You might try to find TAB sheets for many of these songs. Ok that might be only 47 and I did say hundreds but Axis Of Awesome had to stop somewhere otherwise their video would have gone on for hours. the same goes for Am7, G, F and E7/E heres a list of songs i’ve discoved with those chords To play the F chord, you will place your second finger on the second fret on the top string. Hey Koz, you’re right – the Axis of Awesome guys cheated a little but it was purely to illustrate the diversity of 4 chords. The thing that amazes me about it though is that songs can sound so different despite being based on the same formula. Wow, you saw it live, that’s amazing Lina! It’s the relationship between those chords that’s the important bit. C,G, Am, F all the way through!!! In case you missed it, you can read all about it here.

It still amazes me that the title of this post holds true. Nov 16, 2017 | Ukulele, ukuleles | 7 comments. There are many variations of the 4 chord pattern necessary to play these songs. If you’re left-handed, the opposite will be most helpful for you. Ok, so this one has two quick fly-by D7 chords, but basically the ENTIRE song is C, F, G, and Am. To play the C chord, you will place your third finger on the third fret on the bottom (A) string. Hi Rachel, I’ve updated the post with some help on this.

That said, there are still hundreds of songs out there that do stick strictly to 4 chords throughout. HI…this is so cool that you only need these four chords…BUT where can I find the order of the four chords for each song? I will start today, Hi I am very great full for your help but I need some tab chord sheet for the songs how do I get them could you help me you have a song list but but no music. This was just what I needed for my uke club! Voila! Although Axis of Awesome play the songs using E B C#m and A. The body has a large hole in it, and this area is usually where you will strum. Strum. Your email address will not be published. The wonderful thing about that site is that you can transcribe the chords into a key that works based on your (or your student’s skill level)! Chord diagrams are images representing the strings on the ukulele.

This is so true! Axis of Awesome simply transposed all of the songs so they could play them using the same 4 chords and they’re completely recogniseable. If you’ve not seen it already (where have you been hiding?) Learn how your comment data is processed. There’s also a really useful section that focuses on counting strums the easy way (something I wish I had when I was learning to play). The motion will become more comfortable with more practice, but each string should resound clearly. Standing up while playing requires your arms to help keep the ukulele closer to your body. Even just noodling around with those chords for a while you’re likely to find a few new ones. If you're really serious about learning the ukulele and want to learn at a much faster pace then I'd highly recommend checking out these ukulele ebooks. Once they have that, playing these songs will be easy-peasy! Read on to find out which chords, why it works and see a list of songs…, If you’d prefer the audio version of this post, you can press the play button above (or subscribe to the podcast here). If that doesn’t mean much to you, don’t worry. Try some different strumming patterns (get some help with strumming here) with those chords and see if you can hear anything you recognise. In order to play the chords, people will look at chord diagrams as references. Thanks for sharing these! heathers the musical – candy store Content Copyright © 2013-2020 Jennifer Bailey, SingToKids. Thank you so much for this amazing article, I’m so excited to get started! Give it a go! Ultimately it’s pretty simple, this combination of chords works incredibly well together. Featuring tips, chords, worksheets & more! To play the G chord, you will place your first finger on the second to the top (C) string on the second fret. I’ve set the video to play from the point that Josh starts playing but the whole video is worth a watch if you’re interested in learning. Mahalo for sharing this! Can you please show the tabs for these songs? Those chords can be transposed into a completely different key as long as we retain the relationship. The first fret is right under the head of the instrument, and as you go down, the numbers increase. I total agree I also know how to play the four chord but unable to play it into music, I find it frustrating may be like yourself. As I always say though, just use it as a guide. Order is: I was pretty blown away when I first watched that video which I think most people were, hence it’s massive popularity. dua lipa – new rules The body will be held by your right hand. The video will flash C, Am, F and G chords randomly. They use the same relationship between chords. I love showing students this video to demonstrate how many familiar songs from all genres use those 4 chords: After we watch it I have them choose one of the songs from the video to play and sing (just the phrase that's in the video). It’s really helpful, I’m so glad you put this up! set it off – the haunting Introduce Am by having students finger the F chord, then lifting the 1st finger. The hand you are using nearest the large hole of the instrument will be what you use to strum.

In the key of G for example the chords would be G, D, Em and C. Try it now using those chords instead, can you still recognise the songs? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s amazing to see how many songs use 4 simple chords! The point of the post is to show the versatility of the chord relationship. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you need some help getting to grips with this rhythm – check out my post on the most important strumming pattern you’ll ever learn. Each finger that holds down the strings is numbered. For example, Let it Be by the Beatles begins with the standard pattern but then immediately changes to C G F. Then the bridge starts in Am to G F C. Once you familiarise yourself with the 4 its easy to pick out but almost every song on this list has variations to the pattern. netta – toy the most important strumming pattern you’ll ever learn, Grab my 32 ukulele strumming patterns PDF, Learn to spice up your chords and take your playing to the next level, Changing Fingering For Faster Chord Changes, The Ultimate List of Christmas Ukulele Songs and Tabs, Elton John – “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (from The Lion King), John Denver – “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, Theme from America’s Funniest Home Videos, Kelly Clarkson – “Behind These Hazel Eyes”, The Smashing Pumpkins – “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”, The Offspring – “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid”, Timberland featuring OneRepublic – “Apologize”, Eminem featuring Rihanna – “Love the Way You Lie”. If you’re trying to play 47 songs using the same chords with the same strumming pattern it’s going to sound a little bit boring sooner or later, so experiment with missing some strums here and there to build your own patterns and it will sound so much better for it. I saw Axis of Awesome do this live on stage…too funny! This is probably best shown with the rather brilliant 4 Chords video by Axis Of Awesome. I can’t read music and bought myself a ukulele because i was told that it’s an easy instrument to learn. Earlier this week, I shared a blog post about using Pop Songs for ukulele instruction. There is still hope for me to play music. Your email address will not be published.

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