). Moral of the story, keep this thread saved, keep hating on canceL and link this if anyone calls you out. Honestly FPL is a pro player circle jerk.

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