Material related to EVE-Online is used with limited permission of CCP Games hf by using official Toolkit. On the stream I watched he waited in a DED site cloaked until the streamer came in and tried to do the site. So what ever the t3c I would use it must be : Able to "solo" kill most BS ratter (ex : rattlesnake), Able to "solo" kill the standard active shield loki, Able to take bigger fish than a stratios (what's the point if I can't ?! This post will be hard, because the field is wide and the candidates are strong. After hours of researchs, and lot of time lost on pyfa, I still can't decide what t3c to skill. And now for a short history lesson, where Jester Makes History Fun. Loki has a great web bonus and high alpha. That said running 2 neuts makes an active tank on that Legion notably weaker and you realistically can get burned though before your neuts turn off the opposing active tank. The rest of the ships are either useless or only useful for niche PvE, I had (I dont play eve atm but may return) a legion fit and it was fun and stupidly tanky and cheap. I'm guessing you've not skilled up to it. If you like EVE Workbench and you want to support us we have a few options available to do so, check out this page for more information. Final Blow by JiWei SK (Vision Partners) flying in a Hurricane. CCP released a devblog announcing the theme for the Summer Expansion, Industry. But at the price of a max speed of 1200ms woth oh mwd, and a actibe tank, it was not worth it to pull it out over a just buffer Loki. I would not fly it with actual weapons, I would only use it as a hunter to cyno in a Sin. Jester has admitted that he doesn't really do much, if any, low-sec roaming, so one really wonders why he posts these sorts of fail fits. Check= Purchase ship4. This comment has been removed by the author. Tengu still works as blops hunter/covcyno.

If your not the same tank type you will not be able to refit for link or logi and take on bigger objectives as a team. No, because you can't get a T3 into any plex. This is the standard null-sec PVP tactic. Did you remember if he had neut fitted on ? Yes, but Jester's strategy for dealing with coming up against the wrong type of ship is to try to run away.

The Loki had no chance against this solo-Legion. With dual webs even a 1600 plate arty loki can kite and obliterate almost anything. It makes it a lot easier to read his posts when I think it's all part of some elaborate long con troll. The Covert Subsystem version of this is also a lot of fun, but you'll lose all your hot drop friends when they get tired of you stealing all the pod kills. Are generally Reasonably priced SEO Services Powerful? Check= Functional test Jester. If you are willing to commit at scram range than a Legion is a bit more likely to kill a strong active tank than a Loki, but it is far from a guarantee (especially if talking about JSpace rattles). Only bad thing is it that it’s kinda bulky when it comes to maneuvering. Check = Nice fit2. or.. whatever the highsec version is called bombers target you you will be scrapmetal. Have you thought about the tengu? Ah well. With this release we also think that the project is …

This is the most disgusting fit I've read in a long time. Industry is getting a massive rework.But, I decided Dinsdale is The Mittani's alter ego. ... A properly fit logi loki will rep less than a basi but more than a scimitar. We are proud with the immediate release of EVE Workbench 1.6.0 which brings you new features and bug fixes. Loki is amazing, with pretty much every single weapon system you can think of. you can also use this ab brawl HAM fit for low class wh ganking: There's going to be a lot of people saying Loki, and they're wrong. Might it be better to run something like thermal that usually has low resists for both shield and armor? Hmmm...Will this help those poor folks that bitch about the farming frigates in FW?

With this release we also think that the project is no longer in BETA phase. the lack of prop mod seriously worries me. If you are missing features please let us know using the feedback button, by joining our Discord-server using this invite or by entering our in-game channel "EVE Workbench". r/Eve: The official r/eve subreddit for the MMORPG Eve Online. Then he ran into this guy: It is not ? We are proud with the immediate release of EVE Workbench 1.6.0 which brings you new features and bug fixes. I dont think the Legion get many mid slots in Covert. Today I'm using a stratios a lot and i'm very happy with it but it is a bit limited against some big fish (and lack of combat probe) : I would like to be able to kill BS ratters, even solo if possible.

I fly the Legion a lot but it also fit mainly for straight up dps for hit and run tactics.

No official affiliation or endorsement by CCP Games hf is stated or implied. We are proud with the immediate release of EVE Workbench 1.6.0 which brings you new features and bug fixes.

© 2020 EVE Workbench. ;D. Dumbass question time, why the EMP ammo? EMP is there because the median T1 frig wandering low-sec has low resists to EM damage. Atom Deathstroke • 8 months ago • 0 Export: EFT ... EVE Workbench Release 1.6.0. ecm tengu, best tengu. Tengu has arguably Beter tank and overal more dps especially when ratting. Alpha is 25% higher than the equivalent Muninn; Lock time is 50% quicker than the equivalent Muninn; and. I can't understand why people call T3's overpowered while they are clearly not. ), If I understood correctly, the legion is a stronger stratios, so a good ship for hunting and it won't change my playstyle but I must commit (slow/must fight at neut range) and risking my SP. I know most of the players says loki>all but if you want to help me here is some more info to consider : I'm a wormholer in a small corp living in a c2 with NS static, perfect for ganking. Hiding from trauma only makes it worse, and insisting everyone else police their language to suit your sensibilities is a dick move. Awesome Inc. theme. You guys are responsible for one of the biggest blows ever to high sec, it is published today, and you choose to post a fit for a insta-lock Loki that even I came up with 15 minutes after Apochrypha was released on Sisi? As the poet said , if you're not being criticized, you may not be doing much. This post has the potential to be contentious.

Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Nothing stop you to switch ammo, EMP is there mostly because it's the first ammo type you can pick in eft and have the same dps as phased plasma.As for running away when you face your counter that's common sense... Use whatever ammo type you fancy. Here's a ship that proves I'm just a really really bad person. Logi Locke Locke (Moosearmy) lost their Loki in IPAY-2 (Vale of the Silent). What I plan to do is to use the t3c mostly for cloaky ganking, solo or with one or 2 corps mates. I suspect most of his other victims died in a very similar fashion. Final Blow by JohnMnemonic (SoT) flying in a Naga. ^^ that. Dark Assassin15 Failed Diplomacy: Posted - 2010.12.15 18:40:00 - Kspace vs wspace does matter though and how much you're willing to go full commit vs try to be able to escape. Loki or Legion. If I choose the Legion, I would also get the Curse what looks to be also a good ganking ship (d-scan cloak + blackout OP). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I have 20M SP, good missile and drone skills and don't plan to skill other weapon system soon (maybe triv) Bits of Bacon, Spaceships, and Serious Business. Loki Offensive - Projectile Scoping Array Loki Propulsion - Intercalated Nanofibers Loki Engineering - Power Core Multiplier Warrior II x5 Hornet EC-300 x5 i fly vagabonds when i want something fast. Total Value: 1,202,368,376.66 ISK also you are SERIOUSLY lacking in buffer so if the other logi are not on the ball or the orobouros.

Loki offers greater flexibility in the hull and the option to not commit in scram range, however with your skills you won't be able to use all of that flexibility due to a lack of gunnery skills restricting you to HAMs/RLML. as for OP. And yet, every great once in a while in a low-sec gank fleet, I enjoy flying it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If you check his mails that guy flies Legion all the time and "solo" people with it.

And your right, you WILL get yelled at on comms if you bring one and no one else did....And got the pod! If you plan to do NS, i'd suggest the arty web loki. It's strong with 720s, with HML, with HAMs, with Rapids. Mostly, I'm working on my ... Well, CSM9 is now fully in the driver's seat! Jester's ramblings about EVE Online, MMOs, gaming, geek philosophy, and -- very occasionally -- life. I recently saw a streamer playing his Loki. Announcement: Cap Stable and CSM Watch on Hiatus, Prosper: An EVE Online Tool Development Blog, Aspiring Hari Seldon - Part 3 - Releasing REST Forecasts. ... As I've mentioned a couple of times on this blog, I've been spending a lot of time in Empire lately. All right reserved. In pure 1v1 starting at 0 a neut/missile legion would rape an active legion or not ? Because it looks like he killed a macha :, and died some hour later in a fit with no neut :, Anyway, I think I would never bling my ship/pod that much but I'm very interested. In a T3 vs T3 solo the rule of thumb is if both are decent active fits no one wins, but a legion with 2 neuts is more likely to break a strong tank than a Loki. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Loki. and the loki would let me survive more thanks to web bonus, but may not be able to kill a strong active tanked ship, right ? Got my 50th killmark today. But yes, phased plasma is often just as good and sometimes is a bit better. Legion will have more utility but I think the loki will be better in the fights you do choose to take. Bonused neuts on a Legion are invaluable. If your running with a few corp mates you should consider what they are flying. He used a fairly standard shield fit. You are mainly going to be able to kill buffers and shitfits. Loki or Legion.

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