They are Canon Rampling, an upright and uptight clergyman, and his companion Warden Tidy, and the demanding, The stonefaced superstar with the Mohican haircut was, This could be down to a lack of passion between the, But the Rosina of Helen Sherman is simply tremendous, her coloratura as spectacular as lightning, her command of register, Local inhabitants seduced by the choccies include the 70-year-old Armande, with Judi Dench on, Nine of the world's top 25 ranked showjumpers will be in action, while the dressage entries are led by, In the war-dance the Lesghian, more particularly, is, But how offended he is, when batt cannot at once comply with his, When he summoned Pavia to open her gates to him, after her insurrection, how, The apelike Pascual grumbled, but loyally he followed his arrogant and, An angry roar went up to Heaven, followed by a hail of blows upon the stout, ironbound oak, and an, And so, by the suasion of his arm and his. All Rights Reserved. 2. He realized the superior qualities of his minister, though with a lively sense of his own dignity he often wished him more discreet and less imperious; he had confidence in him but did not love him. Synonym Discussion of imperious. In public the old girl bristled with an imperious air of confidence and hard-nosed, old-world defiance, but Annie was convinced that her private inner sanctum would be a shambling mess of decrepitude and cat infestations, full of strange smells and unfamiliar utility furniture that dated from the middle of the previous century. In the following issue, The Group was the subject of a snide, The institution has been and continues to be rife with examples of. What is 9 letter word for arrogant? How to use imperious in a sentence. The principal is an imperious woman who expects to be obeyed. 6 Damiani found a powerful ally in the equally ascetic but far more imperious and statesmanlike Hildebrand, afterwards Pope Gregory VII. The broken window is not impervious to the rain.

Palmerston had learnt by experience that it was wiser to conciliate an opponent than to attempt to crush him, and that the imperious tone he had sometimes adopted in the House of Commons, and his supposed obsequiousness to the emperor of the French, were the causes of the temporary reverse he had sustained.

Imperious definition: If you describe someone as imperious , you mean that they have a proud manner and expect... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 247 114 Though clever and good-looking, she was self-willed and imperious, and without the conciliatory manners which her difficult position required. Rivalry between Madame dEtampes, the imperious mistress of the aged Francis I., and Diane de Poitiers, whose ascendancy over the dauphin was complete, now brought court outbreak intrigues and constant changes in those who held of war, office, to complicate still further this wearisome policy of ephemeral combinazion.i with English, Germans, Italians and Turks, which urgent need of money always brought to naught. It is a important and imperious task to impel reformation and development of state enterprise. In public he was of magnificent bearing, possessing the true oratorical temperament, the nervous exaltation that makes the orator feel and appear a superior being, transfusing his thought, passion and will into the mind and heart of the listener; but his imagination frequently ran away with his understanding, while his imperious temper and ardent combativeness hurried him and his party into disadvantageous positions. 1802), whom he had first met at Bannockburn House while conducting the siege of Stirling, his imperious fretful temper, his drunken habits and debauched life, could no longer be concealed. The definition of imperious is someone or something that is domineering and demanding, without any justification or right. Though clever and good-looking, she was self-willed and imperious, and without the conciliatory manners which her difficult position required. As evidenced by the recent bombings, not … All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The magistrate Swallow imperious yet insightful in the resounding portrayal of bass Louis Lebherz presses the case for them, There is however no earthly explanation for his, Andrew enjoyed her company and respected her, Imperious fractious ladies who minced along holding up their saris, Imperious you mount a nag of thirty hands and trample me into the ground, He seem bored now; and he blinked at Mitchell with, He chose a site for an aviary and gave very exact and, He merely signed his name at the bottom of the sheet firm black and, There is plenty of lore and legend from Whitehall and Westminster to buttress the case for an, Even his friends concede that Pillsbury can be difficult being something of a diva hot-tempered and, And she had all morning and part of the afternoon to decide whether or not to accept this, The typical judge loves the rewards of office and tends to be, Today the National Park Service offers boat tours along the canals narrow quiet canyons between, Hot-blooded and somewhat imperious, Basil was also generous and sympathetic. I had always been a little intimidated by Barneys, Mary Margaret Maureen McCarthy will make no, Bourgeois, 89, is famously eccentric, reclusive and. Glares the imperious mystery of the way. And who was he that he should resent her imperious manner and refuse to do her bidding? Taking all their abilities/passives into account, which of the races do you think is strongest/most interesting? At first he was under the tutelage of Menshikov, who wished him to marry his daughter, but he soon contrived, with the aid of the Dolgorukis and other old families, to get his imperious tutor arrested and exiled to Siberia. It is imperious and obedient, sincere and false, piteous and cruel, timid and bold. The imperious terms in which he was summoned to come down were punished by fire from heaven,which descended at the bidding of Elijah and consumed the whole land. Here are thousands of dozens of oysters to satisfy the calls of the most imperious stomach! "His zeal for orthodoxy did not blind him to what was good in an opponent; and for the sake of peace and charity he was content to waive the use of orthodox terminology when it could be surrendered without a sacrifice of truth.".

Thus the imperious word ought seems merely to imply the consciousness of a persistent instinct, either innate or partly acquired, serving as a guide, though liable to be disobeyed.". She was well known for her distinctive voice and imperious enunciation. 1.

All h In 1674 he became, by the appointment of the duke of York (later James II. The Imperious Leader's voice was provided by Patrick Macnee. St Louis owed his realm to his mother, but he himself always remained somewhat under the spell of her imperious personality. I suppose you could say some of the powers could potentially be a bit overpowered (Bosmer's "detect everything that moves" ability can be a bit too convenient), but Morning Star's racials can get a bit imbalanced as well.

In his reign the monarchical authority became more imperious and more absolute. "His zeal for orthodoxy did not blind him to what was good in an opponent; and for the sake of peace and charity he was content to waive the use of orthodox terminology when it could be surrendered without a sacrifice of truth.".

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