Anyways, a couple more for consideration and one for my actual TBR. If I own the book, I’m unlikely to actually purge it from my shelves, but I don’t hesitate to put it on my “consideration” shelf.

I agree with your review and am left with me scratching my head wi. You can also pare your lists down to be very precise, depending on how precise your shelving is. Many of the ones above COULD be read by me someday but I’d have to be really super in the mood. Get all the tech help you need with wikiHow Tech Pro.

This shelf is self-explanatory where books go if I did not finish some of the books I have tried to read.

I also have shelves based on release year for new releases, as I host a yearly challenge called the New Release Challenge. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. On your My Books page, choose any shelf, other than All, and scroll down to the bottom of your shelves list.

Never fear. How best to describe “Mexican Gothic?”. As I go ahead through time, I wanted to organize my books according to when I should read them or want to read them.

wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. So when there’s a series I want to be and the next book isn’t available, I add the book I already read into the continue-not-added shelf. My “want to read” shelf was the biggest issue, with over 2,000 books on it.

I am so proud of how much you reduced your want to read shelf! This allows for a few layers of shelving and related timing. Change ). 3 stars for me .

Yeah, that is part of the psycho.

Rioter Jessica Woodbury‘s shelves are so neat and orderly. So many options within those options!

They’ll be common TTT-related topics or just ways for me to remember how certain books made me feel. To add or remove books from a shelf in batches, use the "batch edit" on the top of your My Books page. Thank you for your review Kim.

I also have a shelf for books involving road trips and another shelf for books involving international travel (or take place overseas in general).

Genres. If there are any books that I need to buy or pre-order, they go onto my books-to-buy-physical shelf. My poor Goodreads shelves have been a mess for a while now. When Noemi arrives at High Place, the name of the ancestral home of her cousins husband, she finds things very strange indeed.

Only one is really still on my normal TBR. Select what other shelf (or shelves) you’d like to see together, and it’ll refresh again with your new list.

URL Name. I’m pretty organised with my shelves too.. after I started reading more a couple of years ago I just had to be.

If you need help with something, click the drop down menu next to your profile picture in the upper right corner.

I have my shelves for the books I own on Kindle (this category includes egalleys because I like to see ALL the books available on my Kindle at once) and books I own physical copies of (this doesn’t include physical ARCs, but does include finished copies). but I don’t want to fall into the same trap of just adding them blindly! Friends, Community and Social.

It never worked out that well for me. There’s a shelf here of the 127 books that I may chose from in years to come – these are all books that we had in common (that we both wanted to read, or were her favorites). Here we go! See what your friends are reading.

Which books are not happening at all? Happy Haunting Month! You’ll simply create a new bookshelf that you can add books into to make it more organize. There’s another random format-based category here called “novella or bonus,” which includes random short stories, bonus content, and longer novellas that I want to read or have read. Phew!

Cthulhu's Daughters).

It’ll probably be backlist books that I didn’t get to but know I should read SOMEDAY because I *was* really excited about them. Authors and Book Marketing. I had no business picking up this book. Don’t let the beautiful cover and enchanting title fool you. Each time a finish date is added, the book is marked as having been read that many times. Will I read backlist Jodi Picoult books ever? One of the reasons we started Goodreads was to see our friends' reviews and share our own. Now choose up to another two shelves by clicking on the small + to the right of each selected shelf, not on the shelf names, for a maximum total of 3. If you're using the app, hit the edit shelf button (which will at this point say "Want to read') and hit the "Remove from shelves" button on the bottom of the screen.

I have SO many shelves on Goodreads! They’re lists of books, but called shelves, because books. Since I get eARCs more often now, I have shelves for the publishers I get ARCs from, and I also have genre shelves.

What in the world could nab stand for? I'm Lauren, a 28 year old girl who can almost always be found reading a book, screaming at the Carolina Panthers, and eating too much pizza. ( Log Out /  Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I also have a shelf for my favorites, which is the featured shelf on my Goodreads profile page.

I thought I could share how I organize my GoodReads Shelves. well, wasnt this just a spooky little story?! The lower section are my regular bookshelves where a single book can be in all of them if needed. [Inserts Header Here Cause I Don’t Have One, Oh Well].

), books with twists or plot points that I saw coming from a mile away, books with major ships in them/OTPs, books that made me cry (the “something in my eye” shelf), books involving sports in one way or another, books including some ~steamy scenes,~ books set during the summer time, books that really disappointed me, books with a lot of twists and turns, and stories I found to be super underrated. The beauty of Goodreads is the shelves, am I right or am I right? Here’s how to set that up: Go to My Books and click edit next to bookshelves in the top left corner. My shelves get more specific for things I’m really interested in (cats!
I thought it would be fun to show alllll of my shelves, which I have done in the past too, but with the new updates and explanations. Never ventured into horror or anything even remotely close to it, it t, I just finished the book. This is a true HORROR novel.

There are a few shelves where can be a little vague but have their own purposes for me. More? Of course, dnf means Did Not Finish. Her father is wealthy and doesn't approve of her latest conquest. So eventually that’ll get cut back more, I hope.

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