Shang and Mulan are directed by the emperor to escort his three daughters to a neighboring kingdom in hopes that an arranged marriage between them and the three princes of the opposing nation will form an alliance against the Mongols, who are threatening to attack China.

Pendant que Mulan et le trio distraient les gardes Hun, Shang se précipite sur le balcon et combat Shan Yu. He was separated from his wife and son during the massacre of his home village by Lord Shen and his wolves. As a slight compromise, Shang is ordered to train the new recruits, and then, pending Chi-Fu's approval, join the main army in the Tung Shao Pass to halt Shan Yu and his army's advance towards the Imperial City. Mushu (se faisant toujours passer pour le Dragon d'Or) unit Shang et Mulan, utilisant ce pretexte comme union pour apporter paix et harmonie entre les deux royaumes voisins de la Chine.

Shortly after being introduced to Shifu, however, Kai's warriors arrive to attack the valley, leaving Li concerned for his son's safety. © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Mulan, enfants, faire ce qu'il veut, structure, règles, horaires, plans, arts martiaux, choses militaires, stratégie, pêche, équitation, tir à l'arc, bleu, nourriture douce. Mulan: Mulan • Yao, Ling, and Chien Po • Fa Li • Fa Zhou • Hayabusa • Khan • Cri-Kee • Little Brother • Mushu • Shan Yu • Captain Li Shang • The Emperor of China • The Matchmaker • General Li • Grandmother Fa • First Ancestor Fa • Chi-Fu • Great Stone Dragon Li Shang is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. Après que Mulan, Sora, Donald et Dingo aient vaincu le Boss Sans-Coeur, Mulan devient le partenaire de Shang pour protéger leur monde et leur Empereur, à leur grand plaisir. One month later, the film begins with him proposing to Mulan, to which she gladly agrees. Though the law states that a woman who is discovered in the army is to be killed, Shang spares her due to the debt he owes her for saving him.

Shang est parmi les premiers à s'incliner devant Mulan lorsque l'Empereur l'honore comme le héros de la Chine. After hard training, he is able to turn them into respectable soldiers. Shang is possibly ambidextrous. Lui et Mulan traversent de nombreux conflits autour de leur relation amoureuse, qui est principalement provoquée par Mushu. Midway through the film, he and the group are attacked. Il semble être un lecteur de vitesse dans le deuxième film. The age difference between Mulan and Li Shang creeped me out the most. This is further explored in the sequel, where he is shown to be a polar opposite of Mulan, as the former is quick to discard his true feelings and emotions for the sake of missions and assignments, whereas Mulan follows the mantra of "one's duty is to one's heart". Spring: Disney Color-Fest: A Street Party!

Po reveals that he lost his father. Il remplace plus tard une tunique chinoise marron clair lorsqu'il était à cheval avec sa femme.

While is loyal to the army, but dissagrees with Mulan’s strategy of “following her heart”. Parade: Mickey's New Year's Eve Parade • Mickey's Rainy Day Express • Mickey's Storybook Express • Mulan Parade

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