Soumatha is also used to preserve cherries, a local fruit tree on Chios and more well known in Continue Reading →. So glad you love this feta vegan cheese! Lots of love, Bianca <3. Did someone say cheesecake? , This recipe is so easy and sooo simple! It's super versatile, perfect on top of a pasta salad, pizza or as filling in flatbread, Turkish borek or any dish you want to serve with feta.

Two big time-savers include subbing in canned chickpeas (good quality, of course) for dried and making your caramelized onions up to 4 days ahead. Koukofava – the breakfast Continue Reading →, traditional golden cake from Constantinople, Our dad’s mom, Yiayia Maria, would make this cake for us and we loved it, still do! It’s high-quality olive oil, some dried herbs, such as oregano, thyme, basil, red paprika, sea salt, and pepper… In an effort to reproduce an authentic Greek bread baking method using clay covered bakers, I use a Continue Reading →. KouKOfava (κουκόφαβα) or fava bean spread originally hails from the island of Crete and is a positively delicious, incredibly nutritious and absolutely beautiful spread made from fava or broad beans. Actually, it’s very easy to make dairy-free cheese at home and I’ve already shared some simple recipes with you. Greek sweet breads are most often braided and have a moist, denser crumb than regular table bread as well as being just slightly sweet This one is especially flavorful and amazing all on it’s own or slathered with your favorite jam. Traditionally Greek, authentically vegan, everyone’s favorite – dolmades! SPREAD YOUR LOVE. Especially, traveling to Santorini must be a nice experience. Just a bit crunchy with the subtle taste of cinnamon and oranges, each bite will have you wanting another!
My dad’s side, with his dad hailing from Smyrna, use the more Turkish name of Continue Reading →. Allow to soak for at least overnight but I found out that the flavors unfold better the longer it sits. You’ll find these in bakeries in every region of the country and, of course, throughout the Greek diaspora. Even now, when rice is readily available and very inexpensive, this humble dish will wow you every Continue Reading →, Simple and quick with just a 30 min rise, you’ll love making your own pita bread!

You will go NUTS over these , Super simple to roll – a half inch diameter wooden or metal dowel is perfect for rolling your saragli. Continue Reading →, Saragli (accent on last syllable) or rolled baklava is a style of baklava that come from the Greeks of Constantinople. Some of my favorites are this creamy vegan cheese sauce, easy cashew sauce, cashew ricotta, almond tofu ricotta, vegan mozzarella, and vegan Parmesan cheese which is made of cashews and almonds. So glad that you like this feta!

Just be careful not to roll too tightly as a light touch works best here. Traditional Greek tahinosoupa is quick, simple, colorful, utterly delicious and of course, authentically vegan! Continue Reading →, Traditional Greek tahinosoupa is quick, simple, colorful, utterly delicious and of course, authentically vegan! The simple marinade requires just a few ingredients. Required fields are marked *. The taste memory was foggy at first and then it came flooding back over me – individual spoons of that incredible date nut baklava filling. I love to use this vegan tofu feta cheese in salads, such as my Mediterranean Chickpea Salad recipe or as filling in Paratha (Indian flatbread), Turkish borek, Ravioli and more!

Of the 80-plus vegan cheeses WH tasted, this bright-white block of vegan feta was the true MVP. . In my fridge, it never lasts longer than one week because I love it so much! Thing is, we’ve always had a bit of a running debate about the name in my family. This scrumptious traditional Greek bread recipe will make a home baker out of every one of you , The roasted garlicky-goodness, perfectly distributed in each bite of this beautiful loaf of bread, is perfection.

I get a large bottle for just under $10 here in Boston, much less expensive than buying the equivalent in small bottles.

INGREDIENTS. Adding this one ingredient makes all the difference and produces the most wonderfully light, crunchy sticks  that can be formed into all sorts of shapes. this was as good as the real thing, easy and delicious, very impressed, Netty from Spain, So glad you love my vegan feta!

It was a favorite of our grandfather’s who hailed originally from Smyrna (now Izmir in Turkey) and  he preferred it to all other sweets. Feta cheese is has a strong salted flavor , not herbs flavor. ‘Often’ because you can also mix up the dough ahead and bake your cookies within a week OR freeze portioned dough Continue Reading →, a perfect loaf of traditional Greek eliopsomo / olive bread, Eliopsomo (eeleeOPsomo), traditional Greek olive bread, combines two of my forever-favorites into one – bread and olives , This no-knead, slow-rise, authentically vegan recipe takes five of the most basic ingredients and turns them into heaven. Our award winning Greek style Sheese is a Southern European style dairy free alternative to cheese. Then tap dry using a kitchen towel or kitchen paper. gorgeous, chunky, filling, fantastic fava bean spread on toast! Water, Coconut Oil (29%), Starch, Sea Salt, Acidity Regulator: Glucono Delta Lactone, Flavourings, Olive Extract, Vitamin B12. Thank you so much! (, « Cherry Crumble Cheesecake with poppy seeds | Vegan, Mexican Pasta Salad with Chipotle Sauce | Vegan ». Thick, luscious cream cheese studded with scallions, this makes the ultimate savory spread for bagels or a sandwich. Read More…. Sending you much love, Bianca ❤️, Super easy und super lecker ! These tender, lemony artichokes with meaty, sweet fava beans in a golden, buttery, light broth make the most delicious, filling meal and in less than 30 minutes! ❤️. Here you’ll find many delicious recipes which are mainly plant-based and easy to make for everyone. Also, on top of a Pizza or Pasta, or in a vegan Quiche it makes a delicious addition. This recipe calls for the traditional Greek walnut filling but feel free to use the chopped nuts of your choice. Every one of the six siblings enjoyed it and made it regularly and now you can too , Chickpeas and orzo is a very traditional Greek meal, very filling and very delicately flavored. On our Dad’s island of Chios, Greek almond cookies were often flavored with an almond flavored syrup called soumatha  (σουμάδα) and I’ve learned Greek Cypriots also have this tradition. Light, fresh herbs and crunchy vegetables, a simple dressing of just lemon juice and olive oil all mixed with hearty bulgur (pligouri/πλιγούρι in Greek or cracked wheat), bulgur salad is another fantastic example of traditional Greek salads that make an amazing meal! , You will never ever want to buy store bought again! The carrots are first boiled in just a bit of orange juice and water with a few whole cloves and a cinnamon stick.
And baking it in the wrap-around heat of a cast iron pan? At first taste, the flavour is cheesy and salty, but some did find that this was followed by a slightly synthetic aftertaste. There’s a whole lot going on in this rustic, traditional dish and you’ll love every bite of it Continue Reading →, This is, hands down, the tastiest, most flavorful, most delicate carrot cake you will ever enjoy. I cant wait to try this. Nut flours have a long and tasty history in traditional Greek food culture and this cookie recipe is a wonderful example of baking with almond flour. Violife is a range of award-winning vegan alternative to cheese products that can help you move effortlessly into a plant based diet. Right there you know this recipe is going in an amazing direction! You can also buy marinated feta cheese which is even more flavorful. Traditional Greek carrot cakes do not use raw, grated carrots and instead go a wonderfully different way.

The preparation is really super easy because you only need to cut the tofu, stir together the marinade and then marinate the tofu. Also, 1 tsp. And don’t be afraid of making your own bread – it’s not difficult at all and this is a great recipe to start your homemade bread making career with! Nutrition is calculated automatically and should be used as estimate. The secret to it’s creamy, ‘buttery’ goodness is to cook the orzo and canned chickpeas right into the dish, not separately and then added in to the rest of the ingredients as you might find in other variations of this recipe. A very traditional Greek favorite, stewed artichokes and fava beans / aginares me koukia / αγκινάρες και kουκιά is one of the few recipes on The Greek Vegan where I recommend using canned/frozen veggies. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is so good that i tricked my non-vegan husband into thinking it was actual cheese. It’s so simple and tastes amazing!

This recipe will have you looking for excuses to celebrate – make a delicious batch to help celebrate the New Year or any time at all! Continue Reading →, traditional, no-knead, Greek skillet bread, One bowl, one pan, four ingredients and no kneading – no joke! The moist, dense and light crumb Continue Reading →. This Vegan Feta Recipe is easy to make, requires less ingredients and tastes almost like real feta cheese! This way you have plenty for the sangria and for the pom molasses too.

I can’t believe this recipe, it is so easy and tastes amazing. Sesame cookies (σουσάμι μπισκότι) are a light, tender, cake like, nutty, just lightly sweet, positively wonderful treat and they’re enjoyed all over Greece. I can eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner! You can’t beat it! Continue Reading →, creamy, golden, delicious revithosoupa – traditionally vegan Greek chickpea soup. All Rights Reserved.

Well, ladies and gents, here it is for you all in bite form – addictively positively wonderful in every way. Hope you’ll like it too , Your email address will not be published. Continue Reading →. Remember, in case you’re not familiar with Greek pita bread, these do not open into a pocket like Middle Eastern or Syrian bread. Drain tofu, pat dry and cut into cubes. I love to cook and bake and want to share that passion with you. The only thing I did differently was freeze and defrost tofu prior to the marination. When wheat flour was less available, nut flours were used instead in both sweet and savory recipes. Lalagia (Λαλάγγια) are the donuts of the Peloponnese! These beauties are as delicious as they are lovely and gluten free too! Continue Reading →, This traditionally dairy free sweet bread (tsoureki) was made during the winter months when eggs and butter were less available, using autumn harvested pumpkins. Einfach nur köstlich aber von dir liebe Bianca ist man nichts anderes gewohnt , Dankeschön für dein super Feedback! With basically 5 ingredients and about 45 minutes, you can enjoy one of the simplest, most wonderful dishes in all of traditional Greek cooking – can you tell I’m a fan yet?! Anyway, I think, I’ll share some new vegan greek recipes soon too. Hi! Served hot or at room temperature, tahini soup is a light, wonderfully flavorful dish that’s just the thing for summer and it’s ready in 20 minutes – including prep!

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