I’ve sat through my counseling classes in law school and I know I wouldn’t handle a story in such a repugnant manner. Wow, first I had no idea about this, second, why the outrage? you people are nuts. Really? “Hosstyle In Tampa says:

Hey Florio, Her death was reported months ago.

Get the hell over it. Based on inside information, backwater channels, half-truths and innuendo you have been able to bring this site some credibility and have gotten yourself a major sponsor for your site.

In August, the mother of Saints quarterback Drew Brees died suddenly. Suicide is not part of a rational decision-making process. I don’t particularly want to read about it myself, but it’s appropriate for him to write about it. Not a member? Drew Brees was estranged from his mother. Florio may be a classless hack, but that should be expected at this point.

It’s a blog where people chat about football issues after you and your staff “re-report” and comment on them. —————————— I live in Austin, I used to produce a sports radio call-in show here, and we had Mina Brees on the air when she was first representing Drew, acting as his agent in the NFL draft. Sure hope Drew isn’t logging on. Making the tragic and untimely death of 59-year-old Mina Brees, an Austin, Texas lawyer, even more upsetting was that Drew Brees and his mother had been estranged for several years. Having just re-read my post, maybe this is the sort of thing you want in the first place…let’s hope not. WELCOME BACK ;-P. DEAR FLORIO- I’m inclined to agree with Florio on this one. I don’t blame you Mike for posting this, because I know it is a tough call and I am willing to bet you strugged with this decision, especially in todays media where the most shocking headlines get the most clicks. You have the best NFL site on the internet (and that’s saying a lot.) The death of the mother of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been ruled a suicide. More of why you’ve driven me away from this site. Mina Brees, an attorney from Austin, Texas, died Aug. 7 while visiting Colorado. As someone who has been in the news business for 27 years, there is no news value to the story about her death. Has been ruled – which means it is not a speculation post. Lawdog… it’s NBC not CBS The circle is complete. At the time, Drew Brees called his relationship with his mother "nonexistent," saying it crumbled six years earlier when he refused to hire her as his agent. Mina Brees, an attorney from Austin, Texas, died Aug. 7 while visiting Colorado. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! What is the difference between reporting this story and reporting about Bret Favre’s father dying? Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Death of Drew Brees' mother ruled a suicide, Ravens’ DC yelled at Bengals’ coach for last-minute field goal down 27-0, Russell Wilson throws fourth-down TD with 15 seconds left to keep Seattle undefeated, Raiders end Chiefs’ winning streak with 40-32 upset, Dak Prescott has compound fracture dislocation of his right ankle, Jamaal Williams: Aaron Rodgers would never lose track of downs, Gregg Williams: Jets allowing 32 points a game is not all on the defense, Report: Le’Veon Bell choosing between Bills, Chiefs and Dolphins. dc4545 says: November 16, 2009 9:18 PM Sorry but I like my football news to be about football. “We were reluctant at first to mention this latest development, out of respect to the Brees family. The article was appropriate as it was news and, moreover, it was written in a more than fair manner. This is a close call for me as to whether you needed to “report” this or not.

We hope that they will be able to find closure and peace in the coming days.” J.B. Pritzker gives a coronavirus update, After Twitter outcry, 5 women detail Chris D’Elia’s alleged sexual improprieties. Hey lay off guys. Suicides aren’t news, and it doesn’t matter that other “news” outlets have reported the story. Keep your credibility by deleting this entire piece, for your own sake as much as Drew Brees’. Are you really proud of the legal extortion racket? Florio, I’m on the fence on this one. Did you feel compelled to take a shower after posting this? How disgusting. The reason this sucks is because we can all basically agree that Drew Brees is a good guy and a hell of a leader but regardless of who the person is, it’s sad for anyone to lose their mother one way or the other… probably doubly sad if you’re on the outs with her at the time it happens. He’d never missed a game. She had allegedly sent letters to some restaurants in Austin and Houston stating that they had lost their rights to use their names to a company she represented, Chicksports, but they could win the rights back by paying up to $25,000. What a goddamned douchebag you are for reporting this. SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK says: November 16, 2009 10:48 PM Why is this in football news? If you died tragically for some reason, would you want it plastered all over the news and internet for your children to be reminded of constantly? For all of that I give you a job well done. ... Ravens defensive end Dwan Edwards plans to appeal the $5,000 fine he received for a hit delivered to Browns receiver Josh Cribbs on Monday. MFM… good point on Alzado. Better to have omitted it. I forgot to include SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK with his esteemed company of “Apetits” and “me so horny” in the defenders of this post. You know, for like doing his job. They’re undefeated for gods sake! Well posting this won’t help.

Relations between Drew Brees and his mother were strained at times and the quarterback asked her to stop using his picture in TV commercials touting her candidacy for a Texas appeals court seat in 2006.

... Saints running back Reggie Bush was held out of practice for the third straight day and is listed as questionable for Sunday's game in Tampa Bay.

In this matter, you have taken a short four sentence matter of fact report in a very minor publication and have spread it throughout the world. This is some of the counter-intuitive “journalism” ala Rush Limbaugh. You needed to make a decision as to whether this is worthy of being “reported”/spread around the world on a site that has thousands of times the page views of the “Austin American-Statesman”. Too bad, don’t read the internet or newspapers.

Picking scabs again Florio? And a quick note to “SF Saints Fan” — the Austin American-Statesman is not a “very minor publication,” you dim-wit. He isn’t playing today and the cause of her death has no bearing on his status as a player. Perhaps he can get his friends “MomMakesMeGoToBedAt9:30pmOrI WouldPost” and “ElephantGenitalia” to chime in to further buttress his argument. Hey Florio, just so you know, I get way more entertainment out of reading the user names of people on this site than from your actual posts. 6 degrees to football right? It’s the newspaper of record in the state capitol of Austin, Texas and has a very significant online readership. if someone close to a super high profile athlete commits suicide it is definitely news worthy. You have not “reported” anything, you have only spread a news item to millions of people who really have no interest in this topic other than the fact that this is a very sad story of an apparently troubled woman. 50 plus posts at this time with the majority bashing you for running this story. Seriously? He’s the TMZ of the NFL. I agree with Alzado’s Vein, do the family a solid and take this down. I hope you get fired. What a horrible thing to report. It’s good that Florio reported this tidbit. In August, the mother of Saints quarterback Drew Brees died suddenly.

Don’t get mad at Florio because he posted factual public information. Mina Brees, an attorney from Austin, Texas, died Aug. 7 while visiting Colorado.

That makes it newsworthy. Could have let the other sources sling the crap. The more I think about it though, you gotta take this post down, Florio. I really enjoy reading the posts here, but this one has no class at all. Florio…. Take your self righteousness and shove it up your ass people. ... Steelers safety Troy Polamalu did not practice all week because of a left knee injury and will not play Sunday in Kansas City. Last I heard, Florio, you are still a lawyer……. Giant pain in the neck: Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce is out indefinitely after an MRI exam surprisingly revealed a bulging disk in his neck. Yeah, we can tell by the post you didn’t just make. How about you do the same and sign up again with a tactful name, if that’s how you really feel?

Damn that guy. We hope that they will be able to find closure and peace in the coming days. As he often just posts what others report first, if we weren’t all so damn lazy we’d just check the other major sports sites and use Google. I am a firm believer in the golden rule and Drew doesn’t deserve a public reminder of what is no doubt one of the most painful subjects of this life. Period! I’m sure Florio was as reluctant as anyone to report this. The only reason I registered was to let you know how I feel. Go eat some anthrax chips, you massive massive douche. It has 50+ responses already and will probably get 100 or more.

This is something I would rather have not read. What a scumbaggy post this is. “Making the tragic and untimely death of 59-year-old Mina Brees, an Austin, Texas lawyer, even more upsetting was that Drew Brees and his mother had been estranged for several years.”. @Raider Pride … Hey Florio, At least his article wasn’t as sickening as the one that ESPN put out. He didn’t reveal a deep secret – it’s on the news. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you don’t want to read about it, then move along.

Maybe we can find dirt in Florio’s family, hes sort of a celebrity.

This isn’t an affair. Nice. On a Monday, after SEVERAL FOOTBALL storylines and many great Sunday games, you run with THIS?? Really well seems you read it until you were moved to post a reply.

Something as sensitive as this should remain in the backwater local paper it was originally printed with no lip service paid, not aired out to the world by some fame-hungry tart like yourself. I just heard it on the radio, which is what prompted me to google the story online. As someone who loves this site please just take a look at these comments and make a decision as to whom you are trying to attract to this site. dc4545: The most sophisticated & mature & rational whiner here at PFT. He may miss the Nov. 29 game at Baltimore as well.

Florio, delete this article now. Hey Florio- keep up the good work. It’ll be all over ESPN and SI, and all other sports and non-sports sites as it is already with the embedded links. This is news albeit sad that is of interest to the football world and those who know and follow Brees. Just because it was a suicide? Absolutely Nothing…

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