Campaign For: A remote military compound in Colorado is where 47's next target is; Bradley Paine, a medical doctor in possession of a sample of the Nabazov virus. Action In-Game Information An Ether Corporation scientist, Dr. Liebleid is trying to extract as much information about the virus as possible before Owen Cage dies. The first mission in the Patient Zero campaign brings Agent 47 to Bangkok, to the Himmapan Hotel. Opportunities / Mission Stories:

Upon realizing his test subjects are being killed, Paine attempts to flee, but 47 is able to eliminate him as well.

Nabazov's death activated a group of sleeper agents; the network traffic was the signal to begin their plan. Available to United States residents. out from the ward. The mission primarily takes place within and around the main surgery room of the Hokkaido GAMAfacility. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With the virus successfully contained, 47 leaves. 47 manages to find his two targets and assassinates them, as well as all contaminated innocents at the facility. Japanese authorities transporting Owen Cage to the Hokkaido GAMA facility. Hokkaido, Japan

You’re now signed up to receive Microsoft Store emails. HITMAN™ The titular Patient Zero mission, however, features a deadly virus which can spread among any and all NPCs within the mission. The campaign includes four new missions from revisited Season One locations and features its own standalone storyline. Patient Zero Bonus Campaign includes 4 new missions. Publisher: Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. Head researcher Klaus Leibleid has developed an antidote for his private use. Agent 47 manages to infiltrate an art showing by Nabazov in the upstairs penthouse and kills both of his targets. There is no opportunities article for this mission. Mission Order:

There is a walkthrough available for this mission; see this page. First, Owen Cage, the rogue viral researcher responsible for the weaponization of the Nabazov virus. Diana informs him that there has been a spike of traffic on the hotel network, which she describes as a series of automatically dispatched messages. Paine examining infected militia members.
He is currently being kept alive in isolation by your second target, Klaus Liebleid. HITMAN™ - Bonus Campaign Patient Zero This content requires the base game HITMAN™ on Steam in order to play. Patient Zero

Included in. Thank you! Io-Interactive

Only one of the three new weapons, the Striker, can be found naturally within one of the four missions. Location:
47 sets up in a sniper nest upon landing, to avoid exposing himself to the virus on-site, and Diana provides intelligence on the fly to identify the infected targets and eliminate them. There are no opportunities in this mission.

The ICA has also received intelligence that Paine has been infecting the unsuspecting militia soldiers with the virus, which is highly infectious and lethal.

Preceded By: Despite being isolated, the Nabazov virus will begin spreading from Owen Cage to other people present in the mission if the player does not intervene. There is a challenges article for this mission; see this page. HITMAN™ - Bonus Campaign: Patient Zero.

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