If you are going to be doing a lot of "number-crunching", particularly if your numbers are ASCII strings in a file, and you are doing fairly simple things with them and want something quick, MatLab isn't a bad bet. The same goes for Maple. Although MathCad has obvious advantages for combining text and calculations in a more or less free form way, my impression is that MatLab offers many programming advantages. MATLAB has some good simple GUI handling built in, making it easy to throw together analysis programs that are more convenient than having the user modify 20 (or whatever) parameters in a config file just to run a different sim. It's easy to learn to use (once you've climbed the "learn the editor" hill. Programming? Here’s how these two leading solutions stack up. Displaying charts? Prime 2.0 is not the tool for you as a PhD candidate. I (develop & document) (models & design basis calculations) in Mathcad, and turn to MATLAB when I need its features (beginning of post, for starters; data handling, &c.). V1). MathCAD Prime 3.0 MATLAB R2014b All tests were performed on a personal desktop computer in a quiet room. The purpose of these illustrative examples is to demonstrate that these three tools have similar basic capabilities and give insight into which computational tool to select for a project.

And gnu R is worth knowing just for the fancy plots. The wise engineer would know one of matlab/python and one of mathcad/mathematica/maple and use the right one for the task at hand. However, the MathCad at the time (12? +1. So thus far I am pleased with Mathcad but I need to study its programming side. Here’s how these two leading solutions stack up.

And the student pricing means that one can have both products for about $200. It is fast, well supported by MathWorks, has a great user community, has a student license, and is far, far, far, far, easier to manage, license-wise, than any PTC product. That was in a formal course at Uni of Idaho. I've just downloaded and installed MathCad Prime 2.0 (I "passed" on Prime 1.0 because it lacked 3-D plots and symbolics (both of which I use).

Before I go down that road, I thought I'd ask your opinion on which one of the discussed M software packages would be best suited for a PhD student majoring in civil engineering with an emphasis in transportation? So you could buy Prime 4 now (and thereby get Mathcad 15 for free) with a perpetual license, but you will not be able to buy any upgrade with a perpetual license. That was in a formal course at Uni of Idaho. I am comfortable with Mathcad Prime but would not mind learning Mathlab for some speciality area where industry might have preference. It also may be used for plotting graphs and various other manipulations of your equations. Sometimes companies believe they can rely on spreadsheets to store calculations but spreadsheet data is hard to maintain and share. I recently "checked" a published equation that I wanted to use, only to find that it contained en error, an error that would have been much more difficult to find without unit checking. Smath is a free program similar to mathcad. Each of these tools is reviewed in additional detail through-out the course. I have been "sneaking" my work by in Mathcad, while some of my peers think that I am using MATLAB. In addition, programming is more intuitive in MATLAB for me (extensive background w 3G, 4G programming languages) than Mathcad. Download our FREE. I'm hoping and planning to "get re-acquainted" with MathCad for my algorithm development, modelling, and data analysis (not of the "number-crunching" variety, but I might decide to "give it a try" ...). According to my IT accountant, a Mathcad "seat" is much cheaper than a Matlab "seat.". I would suggest if your'e young in the 30s and 40s and are using Mathcad or Prime, that you should also pick up with Mathlab if the area you are involved in has those packs in Mathlab.<--- Time issue. One of MATLAB's weaknesses is its graphics capability (can't even get sub-tick grid lines on plots). I'm not sure what you mean. I own (30+ years)and operate my own scientific engineering company.

(Complicated expression involving current-voltage characteristics of swept Langmuir probes in tenuous plasma.). Just change the words.) MATLAB boasts of over 500 partner solutions, but many of them are small and highly specialized. Tests were conducted from 11 April to 18 April, 2015. I was surprised to see the level of programming similar to Fortran for instance.

TippuSultan-3161 replies 13 threads Senior Member.

(I didn't /want/ to learn Java programming, ...). I use MathCAD and Matlab and they have complementary strengths. I started with MathCad first.

Mathcad, you copy a bit map. Re: MathCad vs. Matlab?

So far, I've used it to solve complex vector equations and animate mechanisms for kinematics. Can someone (or several) offer some comments about advantages of one vs. the other? fminsearch? And if your professor knows Mathcad he recomends you this M software etc. (Admitted: soome of the Mathcad functions can get isoteric too.

It's easy to learn to use (once you've climbed the "learn the editor" hill. Pray tell, what is fzero? So it takes me a while to get the entries and syntax right, slowly I am making progress. I recommend getting a student license for both Mathcad and MATLAB, and using them regularly. Expert tips and advice to prepare you for college entrance exams. I used MathCad to develop and test the equations to take the signals (voltages) and convert them (through multiple steps, including getting "scaling" information from other files) into a series of three components representing roll, pitch, and yaw (these eventually were converted to rotation vectors). Civil engineering appeals to me but I struggle with math. If you want to write awesome scientific reports, you need look no further than LaTeX. (Some people have been writing DLL's and scripts to address that, you can find a wide assortment here.)

Along the way I realized I needed learn some MatLab – which led to my question. Yes. But I can read a Mathcad sheet and understand it--it looks like hand written math. I would guess, however, that Matlab is the most commonly employed general processing tool across industry and academia if that's what you are asking. (Mr. Jackson may have an input.)

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