Not by the Mets like other teams too. He was critical of the whole situation throughout the spring but he needed another 24 days of service time for free agency. I just mean that because any team did it with any player doesn’t give him the right to do it to this team. If he declines, I predict he will remain a free agent until June just like Keuchel in 2019.

He is bad. Again, depends on who or what you believe. He only missed qualifying for free agency by 24 days last offseason. Now that Marcus Stroman is done pitching on his current contract as a member of the New York Mets, we can look back at how the trade that brought him to …

He’s a me-first player anyway, this could help the Mets. cmon. They could tender a QO and receive a draft pick or he might accept and you have him for another year. Man the Mets got screwed again. He is a potentially stabilizing force. You are talking about the Mets? Neither the Braves, Cubs or Stroman. It just feels a little disingenuous to play for a couple weeks until your personal contract situation is better, then suddenly have family concerns about safety. You can call it bax luck. If they don’t have the right to do it as you say, how did they manage to get away with it? but other than the cards and marlins what reason giving anyone that playing would be unsafe. Gillick, Cashman, Dombrowski,Sabean, Mozeliak. Could happen but statistically speaking Kay and SWR will probably contribute more than that pick. It would be funny if the whole Mets team opted out of the rest of the season. Probably missing other misses. The Blue Jays sent righthanded pitcher Marcus Stroman and cash considerations to the Mets in exchange for pitching prospects Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods-Richardson, the team announced Sunday. With the Blue Jays a distant fourth in the American League East division, Stroman was seen as one of the most likely candidates to be dealt before the July 31 deadline.

Because we know that the Mets got basically nothing out of Marcus Stroman so worst case scenario for the Jays the trade was a wash. The season is running out on him. This trade is looking like a real win for the Blue Jays.

They were offered interesting returns that they turned down flat, so…. The right-hander, who is a free agent at season’s end, called the move a family decision and cited the many “uncertainties” and “unknowns” of playing in the current health-and-safety atmosphere. Playing tag with Cespedes. You want to be the BEST first baseman, not the 10th best…, his market this offseason is going to be odd. It’s as if you think everyone will have a career year. He had more to lose in 7/8 starts this year than he has to gain. who is pitching after Cole??? That helps Stroman. Of course they would believe that! The problem is not him opting out. While Stroman will forgo the remainder of his $12MM salary, it isn’t as if there’s an obvious way for the team to reinvest it for a player of similar quality — at least, not without giving up substantial prospect value via trade. That’s his absolute right. I read through all these comments hoping someone had said what I was thinking. 3/$60? Also, SWR is a top-100 prospect. It’s not needed.
Kay has looked impressive in three major league appearances this season, posting a 1.13 ERA over eight innings pitched out of the bullpen.

Please login to leave a reply. I ask YOU if it’s right or wrong. What a disaster that deal was. And yes… Cheating on your spouse should be illegal. But yes, Atkins not talking to the Twins was a huge blunder. He went on the injured list. Kay pitching well in limited work, Woods-Richardson on the horizon. Funny if he opted out before the season he doesn’t become a UFA.

I mean if two years of back to back stellar production and now a continuation of it isn’t enough than what would be? Depends. Not fine with him misleading fans. That’s just not how a successful team is built, and never has been. Mets got absolutely nothing out of that trade.

I really like sto, i really feel he is a guy that u hate when he is on the other team but like when he is on yours. So he accomplished free agency while on the DL and protected his value by not performing poorly this season. It’s one thing to rehab at Citi or MCU and another traveling to Miami and Philly. Its a matter of not having a poor season going into free agency. This hurts especially when you consider…. Alonso has been awful. This looks like a scam to me. Problem was never with pitching, it was pain felt while fielding his position & running. COVID is just a convenient excuse for him but terribly sad for everyone else. Doesnt like the idea of that. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. With a little over a month-and-a-half left, there’s hardly anything he can do that would significantly enhance his value entering free agency, but there’s a lot that could diminish it (injury, slow start, etc.)

Shapiro is well respected around the league, and actually has hardware to prove that he is capable in handling a top FO gig. Woods-Richardson on the other hand has also impressed during his time in Canada. It’s almost as if teams don’t do the exact same thing to their top prospects breaking in to the majors! Mets don’t look to be competing for anything … Even if they get one of the expanded playoff spots, it’s hard to see them going into the semifinals or LCS. The same way that the Cubs and Braves had the right to manipulate service time on Kris Bryant and Ronald Acuña. I don’t know if he waited specifically because he wanted to be a FA (I can’t possibly know that) but if he did, of course he’s not going to admit it. It’s about the contract. I’m just stating what I think and whatever happens after that, not my problem. By the book it’s legit but nothing.

I can be objective. No need for a rebuild.

they always find a special way to lose. Good for Stroman for looking out for himself. Just cut your losses and let him go. I’m not sure this is the case. JDGoat, Please don’t attribute words or evil emotions to me. Mets re-signing Stroman won’t make the trade look better for them. Whether the Mets will extend Stroman a qualifying offer, as once seemed sure, remains to be seen. From the Mets perspective, they traded for 1.5 years of a player. Rest up that arm. Jays trading Stroman to the Mets looking better by the minute.

As Ross Atkins would say we got 12 years of control for 1.5 years of control. But the Jays managed to win this trade. This really does suck for Mets fans though. They just aren’t thete yet. If Mets wanted his services then pay the man so he is financially secure. He is a regular on MLBTR who was previously named NoBumgarnerequalsnoNLCS. Kay, currently in Class AAA, was a first-round pick in 2016 and made his pro debut last year following Tommy John surgery.

However it has been documented locally that Atkins has done this before. Sitting on IL for the entire season hurts his stock. By the book its legit, but the reason service time manipulation cases are heard is that they are looking at manipulation, not the mathematics of the days. I don’t blame him one bit.This season is a joke,anyway.He has an injury which could nag him for months.Plus family matters more than anything. Have no issue with him opting out I hated the trade from the start. Even if Stroman’s plan all along was to opt out as soon as he could while still qualifying for free agency this offseason, he was allowed to do that. Any good pitcher is worth 17 mil or whatever it is on a 1 year deal. Thr Phillies are 1 for 10 with the bases loaded this year. Since it’s not an arm injury, the injury doesn’t play into free agency as much. He has a right to think Acuna is the worst player of the 21st century, just as you have the right to think Acuna is the greatest player since Babe Ruth. My bet is this has nothing to do with the virus. According to Baseball Reference, he needed to spent 24 days on the active roster to make it to 6 years of service time. He has no track record for 2020 and he wasn’t all that great in 2019. Or even worry about it at all? How do we know the Twins had a better offer? So basically if Stroman was pitching for the Yankees he never would of never opted out because those games actually matter. I might be way off given his age, durability and weak SP market this year, but his strikeout numbers aren’t great and he gives up a ton of knocks.

It’s not Stroman’s problem that he got traded to a team that didn’t manipulate his service time. If GM Brodie Van Wagenen and the rest of the front office can use their relationship with Stroman as a way of re-signing him to a longer-term deal in the offseason, it would elevate much of the sting. After the Blue Jays already manipulated his service time 6 years ago? Kay has looked pretty good so far this season. To answer the obvious question of how this affects his free agency. The move sent the 2019 All-Star and 2017 Gold Glove pitcher to New York in exchange for two of the Mets’ top pitching prospects. Competent starting pitching gets overpaid with respect to on-field production because it is scarce so he could get something in the QO range. Not true at all, he pitched a 5 inning sim game over the weekend and was said to be coming back this week. (JD, Giles, Sanchez). @hiflew. You look at Acuna’s stats and look for a hole you can poke in it and for some reason that one hole negates all the rest that Acuna does for the Braves. Marcus Stroman New York Mets Newsstand Transactions.

Jimthegoat, I don’t think he ever really was shopping Syndergaard, rather he was just taking calls from teams feeling out what it would take to obtain him, then the rumor filled rage took over, but they never really wanted to trade Thor. Terrible trade. The 19-year-old prospect has performed well in the minor leagues and “turned heads” during his time in the Jays’ summer camp. However, there is one scenario where the Mets can still save face. It doesn’t specifically give them the right to do it in the CBA. This obviously represents a major blow to the Mets’ hopes in 2020. “Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me too much if they brought Stroman back in FA next offseason.”, No thanks. For sure. As a Mets fan I think he really jammed over the team. Trade looked questionable at the time and now looks about 10x worse. Won’t they all be? Woods-Richardson, 18, was a second-round pick in 2018 and has made 20 starts this season at Class A. Thanks bud. How are you enjoying Acuna’s 913 OPS. Chances are you’re right, but then again it’s the MLB draft, star players get drafted after the second round just about every year.

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