Every time that I had a question about something mentioned in passing, it was satisfactorily answered within a few pages. The agricultural conglomerates that have gobbled up Oelwein and similar farm towns may feed the world, but they starve the folks who work for them, breeding a craving for synthetic stimulants that conveniently sap the appetite while enlarging the body’s capacity for toil. looking at the big picture and the overall consequence. But Reding also does two things with this story of an addictive drug in a small town which is 1.) And the reasons why they do. According to Nick Reding: "The argument I make in the book is very simple: The harder it is for people to make money honestly, the easier it will be for an increasingly large portion to chose to make it dishonestly. Nick Reding is a born writer and Methland is a wonderful book. It's also about the meth epidemic in small towns throughout the U.S. Meth is most prevalent in rural areas, where poor people cook up small batches in their kitchens. METHLAND. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Those books are excruciating personal family stories, one written by the father (David Sheff), one by the son (Nic Sheff), about the son's addiction and the repercussions on the lives of the family members as well as the addict. "Methland" is about the methamphetamine attack on rural America.

Or else. But it’s as relevant today as when it was written, Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2013, High Time Meth Was Given This Kind Of Attention, Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2011. Right now. It also tells the story of those not using meth and how their lives are destroyed. Well, this book changed all of that. This story is told on different levels and represents different points of view. First, it seems unlikely that drug addicts will take this completely optional test; will answer truthfully if they do take it; and will even be at work in the first place--as opposed to home cooking meth. His nose was all but gone now, too, and he ran back and forth among the gathered neighbors, unable to scream, for his esophagus and his voice box had cooked inside his throat.”. Second, he also shows how the decline of local industry (and America's insatiable appetite, literally, for cheap meat) led to a rise in meth in the midwest. Still, Redick is not judgmental, and these people are fully human, residents of a rural America as devastated by the loss of meatpacking jobs and the farm crisis as the cities were by the flight of manufacturing and with a tax base too dismal to fund any coping mechanisms. They often experience horrible consequences purely due to the choices of those around them. I was happy to see the author take on another type of villain, which thoughtful writers and journalists in the US today seem to shy away from, perha. It takes many, many villains to create a disaster on the scale of the world-wide epidemic caused by meth. Nick Reding was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and received his B.A. I'm tempted to describe how the initial rush of the first chapter couldn't be replicated but that I still couldn't put the book down, and when finished I wound up cooking it and smoking it. The authors want to make sure they share every fact they’ve found, apparently thinking we care (I’m looking at you, Simon Winchester, you conundrum you!) Reding also relates the history of methamphetamine use -- it was given to soldiers during WWII to keep them going for days without sleep or food and prescribed to housewives during the 50s to keep them energetically caring for homes and children. A photon of cheer at the end of this grim tunnel emerges toward the end of “Methland” when, thanks to tireless efforts by a new mayor, a shaky economic revitalization succeeds in sprucing up the town and brightening its prospects. He also describes how the drug makes you feel good by flooding your brain with neurotransmitters, and in the long term actually rewires your brain so that the drug is the only thing that makes you feel good.

“Methland” begins quietly and solemnly, with a ballad of cultural invisibility. Those are just two s. Many people are familiar with the meth scourge, but there are two new things (at least to me) offered in this book that make me recommend it. Instead, the author is specifically trying. ); and Iowa City is also not southwest of Oelwein (almost due south, if not a bit southeast). The Death and Life of an American Small Town.

Those are just two small parts of the book, which seems to cover all aspects of the meth trade in the rural midwest. I grew up in a small mill town where alcoholism was a way of life.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. When I traveled to Iowa for family reunion picnics in the '60's, 70's and into the 80's little I saw would tarnish this i. There is no stronger message of the adverse affects of drugs on the mind and body than Roland Jarvis literally melting in the fire caused by his meth lab. Even though the book is a few years old, I'm sure much of what it portrays is still relevant. by Nick Reding. He subsequently zooms in, down into the communties and the lives of those affected by the social, political and economic trends that led formerly self sufficient communites and individuals to become hobbled and susceptible to a scourge both internal and external.
Nick Reding's "Methland" works not just as a compassionate view of the human beings caught in the meth epidemic in America's heartland but as a sober review of the economic forces and policy choices that made agricultural communities the perfect victim for this kind of drug. Yes, Iowa's small farm towns possessed all that is right and great with America--hard work, simple but worthwhile lives, and a golden goodness. This is not Radar O'Reilly's Ottumwa, Iowa. But Reding also does two things with this story of an addictive drug in a small town which is 1.) Some residents would rather stick their heads in the ground and pretend everything is hunky dory.

It's also about the meth epidemic in small towns throughout the U.S. Meth is most prevalent in rural areas, where poor people cook up small batches in their kitchens. Methland paints a dismle portrait of what the "fly over states" deal with when their single industry run town goes out of business via a hostile take over. He respects nuance. [return]My only complaint is that I would have liked to see an index in this book. The dramatic story of the methamphetamine epidemic as it sweeps the American heartland a timely, moving, very human account of one community s attempt to battle its way to a brighter future. I went into this book hoping to gain an understanding of drug addiction, and in a way it gave me that. This was a very interesting read regarding the big picture of how meth came into being, how it transformed from a legal drug to an i. I've been practicing criminal law for the past 18 years .. 8 years as an assistant district attorney and 10 years as a criminal defense attorney. We’d love your help. Methland starts where Beautiful Boy and Tweak leave off. My guess is that this is so because it is cheap and people are bored.

And no one, least of all Reding, who knows what’s what on an intimate, human level as well as on the astral plane of globalism, can tell us where it will all end — only that, all things being equal in an increasingly unequal land, it doesn’t have far or very long to go. Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2020, Investigative stories made into books , in my opinion, seem to hit in the 50/50 range of palpability. Jarvis flung it off himself, and then he saw that where the egg white had been he could now see roasting muscle. Methland is good for 11th grade and up. And that’s not an entirely bad thing here, where survival means working harder for less each year, from late shift to day shift, until perception blurs.
First synthesized in 1898, methamphetamine was long marketed legally in the United States. This noteworthy book was certainly an eye-opener for me. For would-be journalists of this type (investigative, immersive, participatory, even literary journalists) his explanation of his sources is also interesting -- he played disc golf with a recovering addict, corresponded with jailed manufacturers, read what all the other journalists were uncovering, and hung out in a meth-addled town for years. Reding focuses much of the book on the period between 2005-2007 when meth coverage was at it's height in the media. Twitter Share. At the same time, the embattled Lein and Hallberg manage to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps just as they’re about to plunge over sheer emotional cliffs. “Jarvis looked down and saw what he thought was egg white on his bare arms. The importance of this book is summed up at the end when Reding notes that you can't solve a problem that you don't see. One part that struck me is when some of the people the author interviewed discuss how they struggle to experience happiness on the same level as when they were high. Nonfiction review: 'Methland' Updated Mar 26, 2019; Posted Jun 19, 2009 .

He lives with his wife and son in Saint Louis. Nick Reding begins "Methland" high in the sky over "flyover country", the huge, flat expanse of land between the two coasts. Focusing on Oelwein Iowa, it's about the ordinary people who use meth and the ordinary people who make it … This was a very interesting read regarding the big picture of how meth came into being, how it transformed from a legal drug to an illegal drug, the big business of how it is mass produced, and the drug cartels who handle it's distribution. A sociological study wrapped into a semi-personal tale. But color me skeptical when I'm told that this generation's drug is yet another incarnation of the WORST DRUG EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND! Methland: The Death and Life of a Small American Town by Nick Reding is one scary book. And drug addiction is horrible, drug cartels are evil and dangerous, and poverty tends to breed despair and thus drug use. In the tradition of James ­Agee’s writings on Depression-era share-­croppers, Reding displays the faces of the damned in broken-capillary close-ups.

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