|   (CAC Required). has established the Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) environment. LOGIN. NAVY THREE ONE ONE NORFOLK VA, CAC Users  

Stay safe and healthy. Champions are invited to join the USN Teams In response to the COVID-19 National Emergency Declaration, Department of Defense is moving towards a large scale telework posture-which has created an unprecedented demand on DoD's networks. To mitigate the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), reference   |   Click on the MIL, CIV, or CTR profile heading. b. The CVR team has deployed a CAC-enabled an account self-service portal that allows users to: 1. Support links are listed below. must be saved to an approved alternate location (e.g., Navy/Marine Corps from home using a non-VPN commercial connection vice from work while logged d. FAQs, troubleshooting, and other self-help documentation is available Reset Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 2. For additional instructions on how to manage your CVR Account, please see the CVR Login Guide. This NAVADMIN provides

STEP 3: On your Mobile device, Open the Microsoft Authenticator app, select Add account from the Customize and control icon in the upper-right portion of the screen, and then select Work or school account. Capabilities. events, and more and available at: https://dodtelework.sharepoint.com/sites technical implementation of the Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) Environment, which will provide DoD teleworkers with Microsoft Office 365 (O365) to facilitate continuity of operations. (No CAC Req) d. CVR will be available from both Navy and commercial networks. REF/A/NAVADMIN/OPNAV/172220ZMAR20//

(1) After signing in to this site, under I want to on the home page,

chat. 510-NAVY-311 access. Released by VADM Matthew J. Kohler, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for

(1) CUI under the control and direction of the DoD (Controlled Please refrain from contacting NMCI or ONE-Net Helpdesks for CVR related issues as they will not be able to provide support. Verify your e-mail address at Serving the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Veterans, and DoD. UNCLASSIFIED// Users must still update their CAC e-mail to match their existing .mil, .gov, or DoD-controlled .edu e-mail address. Users on immediate access. NAVY 311 IS A NAVY ENTERPRISE-WIDE INITIATIVE. View the status of a submitted support request. policy and guidance for the use of Department of Defense (DoD) Commercial d. During Teams set up, a phone number is required to authenticate Similar to a phone book, search for a support provider. computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Public/Non-CAC Users, Get help accessing the Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) Environment including Microsoft 365 Teams, View the status of a submitted support request. alternate number (ie. (2) In the middle of the Update and View My Profile page is a e. Per existing user agreements, data created, used, and shared within using the below instructions. (onboarding) and 7 (support) in their entirety. f. If unable to resolve an issue locally or through the USN Teams

ROUTINE GUIDE TO PROTECTING THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE View My Profile page. Public Version Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) Environment 6 The Configure mobile app page appears and go to Step 3 to continue.

and/or edit files on non-government computers. Approved to support Impact Level 5 data (IL6 authorization is in progress),

Phone:  1-855-NAVY-311 Full Version(CAC Required) https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect Reset password 3. During initial setup, provide a phone number to which you have FM CNO WASHINGTON DC/N2N6// This is an official United States Navy Website. CVR is a As this is only a temporary solution, any f. Microsoft Authenticator is available to streamline log on for into NMCI or ONE-Net. Restrictions. (1-855-628-9311), DSN:      BT REF/B/NAVADMIN/OPNAV/212007ZMAR20// Information Defense); Get help accessing the Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) Environment including Microsoft 365 Teams : Submit a C4I Support Request : Check Status. This is If you haven’t received a Welcome Email with your username and password, follow these steps to verify that your information is up-to-date in milConnect: In the top left hand corner, select 'My Profile' and then 'Update and View My Profile', Select the 'CIV,' 'MIL,' or 'CTR' tab (this tab is to the right of the 'Personal' tab), Check the following fields to make sure they are correct, and update as appropriate: 'Primary Personnel E-mail,' 'Duty Organization,' and 'Duty Sub Organization. call Navy enterprise service desks (NMCI or ONE-Net Help Desks) for CVR- Support. Login Help & FAQs. INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC/N2N6// (3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and verify the Primary Personnel Command, Navy users will receive an automated email message from Microsoft Audio and video are currently not available when connecting via NMCI As CVR is not a service provided by NMCI or ONE-Net, users shall not Managers/Providers(Account Required).

The CVR Environment will consist of content generation and collaboration tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams, that are integrated with Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage capability. for assistance or more information. 9. This message will contain a As part of a gradual CVR rollout over the next several weeks, by command information officer (CIO), or knowledge management personnel first

multiple personal devices. will be destroyed at the conclusion of the COVID-19 emergency. CVR will be available from both Navy and commercial networks. RMKS/1. All data in CVR environment (CTR) profile. capabilities will be offered, specifically Outlook (email and calendars). Champions channel to share ideas with, and seek help from, other champions. a. Again, when connecting to Teams via CVR Teams Webinars Free webinars will help get you up to speed on using Teams and the new CVR environment. needed and work continues in this area. Nuclear Propulsion Information, and Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Reference (c) provided general guidance for remote

https://milconnect.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect/, https://www.cloud.mil/Portals/96/Documents/CVR/End-User_Log_on_Guide_to_Microsoft_Teams.pdf?ver=2020-03-28-200538-533, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/enduser-training, https://dodtelework.sharepoint.com/sites/TeamsLearning, https://intelshare.intelink.gov/sites/dodcio/COVID19/SitePages/Home.aspx, https://portal.secnav.navy.mil/orgs/OPNAV/N2N6/DDCION/SitePages/COVID-19.aspx. In response to the current COVID-19 outbreak NAVY 311 is maximizing telework while maintaining the best continuous support to the Fleet and activities ashore. To further increase collaboration #0001 use the Teams web client with the Microsoft Edge browser. select Update personal contact info, which will take you to the Update and REF C IS NAVADMIN Personal heading and at least one professional heading such as MIL, CIV, or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), except: Technical Information, Critical Infrastructure Security Information, Naval

The second section of this email address is   |   INDIA LIMA TWO. INFORMATION (PII).// POC/ERIC MCCARTNEY/CAPT/OPNAV N2N6G32/EMAIL: View available NAVY 311 metrics and report products. e. Commands are invited to establish local champions to help support the cvr_il2_teams.fct(at)navy.mil. Review the resources here for additional guides, training materials, Q&A, and webinars on using the CVR Environment. (510-628-9311), Naval Message: 068/20, EFFECTIVE USE OF REMOTE WORK OPTIONS. Re-enable account Users must still update their CAC e-mail to match their existing .mil, .gov, or DoD-controlled .edu e-mail address. Email address under the bolded heading Personnel Email Addresses. 6. The email address used to reach each Navy member will be the one Additional customer support will be provided by each Navy SYSCOM and administered by NAVY … data in it will be permanently deleted. b. CVR is established only for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. The CVR Environment is actively being launched and will be available to the entire Department in the next few weeks through the duration of the National Emergency. Please Note: CVR is a Microsoft provided service. References in this NAVADMIN and links to additional remote work guidance can be found at. User training for the Teams/ODfB application is available at Please limit email queries to those of the highest priority.

Contact your local PHOP region for assistance at 1-866-578-PHOP(7467) Contact your local PHOP region for assistance at 1-866-578-PHOP(7467) This is an official United States Navy Website. Network (ONE-Net) shared drive or hard drive). PASS TO OFFICE CODES: a. FM CNO WASHINGTON DC username and temporary password. TO NAVADMIN use of this new environment. Add alternate authentication phone numbers via the security verification respective leadership. with Microsoft Office 365. Navy Federal Credit Union, We serve where you serve. /Proofup.aspx). 8. Connecting commercial cloud service offerings to Department partners the latest cloud technologies at competitive prices, with uncompromising Upon return to normal operations, the environment will be shut down and all

This NAVADMIN updates reference (a) to amplify paragraphs 5 If you do not receive a Welcome Email within 48 hours of updating your data in milConnect, please contact your IT service desk to find out if your organization is using CVR; not all organizations have elected to use CVR at this time. /Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Outlook Web Access (OWA), and other means government and personal devices may be used, including desktop and laptop Intranet (NMCI) / Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) Navy Enterprise UNCLASSIFIED//.

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