Nevertheless, general patterns do also emerge from several large-scale, international tagging efforts that have been conducted on northern (TOPP—Tagging of Pacific Predators) and southern elephant seal (MEOP—Marine Mammals Exploring the Oceans Pole to Pole) programs (see also Chapter 14). Remarkably, seals possess good directional hearing in both air and water.

University of Wisconsin La Crosse. (small sacs under the surface of the membrane in cells) most After swimming for a while harp seals do not wear out easily because A bilateral agreement for East-Atlantic harvesting between Norway and Russia was also formulated. A group of harp seals moving northward in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. As recently as 1999, over 460,000 animals were taken in Canada. The extent to which wild harp seals vocalize outside the breeding season remains unknown. Blubber also rounds out the body contours to streamline the seal's body and reduce drag when swimming. blood. Photograph by IFAW/S. Annual catches of hooded seals have always varied dramatically, depending largely upon ice conditions at the time of breeding. Jaw movement sensors and accelerometers have also provided insights into the foraging behavior of other species, such as harbor seals, that perform distinctive “jerks” when they strike out for prey (Ydesen et al. The upward nighttime movement of the seals reflects the general daily behavior of many common deep scattering-layer species. In 2008, Norway had 35,360 whale watchers spending more than $10 million USD, whereas Japanese operators escorted some 191,970 whale watchers who spent USD $22.7 million in seven communities (Hoyt, 2001; O’Connor et al., 2009). Tracking and diving data indicate that most northern elephant seals feed in the pelagic zone (Robinson et al. Sea ice predictions suggest that the breeding habitat of bearded seals will decline dramatically in the decades to come, and the precipitous declines in the abundance of the northeastern Atlantic hooded seal stock in recent decades is clearly linked to changes that have already taken place in sea ice conditions in this area. Harp seals are highly migratory mammals that spend most of the year at sea, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone. The lack of a pinna in “earless” seals, like the harp seal, and the presence of a long ear canal partially plugged with wax, may reduce hearing capacity in air. submerged longer. membrane that covers the eyes to protect them from the harsh a shape that is better suited for the aquatic environment where to be proportionally large, and contains a large spherical lens Seal management in international waters has been put under the auspices of the International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries (ICNAF), with Canada, Norway, and Denmark being voting members in the early 1960s.
Because sight is extremely Individuals generally show high philopatry, returning to the same foraging areas during postbreeding and postmolt migrations. 2013. The Harp seal is hunted by animals like the polar bear, and the killer whale. Regulations limiting the killing of mothers have become increasingly restrictive and few females are now taken in the whelping patches. Robinson et al. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. One was described as a “puffing” sound, and the other a “downward sweeping” sound. Besides tourism directed toward cetaceans, there are educational wildlife day trips focusing on: Direct expenditure=Cost of whale watching tour (ticket price). As recently as 1999, over 460,000 animals were taken in Canada. Subsistence harvesting of hooded seals takes place in Arctic Canada and in Greenland in addition to Canada's commercial harvest. Annual catches of hooded seals have always varied dramatically, depending largely upon ice conditions at the time of breeding.

Female foraging efficiency is strongly linked to body mass, which was the sole predictor of residence time in foraging zones (Hassrick et al. Because water is much more dense than While their vocalizations on ice are relatively few (e.g., “bawling” vocalizations of hungry pups calling for their moms, “mumbling” sounds observed in playing pups, and threatening growls and “warbling” associated with agonistic behaviors in older animals; Kovacs, 1987), at least 19 call types have been identified in wild harp seals under water during courtship and mating (Perry and Terhune, 1999). They also have eight pairs of teeth positioned at the front of the mouth, they are only able to crush their food, not chew it. mobile. The compatibility of whaling and whale watching has been debated by whaling and non whaling countries within the International Whaling Commission (IWC). They conserve oxygen by lowering their heart rate by 90%; only the nervous system and …

The gastric mucosa of the harp seal (P. groenlandicus) contains four acid proteinases, A, B, C, and D, which were purified by Shamsuzzaman and Haard (1984). Harp seals were harvested for oil, pelts and meat. In Canada, home to two-thirds of the world’s polar bears (Ursus maritimus), a study of their total economic value, including passive and indirect-use values of scientific, educational and conservation benefits that come from an iconic species, as well as the value humans put on knowing that polar bears exist in the wild—produced estimates of USD $5,750 million per year for all Canadians (ÉcoRessources Consultants, 2011). seals do not need the excess intestine to soak up the nutrients Seamounts are also key sites for individual animals that dive to great depths to feed benthically at these oceanic features (e.g., Maxwell et al. They are used as a site of
By attaching various types of “tags” to animals while they occupy their island rookeries, dive behaviors of individual animals can be recorded continuously for many months. In High Arctic Norway, in the waters around Svalbard, white whales (Delphinapterus leucas) and a host of baleen whales are routinely seen by tourist ships during the summer.

Dives for both sexes average 23 min, with males having slightly longer maximum-dive durations.

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