No aspiration is evident whatsoever. Honourable mention: Adelaide Crows club song from 1993. We're stronger than the rest, We're the Greater Western Sydney GIANTS

Catch up on all the action from last night's episode. Revvin' hard till the siren goes William Jerome / James Monaco (Row, Row, Row lyrics © Peermusic Publishing sung by Bing Crosby),, "Official AFL Website of the Brisbane Lions Football Club",, "Traditional Scottish Songs - Wee Deoch an Doris",,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Brisbane Football Club (Original Fitzroy theme written by Bill Stephen), "The Mighty Fighting Hawks" (also known as "We're A Happy Team At Hawthorn"). Sport Extra. While Collingwood claim to be able to win the premiership, perhaps with a few character-building losses along the way, the Doggies claim to be invincible.

You feel the ground A-SHAKING

Sports > List > AFL > Team Songs. Brisbane’s bold claim that they will ‘kick the winning score’ is cancelled out by their incompatible desire to be similar to Fitzroy and the Bears. Adelaide; Brisbane; ... details of each AFL club; Comments. *'Oh what a feeling' jingle* How to get on these lists? In their boots before the GIANTS, We take the longest strides store, newsletter We're greater than the rest. Camry Crows. The Victorian clubs, especially, are renowned for having their songs recorded by the legendary Fable Singers and they have become part of the footy culture and fabric over many decades. Then you reach the line “You can't beat the boys of the Bulldogs breed”. The tallest comedy website in the southern hemisphere, Five poorly worded sentences, each followed by an animated gif. Maybe.

The song was chosen from hundreds of potential Suns theme songs, being listened to by Chairman John Witheriff and some AFL executives in 2010. They also boast of superhuman physical endurance, meaning all their interchanges are for purely tactical reasons. A string of lofty claims culminates in the assertion that the Tigers will win every single match, no matter how far behind they may find themselves.

The other teams are quaking Well not every sport, as there is a list of unusual sports, extinct sports and newly created sports. Here we go, here we go, Camry Crows
Raising a son is simple, but a daughter? Each team in the AFL has a theme song. The first team song was the Collingwood song "Good Old Collingwood Forever", written by player Tom Nelson in 1906 to the tune of "Goodbye, Dolly Gray", an American music hall song.

Knowing this, the rest of the song suddenly makes sense. Change In The Air At Freo. We are the Suns of the Gold Coast sky They want to “take” Australia’s “flag”, and their battle cry of “aggression” indicates a willingness to use force to achieve this objective. The Giants aim only to be physically larger than their opposition. Here we go, here we go, here we go We'll be there in the square nose to nose

The rest of the song is about having fun, and repeated injunctions to sing along. document.write("Page last modified: " + document.lastModified +""). Check out the 800 sports in the Encyclopedia of Every Sport.
(Note: the song does allow for the possibility of a draw.). AFL team songs . Our determination shows We're the pride of South Australia With the AFL’s current expansion strategy and the thorough mid-week preparation of modern football clubs, these do not seem overly ambitious goals. See What is a sport?

With its nuanced lyrics, this song is brave enough to admit that while the club desires to win the premiership flag, individual players are competing solely for their own glory and fame.

For that reason, ThermoCow has ranked all 17* club songs in order of their ambition and the extravagance of their claims. I’ve disappointed a lot of people in my time, so I know how it’s done. AFL Club Songs Ranked by Ambition and Boastfulness. For the good old Collingwood. We are the mighty Gold Coast Suns

You need a detailed how-to guide for that! sitemap How to Cite, home Run, run, run all the way. Depending on your beliefs, this may be impossible. We're the mighty Adelaide Crows. For the Premiership's a cakewalk We play to win the flag for you, Fight, fight, fight till we hold up the cup twitter, privacy

The St Kilda football club aims only to accompany the St Kilda football club. The AFL has decided to re-do every single club’s theme songs, except for Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney whose tunes are relatively fresh. These two might have more in common than you think! [1] Other clubs have continued to rewrite other songs' lyrics to suit their team, with four of the 18 team songs having both original lyrics and music. Happiness is the primary concern for the boys from Glenferrie. Furthermore, they claim to possess the power to summon thunder from the skies, an ability usually reserved for supreme gods in polytheistic religions. The Western Bulldogs team song was originally called "Sons of the 'Scray" before Footscray changed their name to the Western Bulldogs in 1997, with the song's lyrics being slightly altered to "Sons of the West".

Rule what? List of all team songs (anthems) for Australian Rules Football (AFL) teams. To the casual listener, this is a song about trying hard and giving your all. Club songs are a peculiarity of Australian Rules Football. The vast majority of this song is dedicated to informing the listener of the club’s mascot (eagles, in case you weren’t clear).

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