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Learn how to import holiday dates to your favourite calendar application. Sunday 25 Dec. Tues 27 Dec². Christmas Day*. Import public holidays to your calendar or check out our cultural tips how to spend public holidays. ... Victoria Day. Vic Wide. Date Public holiday; 1: Saturday, 1 January 2022: New Year's Day: Monday, 3 January 2022: New Year's Day Observance: 2: Wednesday, 26 January 2022: Australia Day This is the highest number of public holidays observed by any Australian state or territory and it remains unchanged each year.. Victorian public holidays comprise national holidays, holidays legislated by the state of Victoria and regional public holidays.

Public Holidays in Australia - Victoria (2022). Monday, 3 January 2022. Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday across all of Victoria unless alternate local holiday has been arranged by non-metro council. If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections please send it to [email protected]

Import above dates to your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or mobile phone. Esta festividad conmemora el día de 1959 cuando el líder guerrillero comunista Fidel Castro y sus fuerzas lograron derrocar al entonces dictador Fulgencio Batista del poder en Cuba.
16 Apr 2022 (Saturday) - The Saturday before Easter Sunday, 27 Dec 2022 (Tuesday) - Christmas Day (Observance), {{getHolidayDate(x) + " - " + getLocalName(x, isObservedOnDefined(x))}}, {{getEnglishName(x, isObservedOnDefined(x))}}, Holiday in lieu of {{formatDate(,,, " ")}}. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates.

People in the state of Western Australia are the luckiest with 6 additional local public holidays (13 in total) while the habitants of Tasmania and New South Wales are only entitled to 3 additional local public holidays (just 10 free days a year). British Columbia. Public. El 2 de enero, Cuba celebra el “Triunfo de la Revolución y el Día de la Victoria”, conocido también como el Día de la Victoria. Día de la Victoria Desplácese hacia abajo hasta la parte inferior de la página para ver las fechas de años pasados. Victoria Day became a national holiday in the year 1901, the year that Queen Victoria died. 1. ¹ As New Year's Day falls on a Saturday, the following Monday is an …

December 26, Monday Christmas Day.

Mon 26 Dec. Scroll for more content. Hay muchos conciertos gratuitos en Cuba el primero y el segundo de enero, y hay presentaciones muy ruidosas y coloridas. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates.

In 2020, the state of Victoria will observe 15 public holidays. Thank you for helping us keep Enrico Service up-to-date. (Sun) Term 4 Holidays (Summer) 21 Dec 2022. Notes: In 2022 New Year's Day falls on a weekend, so there is an additional …

September 5, Monday Labour Day. November 11, Friday Remembrance Day. * Restricted trading days.
Saturday, 1 January 2022.

July 1, Friday Canada Day. Date Public holiday; 1: Thursday, 1 January 2026: New Year's Day: 2: Monday, 26 January 2026: Australia Day: 3: Monday, 9 March 2026: Canberra Day/Adelaide Cup/Eight Hours Day/Labour Day This page contains a calendar of all 2023 public holidays for Victoria. Boxing Day. The overview below contains all common holidays and observances for Australia in 2022. August 1, Monday British Columbia Day. Powered by Enrico Service. Note: Melbourne Cup Day is observed in all of Victoria unless alternate local …

Sin embargo, el gobierno cubano y muchos ciudadanos celebran el Día de la Victoria con gran estilo. October 10, Monday Thanksgiving.

Note: All public holiday dates are accurate at the time of publishing, but may be subject to change. A menudo se le considera un eslabón en la cadena de resistencia a la dominación extranjera, similar a las dos guerras por la independencia de España, que tuvieron lugar en 1868 y 1895. Esta festividad conmemora el día de 1959 cuando el líder guerrillero comunista Fidel Castro y sus fuerzas lograron derrocar al entonces dictador Fulgencio Batista del poder en Cuba.

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