Read the following lesson to learn more about X-Ray.

Anyone who needs help fully understanding the characters from Holes will benefit from the lessons in this chapter. Read on to learn more. The Warden is a tall woman with freckles and red hair.

He touts the healing powers of onions, citing his donkey Mary Lou as evidence: he claims that she's nearly 50 and never gets sick because…, Mr. Sir is a nasty middle manager at Camp Green Lake. He is an inventor who is smart and persistent, but unlucky. Select colors and a pose appropriate to story and character traits. Madame Zeroni gives Elya a piglet along with specific instructions. She does not believe in curses and always tries to point out the luck that the Yelnats' have had. X-Ray gives Stanley the nickname "Caveman." (including. Stanley is intimidated by him throughout the course of the story, not even daring to challenge him when Sir cuts off his water supply. He is sarcastic and verbally abusive to the boys, always reminding them that they aren't attending a Girl Scout Camp. in-depth analysis of Zero. As the novel begins, Stanley has low self-esteem. He's relatively young and wears a buzz cut, but he also has a thick curly beard. Read the following lesson to find out! He tells X-Ray how to get more time off and begins to teach Zero how to read. Only later does the strange connection between the two boys emerge: Zero is a direct descendant of Madame Zeroni (the clue lies in the similarity of the names), and by helping Zero, Stanley can atone for his great-great-grandfather's mistake, and undo the curse that Madame Zeroni placed on the descendants of the Yelnats family. The Warden is the ultimate symbol of cruel authority at Camp Green Lake. Stanley is a hero. Igor, a pig farmer, also wants to marry Myra and offers a pig for her hand in marriage. X-Ray is the leader of the D tent, where Stanley is placed upon arrival at Camp Green Lake. Mr. Pendanski is a complex character in 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. He is also incredibly resilient - he has to be, when one takes into account the hardships he has gone through, and the amount of teasing and abuse he gets from Mr. Pendanski and his fellow campers. Read about how this protagonist overcomes his family's curse and learns more about himself at the same time. Services. Sam is killed by the racist people of Green Lake after he and Kate kiss. Before his wrongful conviction, Stanley was an overweight and extremely…, Zero is the smallest boy in Group D. He's black and is often scowling and angry-looking, though, The Warden, the novel's villain, owns and runs Camp Green Lake in the Texas desert. Clyde is the famous baseball player whose shoes Stanley is accused of stealing. Charles is the son of the richest family in Green Lake at the same time that Kate Barlow is the school teacher. Create a character map for the major characters. Major Themes. Afterward, to show Stanley that he is in charge, he repeatedly neglects to fill Stanley's canteen with water. Test your knowledge of this chapter with a 30 question practice chapter exam.

He is described early on as soft and pudgy, and a natural target for bullies at his Texas high school, notably a nasty boy named Derrick Dunne. Read on to learn more about how the Yelnats and Zeroni families are connected! All rights reserved. He follows the rules without question and he needs X-Ray, the unofficial leader of the boys, to think he is a good guy. Stanley Yelnats is the fourth of a long line of men named Stanley Yelnats, a name that is spelled the same backwards as it is forward. Sam, an onion picker and an African American man, fell in love with Kate Barlow, the beautiful school teacher of Green Lake. The Warden will do anything to find it. Because she has no left foot, she uses a wheelchair.

Twenty years later, Katherine Barlow, then known as Kissin' Kate Barlow, is living in an abandoned cabin. "My fingers are like little magnets," he claims after he steals Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds in Chapter 19.

She also won…. He changes during the course of the novel due to the influence and effect of his experiences and actions. Holes Characters . Through his experience at the hellish Camp Green Lake he becomes physically stronger and more self-confident. X-Ray is the unofficial leader of the boys in Group D. He is always first in line for lunch or to have his canteen refilled with water.

Struggling with distance learning? Derrick is the bully from Stanley's school.

She arrives at Camp Green Lake just as Stanley manages to climb out of the hole where he has found the buried suitcase. Read an She gave Stanley's great-great-grandfather a pig but when he broke his promise of carrying her to the top of a mountain she might have put a curse on his family. He changes during the course of the novel due to the influence and effect of his experiences and actions.

Another boy at the camp, Magnet earned his nickname by his ability to steal things. Characters; Campers: Caveman (Stanley Yelnats IV) • Zero (Hector Zeroni) • Squid (Alan) • Armpit (Theodore Johnson) • X-Ray (Rex Washburn) • Jose • Twitch (Brian) • Barfbag (Louis) • Zigzag (Ricky) Camp Green Lake Staff: The Warden (Louise Walker) • Mr. Sir (Marion Sevillo) • Mr. Pendanski (Mom) Early Green Lake He is proud of himself and has gained self-confidence. Not affiliated with Harvard College. Stanley thinks Zigzag is the weirdest kid at Camp Green Lake. For example, when Stanley gives X-Ray the gold tube he has found, he suggests that X-Ray wait until the next morning to show it to Mr. Pendanski, so that he can get more time off. Stanley is smart. Hopeful and optimistic, Stanley keeps going despite the obstacles that he faces. As the story evolves, more of Zero is discovered, and he is not who he once appeared to be. Holes (2003) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

This chapter uses simple and fun lessons that take about five minutes to complete, plus includes lesson quizzes and a chapter exam to ensure you understand the novel's primary and secondary characters. Who wants to be named Armpit? SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. Print Word PDF. Camp Green Lake kids: Zero, X-Ray, and Armpit, Camp counselors: Mr. Sir, Mr. Pendanski, and The Warden. In the end, when Stanley and Zero are back at Camp Green Lake, X-Ray acts as though he is jealous of Stanley — he is the only one of the group of boys who does not come over to talk to Stanley and Zero. Even though X-Ray appears to be sarcastic, there is a ring of truth to his words. He's prepared to hang, X-Ray is a small boy in Tent D. Despite his size, he's the leader of the group and is always first in line for water. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal He is overweight and is accustomed to having bad luck. Zero, or Hector Zeroni, is a serious, silent, mysterious boy who also lives in D tent. Topics covered include: For a main character in 'Holes,' there is little known about Zero. His attempts to discover a way to recycle old sneakers cause the Yelnats' apartment to smell very bad. Stanley has no friends. This fact is underlined by his unusual name, which forces everyone who says it to doubly acknowledge his authority, and by his tough talk ("You're not in the Girl Scouts anymore"). Stanley takes the blame for the stolen sunflower seeds so the other boys will not get in trouble; he is also teaching Zero to read. When Trout learned of Sam and Kate’s relationship, he murdered Sam, prompting Kate to become an outlaw. Zigzag is very violent and does not even apologize to Stanley after hitting him in the head with a shovel. Louis Sachar. After Sam was killed by Trout Walker, she killed the town sheriff and left Green Lake, assembling a gang and becoming a bank robber until she was tracked down by Trout and killed by a yellow-spotted lizard. Chapter 2: Holes Characters, Test your knowledge with a 30-question chapter practice test. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. This reluctance to interfere with external events may be traced back to the family curse to which he and the other members of the Yelnats family attribute all their misfortunes. Stanley Yelnats III is the father of the Stanley Yelnats who goes to Camp Green Lake and breaks the Yelnats family curse. Visit the Holes Study Guide page to learn more. The ''Holes'' Characters chapter of this ''Holes'' Study Guide course is the most efficient way to study the characters from the novel ''Holes'' by Louis Sachar. credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. Elya passes down generations of bad luck to his family. Removing #book# She is a descendant of Trout Walker and his wife Linda Miller. She is vengeful and becomes an outlaw because of her grief and anger over the loss of Sam and the way the community members treated him. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Stanley is an overweight, middle-school boy from a poor but loving family, who is teased and ridiculed by his classmates. Characters include:Stanley Yelnats,Zero ,X-Ray,Squid,Magnet and more X-Ray calls the shots amongst the campers at Camp Green Lake, but how does he make it happen? Stanley is the protagonist of this story, a shy, unpopular high school student. Elya and Sarah have a good marriage, despite the fact that they suffer from much bad luck. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. (Ironically, the camp does become a Girl Scout Camp at the novel's end.) 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Three days later, Katherine shoots the town sheriff, who would not help her save Sam from the townspeople, and she becomes Kissin' Kate Barlow, a ruthless outlaw of the Wild West. Although he never actually steals a pig, his actions cause Madame Zeroni to put a curse on him and all his descendants. They enjoy each other's company and soon fall in love. My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.”, LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. While all campers at Camp Green Lake have nicknames, Armpit is clearly the worst. Stanley Yelnats; Zero; The Warden; X-Ray; Mr. Pendanski; Miss Katherine (Kissin' Kate Barlow) Sam the Onion Man; Elya Yelnats; Mr. Sir; Derrick Dunne; Analysis; Quotes; Flashcards; …

While he is at Camp Green Lake, Stanley changes. When he realizes that Myra doesn't love him, Elya gives her father the pig anyway and leaves on a ship for the United States, where he meets and marries Sarah Miller. He told Stanley that his mother used to sing him a lullaby similar to the one Stanley knows, and he admits that he was the one who stole Clyde Livingston's sneakers.

Trout's family, and future generations of Walkers, continue to dig, looking for Kissin' Kate's buried treasure for years. Because he always hides what he's thinking and feeling, and because he keeps to himself, people assume Zero is stupid, but he isn't.

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