Man’s Fate is based on his own experiences of the 1927 Chinese Revolution, which I will describe in a second. He is eventually captured and, in a final act of self-determination, chooses to take his own life with cyanide. Unlike the historical reality it portrays, however, Malraux's fictional world demands that its hero die, for only in sacrificial death can... French writer and politician André Malraux (1901-1976) was generally regarded as one of the most distinguished novelists of the 20th century. What would have been the value of a life for which he would not have been willing to die? Ch’en turns to terrorism and dies in an attempt to blow up Jiang’s car, although we find out later that the Marshal was not inside. “Frankl offers readers who are searching for answers to life’s dilemmas a critical mandate: he does not tell people what to do, but why they must do it .” Therefore when it signed a Non-Agression Pact with Nazi Germany, it was not about to entertain arguments either from within the Communist Parties or their intellectual fellow travelers. These revolve around whether to remain in the GMD or push forward the role of the proletariat and peasants in the revolution. Take, for example, this dialogue between Kyo and a representative of the Comintern on the subject of promoting peasant insurrections: The six days he had spent coming up the river had confirmed Kyo in his idea: in those clay cities that had squatted on the river-junctions for thousands of years the poor would be as ready to follow the peasant as to follow the worker. This book won the Prix Goncourt French literature award in 1933. $14.95. The Soviet Union seeks an accommodation with the GMD, which it provides with funding, arms and the basis of the Leninist model of party organization. For instance, exoticism and violence, blindness and suffering, and the ubiquitous presence of death appear throughout his writings. After all the debates are done, the main characters are still faced with the fact that the Communists have been defeated. Maybe this is supposed to sound lyrical and elegiac, but to me it just sounds sort of bloated. Writers such as Malraux, André Gide and Romain Roland had established themselves before the thirties, but in that decade they were attracted to leftist politics, specifically the version put forth by the Soviet Union. Man's Fate (French: La condition humaine) is a 1933 novel written by André Malraux about the failed communist revolution that occurred in Shanghai in 1927, and the existential quandaries facing a diverse group of people associated with the revolution. This was exemplified by Kyo, and its alternative was shown in the fatality of Ch'en. Another point presented in the book addresses how people interact with one another. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However I think Malraux bit off way more than he could chew. His novels, therefore, oscillate between the pessimism of individual existence and the optimism of collective action. But he follows.’, ‘No. Rather, I find it hard to imagine an existential approach to Marxism or any other variant of revolutionary politics. Ralph Waldo Emerson, a well – known leader of the transcendentalist movement in his poem “Fate” explains that a person’s life is fully controlled by fate or destiny as we call it and supernatural forces or greater beings control an individual’s life for better or worse. Protagonist. In return the GMD adopts a vague form of “socialism” in Dr. Sun’s “Principles of National Reconstruction,” and allows CCP members to operate as a faction within it, and many CCP members including the young Mao Zedong become leaders of the GMD. Katov for example chooses to give his cyanide pill to two other prisoners and thus accepts being burned alive himself, having saved those two men from suffering. To me this says that Malraux only approached Marxism as a petty-bourgeois romantic, and left it when other things became more exciting. Unfortunately this is the best of what the book has to offer. Out of this emerges the Guomindang (GMD), a nationalist party led by Dr. Sun Yatsen dedicated to the reunification of the country as a republic and the limiting of foreign influence.

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