I like taylor swift songs more though, Taylor loves her fans. Plus she has hideous taste in boyfriends. NOT Taylor. Depuis de nombreuses années, Selena Gomez et Taylor Swift sont meilleures amies. She is too self centred. The two are friends and are both equally awesome. Selena is my IDOL.The only think I hate about her is being friends with Taylor. Her lyrics are literally like poetry. Just care about her and her fans. Rares sont les moments où Taylor Swift et Selena Gomez se retrouvent. The media thought she was a psycho serial dater, and so she wrote a song like that, best thing she ever did. Taylor has fat shamed. Both are really nice and pretty and great at singing. Selena is a angel but taylor is annoying. Teen Vogue may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Une publication partagée par Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) le 10 Janv. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are the very definition of best friends.
Meilleures amies pour la vie. You can't judge how much a celebrity loves their fans without knowing her. "Selena makes better songs"? Call It What You Want10. These days, I don't know, she looks so... unnatural! Delicate5. Maybe Taylors amazingness is not on the same level as Serena's, Just shut your mouthselena is better from everybodymost wonderful person on this whole world. God gave her those lips and she did nothing to change it, which is a good thing. Tout a commencé il y a plusieurs années, lorsque l’interprète de «Lose You To Love Me» sortait avec le benjamin des Jonas Brothers, Nick. Mais ce n’est pas pour autant qu’elles s’oublient. It definitely sounds like the two have a very powerful relationship, and while they do share some of their BFF status with social media, it's also important to remember that they do deserve their privacy. Sur de nombreuses photos postées sur les réseaux sociaux, elles affichent fièrement leur amitié. Sure, the lyrics to SIO, WANEGBT and 22 are stupid but try look at the others - one of my favourite is "You called me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest". I can't help it. But at the end selenas songs I relate to most. Y'ALL, SHE HAS DATED A NORMAL AMOUNT OF PEOPLE, EXPRESSING YOURSELF AIN'T BAD! 1! So I suggest Selena. I don't like Taylor these days. As a singer I like selena but both are nice girl. What did Demi ever do to her? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. Taylor has everything where's selena don't. Selena is the same person. T.swift is ok maybe. Her new song The heart wants what it all is great. Eva Queen bientôt actrice ? I'll go with her. She doesn't own a single note in her songs! Taylor's song is boring and if she sings pop it's become horrible. Well I think both of them are nice people. 2019 à 3 :04 PST. All rights reserved. But now I can't stand for her. I liked her when she had curly hair. And she also breaks up with a lot of people and writes songs to make HER look like a victim. Taylor Swift is not too showy of her body, not like Selena This sounds like a reason Swift is better than Gomez. Want more from Teen Vogue? Régulièrement, elles s’invitent l’une l’autre et passent des soirées entre filles. The former Disney Channel star said that she instantly clicked with Taylor, and the two bonded over mutual hardships. No hate on Taylor. Selena says her fans are her whole life, and she treats them like people.

I don't hate Selena for that but I agree it is a pretty odd reason that I would have expected on the opposite list. I’m grateful for those I surround myself with. All Taylor wants is $. Also, remember that what's stone to you is gem to others. Elle m’a juste regardé et m’a dit ‘Selena, si tu es la personne la plus intelligente dans une pièce, c’est tu n’es pas au bon endroit’. Au même moment, son aîné Joe était fou amoureux de Taylor Swift. Discussions basiques mais également conseils pour leur carrière, les deux artistes se disent tout. But Taylor swift is a no no she broke the the friendship of Selena and Demi, Selena has never dissed anyones body, race, sexuality, opinion, etc. Taylor isn't ugly in any way!Just see the list top ten most beautiful singers and you'll see Tay Tay is no. Blank space is so annoying. Beautiful dark hair, gorgeous eyes and wonderful skin. Teen Vogue covers the latest in celebrity news, politics, fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and entertainment. Listen to 'THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS' and 'BAD BLOOD' which are, in fact, HATE songs, exactly opposite of love songs, and 'don't you cross me' types. Plus récemment, la belle blonde a félicité son amie pour la sortie de son tout dernier hit. Look What You Made Me Do11.

Selena can't act be honest with your selves.

She is 5 feet 10 inch don't forget and also she got blonde hair and blue eyes she is perfect. Everyone judges. I feel like Taylor is fake because she acts WAY too perfect. She lies a lot I know I have that experience, I could go either way none of them are liars, You can't say Taylor has no talent. ", Taylor Swift Cried When Selena Gomez Played Her "Lose You to Love Me". Pour elle, je devais toujours entourée de personnes qui me rendent meilleure, qui me poussent à me surpasser et me motivent». That is what the haters say. She also plays both acoustic and electric guitar, piano, banjo and ukeuelele. Shake It Off2. Hello, have any of you heard of You belong with me or Blank Space? Taylor swift is very talent than Selena Gomez. And don't think taylor is a lier. She is the most pretty girl in the world. Selena is best of all. She also gives us party numbers such as slow down, etc. Listen to 22 which is like a girl's night out song. It’s been proven year after year and in every moment of my life that she is one of my best friends in the world. © 2020 Condé Nast. Then who makes song about Justin Bieber? C’est la meilleure chose qui soit sortie de nos relations». I love both of them. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are the very definition of best friends. And taylor is doing everything to get attention and fame! Depuis de nombreuses années, Selena Gomez et Taylor Swift sont meilleures amies. Saying that someone's lips is ugly is just 'Mean'. C’était génial parce que c’était une fille avec son imposante chevelure bouclée, et tous ses bracelets et ses bottes de cowboy. She hate people who better than her and love ones whom she better.

She used to be a sweet decent girl and her songs were good. In the songs way I can say that Selena Gomez is better. She is bery friendly.

The star, who frequently takes her rightful time out of the spotlight to disconnect from social media, revealed there's more to her friendship with Taylor that the public doesn't see.

Shake it off it was really stupid. Une même passion et de nombreux points en commun, voilà la recette secrète de leur amitié. I love taylor though! RonanI'm pretty sure there are since I haven't listened to all her songs, but not all of them are about her exes. Une relation saine qui est visiblement faite pour perdurer entre les deux chanteuses.

Malgré la séparation avec les frères Jonas, Selena Gomez et Taylor Swift gardent contact.

Et moi j’étais une étoile montante, et on s’est juste adorées. In my life, I have the ability to forgive people who have hurt me. We don’t agree on everything, but we respect each other with everything.”, As for Taylor, she also felt that instant connection, and she told WSJ, "I knew from when I met her I would always have her back.
Une publication partagée par Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) le 20 Mai 2018 à 7 :10 PDT.

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