In an ApS, you are only liable for the capital you have Start your limited liability company or limited company with Legal Desk here (form in Danish). It is not possible to be registered in the CPR as a resident of Denmark before you have actually moved to Denmark. OBS. CPR stands for Det Centrale Personregister, which translates to the Civil Registration System.

Note that you need to have a permanent address in Denmark to obtain your CPR number.

It is used, among other things, to create a bank account for business purposes and to set up insurance for your business. If you have received your residence permit before you enter Denmark, you can be registered in the CPR as a resident of Denmark from the date of your entry if you also have a place to live. We use cookies on this site to improve your experience. It is used, among other things, to create a bank account for business purposes and to set up insurance for your business. Start your sole proprietorship with Legal Desk here (form in Danish). You will also notice that your CPR number grants your access to a number of services in Denmark. You must also present a variety of documents depending on your current civil status (see below). in seed capital. Information på dansk til dig, som vil søge job, arbejde, studere eller flytte til Sverige. As an If you want a CVR number, you must establish a company, which then must be registered with the Danish Business Authority at that it must disclose its CVR-No. and the others have no money, the man who has money must pay the debt.

Once the Danish Business Authority has processed your case, you will usually receive your CVR number within 7 days of sending the registration. How long does it take to register a CVR number?

International Community - Your Network of Opportunities. In order to ensure that you have in fact taken up residence in Denmark, the municipality may require that you report in person to the municipality in order to be registered in the CPR (see section 21(2) of the Civil Registration System Act). All Danish companies doing business with public institutions must submit their invoices electronically. It is mandatory for anyone with a Business Registration number (CVR num­ber) to have a Digital Post-mailbox for letters from public authorities. enter your basic information and you´ll become a business owner. You can read more about this in our article about VAT (article is in Danish). Ordinær generalforsamling i ApS, IVS eller A/S, Ansættelseskontrakt - Månedslønnet funktionær. If it is a capital company, you will generally receive your CVR number within 24 hours of submitting the registration. You can buy Legal Desk’s Registration Service as an add-on, when you fill out our web form for company formation, for 499 DKK (“ApS” or “A/S”). , or you can let us handle the entire registration process by using Legal Desk’s Registration Service. You can obtain a virtual phone number for Denmark or even a toll-free number from CallHippo in less than 3 minutes. Your Danish residence and work permit (non-EU/EEA citizens), or certificate of registration (for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens). A CPR number is probably the most important thing you will need when it comes to living your life in Denmark. the company. application form and all owners are equally liable for any debt in the company. hobby should not charge moms (VAT) and cannot deduct moms (VAT) from purchased Find og byd på opgaver fra det omkringliggende erhvervslivGå ind på hvor virksomheder og offentlige instanser lægger opgaver i udbud til alle DANA-medlemmer. All residents in Denmark need to have a CPR number. With Legal Desk you can easily start your own business online. All you have to do is sign up on the website, complete a few quick and easy steps, make a payment and you will have your virtual phone number for Denmark. Once registered you will be allocated a CPR number which is unique to you and can be used in Denmark as an ID number. Your Danish personal tax number and your “forskudsopgørelse” will be sent to you by mail, normally within a few weeks. entity like the ApS, where you are only liable for the value you have put into Executive Order on the Civil Registration System Act, International House CopenhagenBusiness House CopenhagenInternational Citizen Service, Copenhagen Science CityThe Capital of Sustainable Development​Government of Copenhagen 2018-2021 (PDF)Ambitious Growth PoliciesAn Internationally-Connected RegionLivable green citySustainable City Initiatives. your passport, If you are married, your marriage certificate or a certified copy of it, If you have children, your child/children’s birth certificate(s), If you are divorced, your divorce certificate, If you are a widow/widower, the death certificate of your husband/wife. Each person has a unique 10 digit number, which entitles them to reside and work in Denmark. You fill in the application online and then you visit International Citizen Service at the International House to pick up your CPR number in person. If you want a CVR number, you must establish a company, which then must be registered with the Danish Business Authority at. your personal information, what kind of business you want to start, if you have If you do not have a Danish NemId you can register a company and obtain a CVR-number by filling out a form “Registration of Non-Danish Company – Start-40.112”, which you will find here.The filled out form can be uploaded via Business in Denmark or sent to e-mail: [email protected] However, these estimated processing times depend on the registration being filled out correctly and hence not rejected. Please note that the Danish Business Agency always requires a registration fee of 670 DKK, no matter whether you register it yourself or use our Registration Service.

Individuals residing in Sweden must attach a family certificate. How do I become a registered resident of Denmark? To get these, you should visit the webpage and use the online application.

Companies continue to use the CVR/SE-nr in the customs system. A CVR number is a number that all companies in Denmark must have in order to be identified. Your CVR number can also be used as a VAT number if your business is VAT registered. Information på svenska till dig som vill söka jobb, arbeta, studera eller flytta till Danmark.

When you begin working in Denmark, you will come into contact with the Danish tax office, Skattestyrelsen. 2. Send et godt tilbud ud i netværket - Og øg dit salgNår du opretter et tilbud på ProMatch, gør du din forretning synlig for tusindvis af selvstændige DANA-medlemmer, som måske mangler lige præcis det, du kan tilbyde. In addition, non-Nordic nationals must have a residence permit/registration certificate from the immigration authorities. CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers are very affordable. go to and find Start virksomhed. If you wish to send your application by e-mail you should go to and click ‘Individuals’. :  5798000362062, Filing a complaint about a municipalitys decision, Executive Order on the Civil Registration System Act, Hvad står der om mig i CPR (registerindsigt), Gift, skilt, navneskift, dødsfald mv.

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