It’s important to remember parents give names (most often) with meaning, and of course everyone should be proud of their heritage, if one’s name reflects their heritage I think it is something to be proud of. Very perplexing as I never thought in a million years that “Stephen” would confuse so many. Not sure about Kaie, but Cariad is the Welsh verb “to love”, pronounced “CARRY-add”. There is also Daibhead which is another variance on the Irish translation of David. Any thoughts or corrections on the meaning, spelling, or pronounciation of the name? :), I have a friend named Courtney who is full Irish and has cousins visiting us here in the States soon. Actually Aoife should be pronounced EE-feh. Niam-niam pronunciation - How to properly say Niam-niam. Most of the posts seem to be making fun of people and it is a little elitist. Boring and not Irish.) That is very helpful.

Have never come across another Caitlín pronounced Cat-lin though! Thanks. Re the comments about names difficult to pronounce, either you can be one of a gazillion Bella’s or spend your life saying, I’ll spell that for you! You have earned {{app.voicePoint}} points. ), Tracy – Faolan is definitely pronounced Fway lawn. And she very much enjoys watching people react to the spelling. There is no WAY that Seamus should be pronounced ‘Seemis’! region! Shannon/Siannon – sha-non. Eire (Air-a) no it’s uncommon but i do know a girl with that name here. I don’t understand. The pronunciation of Padraig varies depending upon the speaker, but two pronunciations that seem common are PAW-rig and PAW-drig. “You are a natural leader, independent and individualistic. My Donegal father pronounced it COR – muc. If that were the case then we wouldn’t have similarly pronounced words such as “aois”, “aoibh” and “Aoine”. To avoid confusion. Additionally, are there regional pronunciation differences between Caoilte (K-aw-lt-, Ku-aw-lt-) and Caílte? Thoughts? This thread is ancient and the name has been covered but: Máire, I understand that most of the time it’s either pronounced like an American would pronounce “Maura”,”Moira” (more emphasis on the OY), or “Mara” (or any of those but with a Y sound in place of the R), But there is this audio clip of Frank McCourt pronouncing it My-ra (with perhaps a bit of a W sound after the M or R for good measure), and I need to know if McCourt is just weird or if this is an actual regional pronunciation. I know the name would be rare here in the U.S….I’ve never heard of Brighde. ? @Kathryn – Blanaid is pronounced Blaw-nid but the d is a soft sound almost like th in ‘the’ not a sharp d at all. Keep up. Here’s the link for two other ways to pronounce it. We pronounce it Oo-nuh. Show-na Astrology praised for choosing such beautiful names for my bubs. Céire pronounced care re hard growing up with this name but love it because theres not many with it but everyone just says ciara which is kirrah. There’s another common spelling which is Emer but pronounced the same way, but I’ve never heard it pronounced ember, and I’ve known about 10 other Eimears/Emers. My best friend Anne (with an e) advised me to get over it.

I am so grateful to my parents for giving me the name Maura. It’s closer to pour-rick. @Andrea – I’d guess Sioda is pronounced “shee-da.” Looks like it means “silk” in Irish and it’s been used as a baby name at least a couple of times in Ireland. Could someone please tell me how to pronounce Aedh? We know that she will always have to correct people who see it written and want to pronounce it Kate-tree-o-na……and she’ll always have to spell it for people or she will get the German spelling. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Niam Kuchi on pronouncekiwi. Please Name Tools, Copyright © 2016-2020 NamesLook | Good morning, I just stumbled across this blog!

Having an Irish name in Ireland is fine, but I wouldn’t want to give my child a name that would involve constant corrections or explanations. The list of Ireland’s most popular baby names of 2011 was released yesterday, if you’d like to check it out. But as for Eiley, I’ve never heard of this name before. Now. I don’t think it’s a name, but how would you pronounce ‘Siochain’ (Irish for peace) ? Stiobhan I think it pronounced Shteevawn. I would pronounce Líle as Lee-leh although the different Irish accents might make this a little different to those not familiar with the accent. When I met another Caoimhe in my 20s I felt sad as I no longer was unique!! Register Your intended grandmother’s name might have been Maighréad which would be pronounced something like My-rayd. :). Like Sean for Shawn, or Siobahn for Shavawn? I was almost named Erin Maureen to go with my Irish surname of Clancy, but now I see that those names are likely American spellings. Sooooooo are they different names or the same name and how does one say Aithne? People from other countries outside the UK pronounce it wrong! If you want to knowhow o prounce irish names just ask me. Can’t find this anywhere but I love the way it looks! I have a traditional Welsh name, Ceri. Or is it catch-leen? Hi there people. Meryl, people in my family are called those names and that is how they are pronounced. ? I will never dumb down a name for anyone just to make it easy, because people will mess names up no matter what. I’m after teh correct pronunciation of: I understand these could all be Welsh/Scottish but thought someone may be able to help me. None of these are simply a harsh EE at the start, none have a fada and none are Hebrew. Cady – Bronagh is pronounced Brone-ah with Bron being pronouced to rhyme with “crone” if that makes sense, followed by “ah” Ace: Aedh is pronounced as the letter “A” is pronounced when spelling a word or saying the alphabet. Hey, Molly, I like your thinking! Hi Kim, Many actors, dancers, and other performers have a 9 Personality Number. Any ideas on what name this was?

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