Stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends news and updates. PSG Talon managed to defeat Machi Esports in a close semifinals rematch, qualifying the team for the summer finals and the 2020 World Championship. When does Overwatch’s Halloween 2020 event start? The matter would have been dreadful, but INTZ Esports can still make it to the bracket stage: if either MAD Lions or Legacy Esports lose their next two games, and if they clutch a victory away from Team Liquid, they can force a tiebreaker for a bracket spot. With this roster, they dominated the region.

Unlike LGD, MAD Lions have been trigger-happy on their pick attempts, perhaps a bit too much.

On the wake of the first two days of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship play-ins, two conclusions can be drawn: either the world has been flipped upside down, or the explanation to the mind-boggling results lies beyond the realm of logic. Ultimately, it took a curveball of epic proportions (Swain bot) from the Unicorns of Love to undo their smash-and-grab approach, but their demise was a difficult task for UoL. Tank and River will be replaced for the Play-In matches by AHQ’s Kongyue and Uniboy. The Pacific Championship Series’ second seed at this year’s Worlds tournament will start the tournament with only half its players. As for Legacy, as long as Team Liquid beats INTZ, they have little to fear. If the team gets that far, then the original players will go back to playing their roles. As for UoL, they are one step away after taking V3 Esports to nomanz land in a sloppy affair and after deconstructing PSG through clean macro.

The note then moved on to state that travel has been an issue in their starting line-up. There is a bigger chance for R7 or UOL to beat PSG and go into groups. Gamer for as long as I can remember.
Here’s how to complete the SBC. Catch me on Twitter: @carlysoba. So yeah, kinda sucks.

Chen "Dee" Chun-dee was loaned from Machi Esports to replace Unified. Thank you Candy for your passion and dedication to our team. Given these set backs our objective remains the same. All rights reserved, 2020 Worlds Quarterfinals: TOP Esports qualify to semifinals over Fnatic 3-2 in reverse sweep.

Press J to jump to the feed. In skill, this is no downgrade. [22], Due to delayed visas, River and Tank will be unable to participate in the play-in stage of the, "New Wave Esports Invests in Talon Esports", "New Wave Esports Announces Strategic Investment in Talon Esports", "Full interview: New Wave Esports invests in Talon Esports as it looks to grow presence in Asia", "Talon Esports Secures League of Legends Spot in the Pacific Championship Series", "Here are the teams for the League of Legends Pacific Championship Series (PCS) 2020", "League of Legends Pacific Championship Series teams revealed for 2020", "Who has qualified for the 2019 Overwatch Contenders Gauntlet? PSG Talon will be starting Worlds with a major handicap.

Viewers can watch the start of Worlds on September 25, on the official lolesports website. Should they adapt, MAD would still be favored to make it to the group stage against the similarly aggressive PSG Talon, but they have to get there first – likely through another best-of-five series. Kongyue is widely considered to be the best jungler in the PCS, winning the regular season league MVP. Would be even worse lol. To pull off an execution move on your opponent in-game not only takes timing as well as skill, but also a tremendous amount of luck.

Learn more about PSG Talon in World Championship Play-In 2020: objectives control, vision, early game stats, best players, ... PSG Talon stats: win rate, KDA, match history, and more . This triggers a boss fight which we won’t spoil, and then another area by which you should follow the 2:00 – 5:00 a.m. time frame interaction window again by making use of Elemental Sight.

My brain just has a hard time processing the fact that the LoL PSG team is from Hong Kong.

Alternatively, you can use Cryo-based characters to traverse the water more easily. Should R7 lose against the Unicorns of Love, their chances hinge upon LGD’s complete collapse, or the collapse of V3. Once you get to this island, the fun begins. MAD Lions are in an unenviable position: although they are one victory against Legacy Esports away from securing their spot to the bracket stage, a loss would instead force them into a do-or-die match against the unfortunate yet solid INTZ Esports at worst. PSG went from kinda scary to ah dunno. The team aims to qualify for the 2020 League of Legends world championship later this year. Both players are traveling from South Korea and will stay in quarantine through the Play-Ins time frame. As such, it will now adopt the official name of PSG Talon.

Talon is excited to partner with ViewGear Optical Limited, ... the NA Regional Finals is a stacked affair with players coming from all over the world in search of points, prize money and glory. We are super excited about the journey ahead and look forward to the success we can create together. There's the V3 that lost to the Unicorns of Love, then there's this one.

Thank you for the collective efforts of AHQ, Machi,Flash Wolves and our fans in supporting us on this journey! Even then, the situation is grim.

Unlike LGD Gaming, Team Liquid and the Unicorns of Love galloped away with spotless records, rampaging upon the playing field. Although the mission ahead of them seems tricky on paper, they have the tools to cause serious damage.
The CEO of Talon Esports, Sean Zhang, stated the following: We recognize that our fans appreciate performance above anything else, so to partner with a club with the history and pedigree of PSG means taking our game to new levels. I'm Arend Zijdenbos, from the Netherlands.

[13][14], On 18 June 2020, Talon Esports announced that its League of Legends team had partnered with PSG Esports and would henceforth compete as PSG Talon.

We are on League of Legends and FIFA ! PSG Talon will be starting Worlds with a major handicap.

This is a subreddit devoted to the game League of Legends. Against MAD Lions, their de-escalation and re-engage abilities showcased a balanced and methodical approach that was leaps and bounds better than their impulsiveness in the TCL, where they primarily skill-checked opponents. Fellow PCS representatives at Worlds, Machi Gaming, will loan their substitute bot laner, Dee, to fill in for the game or two that Unified will be unavailable to play for PSG Talon. Not in a bad way mind you. [18] PSG Talon later faced Machi Esports once again in a rematch of the spring finals; however, this time Machi Esports swept PSG Talon, forcing them to start in the play-in stage of Worlds as the PCS' second seed. Cake is #1. The deal is a co-branding for the Talon Esports roster in the Pacific Championship Series (PCS). I'm passionate about helping professional women succeed in the esports industry.

The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) esports division has entered into a new, multi-year partnership with Talon Esports. More markedly, their meta read has led them to subpar drafts in the still uncharted Worlds meta, taking them away from the familiarity of their usual LEC opponents’ playstyles. INTZ RedBert's eagerness left his teammates vulnerable to a game-defining flank. But when the time came for them to show up at Worlds, they vanished.

Overall, however, their prospects look better than they seem.

It would have been one thing if they had taken a one-sided bludgeoning, but their losses hinged upon small details that spiraled out of control: MAD Lions’ flanks broke their formation, SuperMassive overwhelmed them during the draft, and Legacy Esports’ smart focus on side lane pressure broke their base. Including members of last year’s #3 seed from the LMS, Hong Kong Attitude, PSG Talon finished the regular season 14-4 as the third seed in the PCS behind J-Team and ahq eSports.

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