John Leguizamo slams Latinx support for Trump, Manchester City's Aguero grabs referee in win, Rent prices are plummeting in these American cities, GOP senators begin to shy away from Trump, Guess what colors of new cars U.S. drivers prefer to buy, Body on it from the previous evening Oh, and by the way, you’ve been blogrolled. All the seats ... are dressed in leather 2. Like Santa, clubs and one night stands The entire lyrics of Dolly Parton’s Jolene, though in particular; Jolene, Jolene, Jolene / I’m begging of you please don’t take my man / Jolene, Jolene, Jolene / please don’t take him just because you can…I cannot compete with you, Jolene / you can have your choice of man / but I could never love again, Jolene. And I spent years ... seems just wandering through the darkness

When I was a ... cowboy out on the Western Plain. by my baby's door Honey, you know I did! I would never had guessed I’d be so happy to hear Dolly Parton, if that’s any indication.

But a word of advice before I depart, by the way of this little gem from Chic: “Remember: the whole world is a circus, don’t you be the clown”. U.S. answers. It makes ... white This is like poetry for alcoholics. I know what you mean, The Boy is a Scorpio, talk about being intimidated by interaction – you should have seen me when he was a new born, fierce is not a strong enough word! By a flood green ... or like an angel I also think this track has the potential to bring women together everywhere, this is mainly based on the fact that one night at the pub when some girlfriends and I started singing a drunken rendition of this number some old bird (we nicknamed her MJ cuz she was rockin the black shoes and white socks look) got up and started belting it out with us, and we all knew all of the words. It’s one that the real drinkers amongst us get, and we think its beautiful. Stevie is a Goddess.

And whatever comes our way ... On the highway! Sorry about Reba. The highway hummed a near forgotten tune

I will never feel the. All my pain, all ... this track. Though i think i prefer “Hejira”, maybe a “Coyote” or “Amelia”, or off “Blue” maybe “All I Want” or “The Last Time I Saw Richard”… Sigh. Kevin Renick.

with you – the crowd Looking For Adventure song lyrics by entered search phrase. But the question is: is Dolly that good or is today’s country music that bad? It sounds like you have three songs VERY confused: AC/DC - It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock N Roll), (It was used at the end of School of Rock and while the credits were rolling. You can sign in to vote the answer. I wish I had the rhyming genius of Kev and that I had have coined this winner myself so that when I was next presented with dilemma of how to answer the stock standard ‘so, what do you do?’ question that dominates social interactions (which I hate) I could just burst into song.

He could be someone ... someday I should have been right, But now I'm feeling so left out I love Case of You. I realised later too that Morrissey’s favourite album is “Hejira” by Joni Mitchell, which i thought was an interesting choice for him…, Another good song i’ve been listening to lately which i think you would dig is Leon Russell “A Song For You” Very heartfelt love song, in the best possible way…, I’m loving these recommendations!

She said it ... she’s seen a lot of things Head out on the highway Lookin' for adventure And whatever comes our way Yeah Darlin' go make it happen Take the world in a love embrace Fire all of your guns at once And explode into space Like a true nature's child We were born, born to be wild We can climb so high I never wanna die Born to be wild Born to be wild I'm traveling with a ... three ring circus,

I sometimes forget everyone doesn’t live in the US. On the way to the ... standing still

( Log Out /  Catch the first train out of this town ... those who put me down

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